I Thomas Max Brel. 3‘) 43 :\\ltl()n 2000. 7pm. £l8.50. .\'e\\ Xealand-lmrn.

Lane. 342 4‘)()(i. 8pm. £5. .\'e\\ York Australia-bred eountry guitarixt Who musician who perl'ormx thing homemade dexerihex hix \t}'le as ‘I‘unktry'. instrumentx arid \Ulllltl \eulpturex and ix I Focus Rent'ren l‘err). Anderston Qua}. apparentl) one of Sereamin' la} The Broomielau. 0lh‘)8 265 51 1. 7.30pm. x 1 \ Kr ,r '(h u llawkinx‘ illegitimate hrood. £l2.50. See \Ved l2. _ I Walter Trout Rent'reu I-‘err_\. Laura Veirs 8. the Tortured Souls + Anderxton Qua}. The Broomielau. 0|(i‘)8 AB('2. 330 Sauehiehall Street. 332 2232. S I G U R a m I n a 265 5] 1. 8pm. £l5.50. Bluex guitarist 7.30pm. £8. See prexieu. page 60. who has )lit}'L‘tl with the likcx olJohn I Opa ue Wounded Knee Usu er Th U FSday 1 N Ovem ber .\la_\all. (l'anned Heat and John Lee and CKqDe’xter Haven vs Dora 02B

Hooker. 'l‘he l'nixerxal. 57 5‘) Sauehiehall Lane. TH_E H V Sufian Stevens ()ran .\lor. 73| 735 332 88‘)‘). 7.30pm. £4. .\lore I‘ree/

