.. . by,qu :v ELECTRO FOLK KING BISCUIT TIME Venue, Edinburgh, wed 21 sep

Stripped of his comrades from the Beta Band. Steve Mason has rebuilt his live sonic arsenal With help from C-Swing. producer of the band's last two albums. and Pete Rankin on guitar and assorted shaky percussion.

At the heart of it all. remains Mason's angelic monotone and the thrum of his acoustic guitar. This brief set shows Mason now has space to finally realise his obseSSion with nailing gigantic nasty beats to his folksy lullabies. Single ‘C I AM 15' is a rumble from the jungle that gets in the noggin and won't leave in a hurry. although there was no need for him to do it twrce. A qurck mid-set toddle through a pair of Beta classics ensure we don't forget why we're here in the first place. but there's more than enough here to keep us coming back. iMark Robertson;



King Tut's, Glasgow, Wed 28 Sep .0.

Creation Records' pSych-rock scunners Swervedriver were pretty much a non- event on this Side of the Atlantic. but in the US of A they were regarded as minor deities. Amusement Arcades on Fire are. however. proof of their influence here. They're a young band of pups drawing on the fuzzed up. blissed Out drones that made 1991 so enjoyably hazy. While mOments of this


set draw on rambunctious Buffalo Tom- style jollies the quintet draw too heavily on effects for . . . erm. effect and forget about actually driving it somewhere. The Warlocks and Wolf Mother are doing this kind of sprawl way better at the moment. More focus and less fizzle here is the answer. (Mark Robertson)



THE 1 9908

Stereo, Glasgow, Wed 28 Sep 0...

It was a night for more reincarnations than the Bible. For a start. the renewal of Club Beatroot after many years off the scene gives yet another reason for the city's musically Weegophile stragglers to get off the streets and go listen to some more music.

The 1990s might currently be better known as John McCready from the Yummy Fur's ly'know. them that had Alex and Paul Franz for a rhythm section?) new band. but much more than local notoriety is deserved when they forego the West End Jangle and go for an entirely epic approximation of the TeleVision s0und.

As for Data Panik. they SOLind just like their ancestors Bis With a thumping rhythm section. that is. and surely a more rock—centric formula for the success that unfairly eluded them before. So close you can see the whites of her Melt Banana stickers. Amanda MacKinnon's still the electro Lqu on keys. but new John and Steven Disco get in on the act With some shouty vocals and a new selection of truly exciting post-pop gems. Welcome back. again. (David Pollock)


Tomorrow's nit/Sic today. This issue: Alice Russell

With Under The Munka Moon Alice Russell announced herself as a powerful collaborative voice within Brighton's future-SOUI-jazz Tru Thoughts label. Now touring with material from her At sophomore release My Favourite Letters she is stepping out on her own. The List speaks to her about taking on a myriad of progressive styles. further flexing her vocal chords and her song-writing prowess.

So how did all this come about?

I do an and all sons but I come from quite a musical family. and to be honest it's happened really naturally - like a little vegetable that grows. I met the right people and did a few tracks and then just started writing. and I think as your confidence grows it gets easier to express stuff.

Being such a popular girl with Quantic Soul Orchestra, Nostalgia 77 and contributing to artists outside of the TT stable as well as writing for yourself, don't you ever run dry of inspiration?

I know. I'm such a whore! Lately when I've felt so spent from touring you just feel like you forget who yOu are a bit. It does knacker yOu out. But actually. having a bad time helps you sometimes with the old inspiration I'll tell you that much. So much better than when you're happy.

So you’ll be excited at the prospect of heading out on the road again?

I'm actually very excited. yeah. I'm getting ready like a greyhound well. not a greyhound because I'm quite chubby but getting ready like some sort of animal that's getting ready to run a race. It is tough work when it's full—on and you're t0uring and recording and doing all sons and living out of a suitcase. And I haven't got a manager at the moment so it's pretty full-on just to live everyday and clean yOur pants at the same time. iMark Edmundsoni

I Cabaret Voltaire. Edinburgh, Thu 6 Oct; Carnival Arts Centre. Glasgow. Fri 7 Oct.


The Arches, Glasgow Fri 14-Sun 16 Oct; Fringe, the Universal, Glasgow, Wed 12-Thu 13 Oct

People love going to see the latest arthouse films or celebrating contemporary art but. in most cases. their tolerance of artistic boundaries being stretched stops when it comes to live bands. however daring they may think their muSical taste is.

‘Our strap line has always been "Brave New MuSic".' says Install curator Barry Esson. ‘People always end up calling this music experimental. which makes it sound theoretical and wanky or fer geeky nerds. But my experience is that it's very life-affirming and it's difficult to convey the theatrical and emotional power of the performers involved.’

lnstal began as a somewhat insiders‘ affair. catering for the hardcore and collectors of this ‘brave new music'. Now it has matured into a expansive and huger impressive three day festival. as well as a coinciding photography exhibition from last year and a fringe festival preceding the main event two days of local weirdo talent. curated by Usurper and Wounded Knee's Lapsed Electronics.

'It's cheap enough that people can take a risk on it. that they can come along and experience things they‘ve never felt before and have their horizons expanded.‘ Esson says. “YOU might not love everything. but even if yOu walk away one night haVing seen two or three things that were just incredible. then that's only about $33 for a little epiphany'

The international line-up is full of these potentially magical moments. but such is the nature of these bands that highlights are impossible to predict. and what might be unfathomable noise to some will be sublime lyricism to others. Many genres and disciplines will be drawn upon throughout the festival and although the acts Sun City Girls. Jandek and Hijokaiden amongst many others might be largely unknown. their legaCies and reputations as unmissable live acts are clear and reason enough to take a chance on some genuinely interesting and daring muSic. (Ali Maloney)

(S~2() Oct 2005') THE LIST 61