I Limehouse Lizzy 'l‘hc lischangc. 55 (irovc Strcct. 4-13 040-1. 7pm. {I 1.50. Tribute to Thin Lin).

I The Closing, Into Your Own, Jakil and The View Subway (‘ow-gatc. (i9 (‘owgattn 225 (3766. 7.30pm. £4. lndic act thc ('losing who rcccntl} rclcascd thcir dcbut Everything I'ii/ls' Apart.

I Charles Wood, Modus and Roguestar Whistlchinkics. 4 (T South Bridgc. 557 5| 14. (rpm. lircc hcl'orc midnight; £4 alter. (itls-st) lc soul. jazz and pop from Modus.

I The Believers ('aharct Voltairc.

3o- 38 Blair Street. 220 M76. 7pm. £7. Rootsy .-\nicricana sounds.

I Kid Canavarel, The Wheels and Findo Gask ('alcdonian Backpackcrs. 3 ()uccnst'crry Strcct. 476 7224. 8.30pm. £4. Whimsical indicpop with \‘tti‘iotts HR and lidinhurgh hands.

I The Jackals, The Last Band and Azadeh Banncrman's. .\'iddr_\ Strcct. 556 325-1. 8.45pm. £4. Blucs. garagcy rock from the Jackals.

I Exit Pilot, Flying Matchstick Men and The Magnificents (iig (formerly Rcvolutionl. 31 l.othian Road. 22‘) 7670. 9.30pm 3am. £6. lidinhurgh's ncwcst gigging \cnuc in thc most unlikely ol pluccs as Revolution is rclaunchcd as (iig. with livc scts and 1)] skills until 3am. A ltlsiott of rock. clcctro. folk. glam and pop li'ottt thc Roxy/l)cpcchc-intlucnccd l-"lying Matchstick Men with rcsidcnt [)1 Jim (icllatly that I06).

I Miyagi and The Yard 'l‘hc Lott Bank. 37 (iuthric Strcct. 225 97-1-1. 10pm. Sun-dipped cowho)‘ surt lunk as .\li_\‘agi launch thcir tic“ lil’ Dragon/Ii.

Saturday 8


I Ian McNabb :\B(‘2. 330 Sauchichall Strcct. 332 2232. 7pm. £12. Startcd out in l.i\'crpudlian ps) cltcdclic pop hand thc lciclc Works hcl‘orc forging a solo carccr. I Showaddywaddy chtrcw l'ct'l‘}. Andcrston Qua). 'l‘hc Brooiniclaw. 0th 265 5] 1. 7pm. L‘lx. l)oo wop nostalgia merchants. big in thc 70s.

324 The Go! Team and Lady Sovereign Quccn Margarct l'nion. 22 l'nis'crsit) (iardcns. 33‘) 978-1. 7.30pm. S()l.l) ()l'T. Scc caption. pagc ()(T.

I Belle 8. Sebastian, 8 Men, Galchen and Sandstone (‘astlcmilk (‘otnntunit_\' (‘cntro l2l ('astlcntilk Drive. 634 2233. 801.1) ()l'l. Your all- timc lavotiritc Scottish hand of all tinlc pla) a more intimatc \cnuc than usual on the sccond night of thc l’op'd l‘cstnal.

I Our Lunar Activities (‘arling Acadcm}. l2l liglinton Strcct. 0370 77 2000. 9pm. {l2 twi. Dark indic with cchocs ol‘ l’s)chcdc|ic l-‘urs and Black Sabbath.

I Fish The (iaragc. 490 Sauchichall Strcct. 332 l120. 7pm. £13.50. 'l’hc cs- Marillion singcr tcars hirnscll aw a) tron] his rural castlc hidcawa) in support of his ncw alhuin [Viv/(l ult'mm.

I Common Rotation and Corn Mo Barfly. 200(1)th Strcct. 0870 ()07 090‘). 8pm. £7. ()Vcr- l-ls show. l..-\-hascd pop loll; hand with acoustic guitar-driven sounds and a jocular outlook.

I Elephant Micah, Nalle and Ben Reynolds Stcrco. l4 Kcls'inhaugh Strcct. 57o 50lh‘. 8pm. £4. Dclicatc ['8 tolls artist with l'L‘lL‘ilsCs on 'l'intc-lag and BlucSanct.

I The Symbolics, Echoes, The Delicts and The Red Lights The Valc. 5 l)undas Strcct. 332 4923. 8pm. £3. lndic rock with hlucs inllucnccs.

I Joseph Arthur and Nerina Pallot King Tut's Walt Walt llut. 272a St Vinccnt Strcct. 22] 527‘). 8.30pm. £7. Wish}-

w ash} singcr/songwritcr in thc l)a\ id (iras -h) -nainc-grc) -h) ~naturc win.

I Lucky Luke, The 19903 and Skeleton Bob Nicc'n‘Slca/y. ~12l Sauchichall Strcct. 333 0900. 9pm. £3. lthtgilL‘ (ilttsgtm ltilk-popstcrs Luck) l.ukc takc part in Slca/s ‘s ()(TUl't'lt/(Hl'.

Surface Noise

Music news that melts in your mouth not in your hand. Changes are afoot at Henry’s Cellar Bar in Edinburgh as Assembly Direct ups sticks from October and moves its operation to the Lot on the Grassmarket, under the heading the Jazz Centre. The Lot is by all accounts pretty dapper but has only been used sporadically as a venue, despite the nifty sound system. The hope is that this will mean an additional jazz venue in town although plans for the programme at Henry’s remain unconfirmed. The new programme at the Lot starts on 7 October. See Jazz listings, page 72 for more info.

Further innovations for Edinburgh's live music scene come at the College of Art. The Wee Red Bar is launching a series of shows every Friday from 4—7pm. as the penect way to start the weekend. The first is on 14 October and the impressively named indie combo THEREISANOlSEIKNOWCANONLY GROWLOUDER will play at around 6pm. lmpressively, all the shows are completely free. See Rock listings. page. 64 for more details.

Wave your hands like an excitable child at Christmas to herald the return of None of the Above. The cabaret-cum-live music night makes a welcome return to the Bongo Club stage with the relaunch night on Wednesday 12 October. Heading up the genre-crossing line-up is local vocalist Heather Macleod, who intends to recreate the celtic jazz weight of her album Crossing the Tides, backed by members of NotA regulars Mr McFalls Chambers. Propping up the bill are mullti-instrumentalist duo Martin Green and Joe Townsend plus Scandic/Scot folk trio Fribo. See Rock listings, page 64, for more details.

Fopp has announced the winner of this year's Scottish unsigned band search. Monkeytribe. Bouchereau. the Abdominal Showmen and Thee Comrades were the tour acts to come out on top and will all go into the studio to record new material which will be available from Fopp stores the length and breadth of the country later this year.

Heather Macleod

I Miss the Occupier Bar”). 260 ('lydc Strcct. 0870 ()07 000‘). l 1pm. £5 tut. l.i\c music at ldiotctluc. Soc Hi 7 lor .\liss thc ()ccupicr.

.tll 03W M

4 ~(_ l (30%.

Ba rrowland Sunday 23rd October

t [/C (/1) (I c)



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