gt . '3" (ireat Western Road. 357 (1200. 7.30pm. improx/noixe aetion to get you in the mood -‘ _ T I " £l0. Neo-I‘olkie. See preview page 5‘) for e\periinental musie text lnxtal. Line-up 3‘ I Amusement Parks on Fire l\'ot"\ alxo ineludex |)o\\ling. .\lae(ilone. ' Blacks. 5o ()\\\ald Street. 248 41 I4. 8pm. Nicholson ck ('amphell. £lhe. My Bloody Valentine-inspired poxt- I Tom Vek ()ran Mm. 731 735 (ireat I‘OL‘lx‘CI‘s \\ ho hax e just re-releaxed their \Vextern Road. 357 (3200. 7.30pm. £7.50. 6 epon} motls debut album. .\lueh touted 23-)ear-old multi- t I Michael Simons 'l‘ehai ()Vna. lo‘) instrumentalixt \\ ho lotth like a _\oung l)ean.\ton l)ri\ e. 0l4l (34‘) 7258. 8pm. £2. ’l‘hurston Moore and reeentl} \parked a (iuitarist playing I‘olk. hluex and beyond. hidding \xar I'or hix mi\ ol garage roek. I Pure Reason Revolution and angttlar funk and eleett'oniea. ; iLiKETRAiNS Barll}. 260 ('l}de Street. I Bleed from Within, A Rebel’s _; 0870 ‘)07 0‘)‘)‘). 8pm. £(i. ()Ver- l4x \lttm. Guide and 15 Times Dead The \‘ale. 5 ‘3 Demented progg} punk ntelange lrom the Dundax Street. 332 4‘)28. 8pm. £3. intriguing l’ure Reaxon Rmoluttott. llardeore and tnetal \oundx. I Deadstring Brothers King 'l‘ut’x I Eoghan Colgan, The Valor, Harriet \Vah Wah llttt. 272a St Vincent Street. and Lucerna The Arches. 253 At'g} Ie ‘~ 22] 527‘). 8.30pm. £6. This Americana Street. 0870 240 7528. 8pm. H). .An Aeeexx outlit dexerihe lliL‘IIl\Cl\‘C\ ax eountr) gig headlined h} an lrixh singer/songuriter toung from the Motor ('it}. with a folk} \lant to hix musie. I Syth, Co-Exist, Argonath, I The Mode, The Void and Suspire Dionysus and Achren Niee'tt'Sleal}. Barth. 260 ('l}de Street. 0870 907 0‘)‘)‘). 42] Sauehiehall Street. 333 ()‘)00. ‘)pin. 8pm. £5. Melodie roek in the win of £3. Bumper hill ol‘ loeal metal aetx. ()eean ('olour Seene and ('rouded llouxe , Irom the Mode. Edlnburgh Monica Queen The (ioat. 1287 .‘ I Focus and John Young (‘aharet Arg}le Street. 357 7373. 8pm. Voltaire. 3o 38 Blair Street. 220 ()1 7o. l-‘ree.('ountr} -tinged melaneholia from her 7pm. £ 1 2. ()Ver-the—top l)uteh prog roek. album The Return oft/iv Sue/rt! Hr'ul'l. I Heather Macleod Big Band, Trout Mono. I2 Kings ('out't. King McFalls, Joe Townsend 8: Martin Street. 553 2400. 8pm. I-‘ree. hut tieketed. Green and Fribo The Bongo (‘lulx l.oeal. demented noiseniks eelehrate John Mora} llouxe. 37 Ilol_\rood Road. 558 l’eel l)a) with a Ver) special guext and DJ 7604. 8pm. £8 (£6). Stornoua} -horn \etx from the l’axtels and .\log\\ai. \inget'/.\oltg\\ I'llL‘I'. .\lae|eodlead\ the Mother 8 the Addicts return of eclectic muxie night .\'one of Niee‘n'Sleal). 42l Sauehiehall Street. 333 the Ahox e. 0‘)00. ‘)pm. Art \ehool ruliianx pla} ing a I Refuse Boy, Jester and Graystar mi\ture ol xpunk) garage roek and spilt} Bannertnan'x .\'iddr_\ Street. 550 3254. poxt-punk. \\ ho are a hoot lixe. Part of 8.45pm. £4. More indie attd roek doun John Peel Day. Bannerman‘s ua}. Camera Obscura and The Sluts of I The Paranoid Monkeys, The Trust King 'l'ut‘x \Vah Walt llut. 272a St Draymin and Kyoto Whixtlehinkiex. \‘ineent Street. 221 527‘). 8.30pm. £6. 4 (i South Bridge. 557 5| 14. ‘)pm. l’ree. \Vinxome. prett). delieate. iangling indie Another hill of original indie and roek. \ottIId\ Iront (ilaxgou ‘\ ('amera ()hxeura.

l‘ilth} garage hlues from the Slutx oI‘ ll‘tlxl.

Ema]:— nm pa. a.)

I Ursula Bakini, Achilles and

Glasgow Superslide Soundhaux. 47 mat-part I Keith Urban (‘arling Aeadem} Street. 22l 465‘). 8.30pm. £4.50. \Veekl} (ilasgou. l2l liglinton Street. 0870 771 Sounder \llt)\\L‘tl\L‘ ol loeal handx.


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PART CHIMP >"~.t_::t".t.i:_i'/ 24th Ollltjiiitt'i‘t’ titatagirtei We) retire}. 5.0;:threat“;

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\ K

E l t‘rst My '3 xiii", Nov on timer A i\=/iUI to. bl. tag;

t TICKETS AVAILABLE FROM WWW.SYNERGYCONCERTS.COM. TICKETS , The |abe| borne out of the promoters, themselves borne SCOTLAND. RIPPING RECORDS + MONORAIL OR 0870 220 1116 ' out of the festival, presents its own tour, showcasing the

diversity of the acts on the roster. Here we have tender reflective folk ~ ' musings from Alexander Tucker, squidgy, quirk-ridden, indie squonk from Deerhoof (pictured) and trippy, liquid rock from Australians, the Drones.

.. Mono. Glasgow. Mon 10 Oct.

68 THE LIST 0 20 Oct 2005;