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With ALAN MCGEE DJing in Glasgow and Edinburgh, David Pollock looks at the renaissance in indie clubs.

o-one goes to clubs any more. so received

wisdom has it. (iigging's where it‘s at. a band

being a living. breathing bunch of boys or girls who can reinject some of the personality that years of faceless DJ culture has sapped from the after-hours scene.

Of course. received wisdom is by and large bollocks. only lit for those who can‘t invent their own first-hand. So what does an honest appraisal of the situation tell us‘.’ That people still love to go out dancing. and they don't care where the music‘s coming from. ()n the other hand gig-going is in the middle of a significant revival. so somewhere the two worlds meet is surely onto a winner. Re-enter the indie disco. new variations of which are springing up all over Scotland’s largest cities. And who better to spearhead the charge than a man who not so much invented popular music as gave its progenitors a few quid and a bit of helpful advice. and sent them off to get on with it‘.’

Accurscd received wisdom‘s also to blame for the misconception that Alan McGee‘s been sitting on his backside for the last half-decade. ever since his seminal (‘reation Records grew too big for his own liking. after ()asis‘ success. and imploded. Not likely: ‘What have I been up to‘.’ Aw. y‘know . . . Poptones. (‘reation Management. (‘reation Studios. the clubs Death Disco. Queen is Dead. Now We‘re Off to Rehab Dling in lots of places around the world. Just the usual behaviour. really. Where do I find the time'.’ Well. I‘ve been living at this pace since the Jesus and Mary (‘hain 25 years ago. It‘s the only one I know. why stop'."

30 THE LIST (3 70 Oct .7005)

A working-class boy from Mount Florida made good at the age of 44 (was his appearance at 1() Downing Street post-Labour victory in 1997 not one of the strangest sights ever'.’). McGee displays the same forthright delivery as his friend. countryman and former signee Bobby Gillespie. Here‘s the official line on how his latest venture the touring circus known as the Rock'n‘Roll Promz. got started: ’1 was asked to host a tent at Glastonbury by Michael Iiavis. and there were about a l()()() people there after the bands to get a drink. But they turned the volume down due to noise restrictions and I basically thought: "Well. fuck you. I'm gonna play some anthems just to get everybody singing." and halfway through doing it I realised I‘d hit on some bizarre formula.

'People just want to get pissed and drown out the DJ. and they really go for it when you play ‘All You Need Is Loch or ‘(iive Peace a (‘hancel or ‘Don‘t Look Back In Angel". So about half two in the morning there were 2()()() people in the tent. and we got shut down because it was becoming unsafe.‘

Hence this touring offshoot. which McGee will be co-hosting with his son. its name a nod to the opposite notion that an establishment exists within alternative music. ‘lt‘s giving people what they want.‘ McGee sums up succinctly. ‘and it‘s been a long time since I felt like doing that.‘

Alan McGee’s Rock’n’Roll Promz is at Gig (formerly Revolution), Edinburgh, Sat 8 Oct; ABC, Glasgow, Thu 13 Oct. Check listings for details of other indie nights in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Abnormals Anonymous Goodbye forever as Hushpuppy (pictured) invites you to party to death at the last ever AA night. Expect tears, smiles, hugs and dancing galore. Basura Blanca, Glasgow, Sat 8 Oct.

Club Nolr Hell’s Belles A thrilling burlesque evening with trapeze. vaudeville, live music, DJs and erotic playfulness in abundance. Leave inhibitions and trainers at home. Carling Academy, Glasgow, Sat 8 Oct.

UFreak Detroit techno god Derrick May is in the house. Result. The Venue, Edinburgh, Sat 8 Oct.

Panjabl MC Bollywood sounds mixed with urban twists alongside bangin‘ bhangra. Check out these formidable remixers. best known for their take on the Knight Rider theme tune. Chinawhite, Glasgow, Sun 9 Oct.

Class at Manchester's Akoustik Anarkhy records take over the Venue with live sets from Autokat and Loose Canon with DJs taking you into the wee small hours as part of the inaugural John Peel Day celebrations (check Club and Rock & Pop listings for further highlights). The Venue, Edinburgh, Thu 13 Oct.

Radio Soulwax 2 Many DJs are back and their leftfield mash- up is always unmissable, plus a live set from their indie incarnation Soulwax and French techno master Vitalic. City, Edinburgh, Thu 13 Oct; Barrow/and, Glasgow, Fri 14 Oct.

Solid Steel The Ninja Tune lucky dip (they never announce their guests until the night, but all are culled from Ninja‘s mighty fine roster) launches in Glasgow, not forgetting a welcome return to Edinburgh. The Bongo Club, Edinburgh, Fri 15 Oct; Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, Sat 15 Oct.

Death Disco Remixer extraordinaire Ewan Pearson is

joined by electro-smasher Riton for an electronic love in. The Arches, Glasgow, Sat 15 Oct.