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Serenity FILM Fri 7 Oct Joss Buffy Whedon‘s brilliant feature film debut picks up where his cancelled outer space TV adventure show Firefly finished off and it‘s a rollicking ride. See page 41. General release.

/"t ;\ .. _. A, Very Soual Secretary DAY Jim Lambie Ta es Damned Thu 6 Oct Very funny and wickedly naughty Comic Strip-style VISUAL ART dramatisation of the extra-marital antics of former home secretary 53‘ 8 00f Turner Prize COMICS David Blunkett. See page 84, More4. nominee Jim Lambie Sun 9 Oct Subverts the exhibits psychedelic traditions of old Flash birds covered in mirrored Gordon serials. boys' mosaics. trying to escape from the own adventure stories. antiQUe porn gallery. See feature. page 14. The and 505 pulp fiction. A rare treat. Modern Institute, Glasgow. See page 29. Fantagraphics.

Cassavettes Box Set Harold Pinter



Mon 10 Oct One of the , Tue 1 1 Oct You want ~; masters of American authenticity. do you? MUSIC independent cinema gets a box set. Check out this mini- Wed 12 Oct An impatient. precocious talent who's much more Includes Shadows, Faces (1968). 4' festival of works by the « than just a singer/songwriter he‘s a musical visionary and Opening Night. See page 43. great pausemeister. See page 77. comparable to Beck or the Flaming Lips. See page 59. Oran Mor. Optimum Classic DVD retail. The Arches. Glasgow. Glasgow.

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