Never say pie

JASON BIGGS is trying

o shake off his reputation for doing unspeakable

things to baked goods in teen movies, as he tells Miles Fielder.

Jason Riggs once said. This from the New

Jersey-horn comedy actor who infamoust had onscreen intercourse with an apple pie. an act for which Riggs will prohahly he rememhered forever. Rtrt the 27—year-old has heen acting since he was live. At 13 he got a hreak on Rroadway. in (’ain'crsaiians ll'ir/I My Father. and at ll he really hit the hig time with Anicrican l’ic. After that he was flavour of the month (for three years). churning out a series of l’ic-like nerd comedies and sequels. The last couple of years have seen Riggs trying his hand at what might he termed more respectahle comedy roles. in Woody Allen’s Say Anything. Kevin Smith’s ‘grown—up movie‘ .lcrscy (iirl. and most recently (ilasgow director Saul Met/stein's hlack comedy ahout l'S soldiers in peacetime mishehav ing in an (ireenland army hase. (iriv X. which premiered at the Iidinhurgh International I’ilm Festival in Augtrst.

'I just love the tone of the story.‘ Riggs says of (iuy X. ‘It has some interesting things to say. and as far as the role goes. it was a hit of a departtrre. Still comedy. hut much more suhtlc. and darker. Woody 's comedy helped me prepare for this. hccause his comedy is more situational and dialogtre driven and not hroad and lull of visual gags. So. Say Anything was the transition hetween the Aincrican l’ic films and this.‘ says Riggs. ‘(iiiv X is the least hroad of anything I've done. If a hy- product of me doing this film means people’s perception of inc changes that would he nice. Rut I'm not expecting it.‘

I would like my comedy to he taken seriously.'

(At this point the interview is interrupted hy a member of the puhlic. who apologises and then says. ‘You‘re that guy from Anu'rican I’ic!’ "l‘hat‘s the second time that‘s happened to me today.. Riggs says. clearly used to being recognised as the pie porker.)

"l’he challengc.’ Riggs continues. ‘was in the tonal shift midway through the film. when it takes a darker turn. How do you fuse those two tones. so it‘s not too extreme a .shift'.’ I wanted the performance to reflect this shift. and that was kind of tough for me. Saul kept referencing l)r Strange/arc. which worked for me. hecause I love that film and that kind of edge to the comedy. I think ahout the performances in that film and how they were able to do so much with so little. in terms of subtle nuances. 'l‘hat stuff is tough to do. and for me it‘s incredihly tough because I‘m not used to doing it.'

Riggs‘ next film. Antarctica. is about a pair of

marooned explorers fighting for their lives. and is another departure. ‘It's a change of genre.‘ says Riggs. ‘lt's a Disney family action adventure. That said I‘m playing the comic relief. Rut in terms of career longevity you have to mix things up. also linally I‘m doing something that my niece and nephew will be able to go and see. They keep asking me about American Pie. and of course they can‘t see it yet. Rut their curiosity has peaked. Roy. are they going to he really shocked when they see what uncle Jason does next.’

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