Re: Scottish Style Awards These awards leave a bad smell in the nose. If they were intended to recognise the sharpest shaping gurus. then fine. If they seriously mean to tear a fabric of substance while downplaying the chamois. showy and the shined. then I'd be all for them. even at a grand-a-table between me and another nine. But please. making ‘Most Influential Style Journalist' the fourth most prestigious award? Heading up that shod list with ‘Judge' Alan Kennedy? Him and his personal shopping cronies couldn't effect an epiphany if you played them a Turin shrouded symphony.

Who's blowing who? And how does arch-snapper Rankin qualify alongside some SMG rank and filers?

Forgive me but. aside from this helping Glasgow in its inner-Anglo brand diablo. and re-energising Kelly Cooper and her Lord Provost 's denture ensemble. this Sure-fire disaster-of—ceremonies has come around for and on behalf of the fat-bellied status quota in suits. who. despite nearly knowing their Yong Hei Fongs. could never distinguish him from the Ailidh Lennons. India Millers. styleless runner-up in the mens' gong Cockamamie Byng. anyone? - or the actual real-player style- setters who don't need me to say what I see. which is that success on 30 September probably means some of the winners must be doing something wrong.




Re: Gypsy at Dundee Rep (532)

You recently referred twice to

What YOU Ali Smith’s The Accidental Booker prize shortliste


Civil servant

I enjoyed the book. She got into the characters' heads so much that it felt like you were listening in a psychotherapists room. The ending was a neat little twist.

2 THE LIST 6—20 Oct 2005

The List,

the production at Dundee as ‘the Stephen Sondheim musical'. It isn't. Given that the music is a key element in a musical. the musical score for Gyp8y was composed by Jule Styne. The book was written by Arthur Laurents and Sondheim wrote the lyrics. I am sure he would not want to claim sole credit.

Keith Paterson



Am I alone in thinking that the Franz Ferdinand phenomenon is threatening to become a curse? I quite like their music. and clearly millions of others do too. but could it be that the band's great success is actually holding back the progress of other. equally worthy bands such as Sons & Daughters? Franz get all the attention and all the column inches at the moment. as the cover of your last issue demonstrates.

Sharon Dunning

By email


Good news/bad news. There are plans to modernise those famously Windswept steps outside Edinburgh's Waverley station, replacing them in part with escalators and lifts so that elderly people and those with disabilities and luggage don't have to kill themselves or pay for a taxi just to get out of the station.

The Balmoral hotel and heritage groups are campaigning against the move because it'll ruin the view.

We can't allow socially inclusive progress to be blocked by this appalling selfish nimbyism. True. the steps are an important part of the look of Edinburgh. but do

14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE

or The List at the CCA

350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3JD or email

we really think it's OK to discriminate against the majority of people using the station because a handful of privileged folks would rather not have to look at something modern?

Dave Ashford


GAY AWAY? Re: Gay section I have read The l is! in one way or another for some years now and I was pleased that you had introduced a Gay section. However. this seems to have disappeared arOund the time of the Edinburgh Festival.

If this is only a temporary measure then please disregard



nothing if not mouths.

Stories. PS. we work for free! Mandy Maxwell Glasgow



i’iistiiir‘ til-tinge».

tliéfiiiitivc'i‘y itiw iil‘fiylii,’

my concern.

As I'm sure you're aware Glasgay! 2005 starts soon. and three new gay venues have opened since I last saw a gay column in The List. Sol don't think that it is lack of things to report!

I'm sure that there is a reasonable explanation for the section being dropped. lt may well be something simple like a journalist on holiday.

Criz Nikalis

Don't worry. our Gav section is back With a vengeance this issue after its annual Festival holiday. and in our 20 October issue we '/I be giving extensive coverage to Glasgav.’ l )( )l i 't miss it.

I enjoy reading The List. I like The List. When I moved to Edinburgh four years ago . . . (I didn't stay) The List was my

If I wanted to eat. to drink and be very meriy. The l is! was my friend. Right down to where I could find good mash or vegetarian nosh (when my moral self kicked in againi. I looked no further than my A4 size mate. Handy in many ways.

Since returning to the wild west and taking up iesidence in the front row of a small. but perfectly talented creative writing class, my favourite glossy and l have drifted.

Maturity? Settling down? Not on my part! How can I persuade my friend to take a little more interest in my literary pursuits? Does she think I don't know she reads books by published authors. Is one page of her interest enough?

No. I'm a female and I demand more.

C'mon List. you know there's talent out there. We Scots are

Give us a page in each edition. entitled New Writers: Short




Research and policy officer

I thought it was a bit pretentious. l was also disappointed by the ending. That was a common consensus in our book gr0up.

d novel


Book buyer

It was my first experience of her work and I enjoyed it. There was a sinister element to it. I'd like her to Win the Booker.


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