Edinburgh I Soulwax and Vitalic (it): Iidinhurgh.

la Market Street. 336 9560. lllpm 3am.

£l5. Soulxxax. spear the eharge \xith their eleetro inl'uxed Belgian indie roek as the} plat} their next album Night \t’rxlrwx. plth a |i\e set of glitch}. l’reneh teehno trom Vitalie and the Belgian hrotherx treat in to a 3man_\ Dix turntahle experience.

Dawn of the Replicants (‘aharet \ttllttll‘e. 50 .53 lllttll' Street. 330 ()l7(t. 7pm. £7. .\lu.\ieal miscreants lrom the Borders \\ ho are still making delightl'ull} oil-kilter indie pop. l’art ol Joint l’eel I)a}. " Loose Cannon and Autokat The Venue. 17 3| ('ttllolt Road. 5.57 5075. 7.50pm. £5. .\I;ittelte\tet‘\ .-\kou\tik .-\narkh) host Iltlx John Peel l)a} special at the Venue with angular. intelligent post- .. 1 1 TH Britroek l‘rom Autokat and lelltm signeex 1 one mimon fans can’t be _ ‘PUP :lt‘nlt’“ l-“W‘ ('“W'l- wrong Well, they can be (everyone

“3:3,; girggguggfigpggggg; whobougmmesst Michaeuackson lam “I00! . Acct/(fa l/rers

record. for example). but they're not WW7 5V, 7 (Hum/l smug

Sat 8th - -' October M "


ABC 2 0870 903 3444




TUESDAY ‘- 08709033444

" 9820 4099-813“

Bar. Iidinhurgh ('ollege of .-\rt. I.auri.\ton

I’lltL‘C. 33‘) I443. Split. £4 (£5). Melodie In this case- The Norwegian Plus v I. ~ - pou. er popxters ()deon Beat ('luh head tltt\ electronica dUO clocked Up over a i John Peel tribute Night \pL-L-ialf million sales of their fantastic debut THE ARCHES I; i Dam“ Th°mps°nt The °"" album Me/od AM. more than halt # i i Fourteenhours, Lee Paterson and O. whiéh wereyin me'UK ' s t . LE . 2 Deadenstereo ('aledonian Backpackers. ' 444 ' 3 Queenslerr} Street. 476 7334. 8.30pm. 2 They are a fungus 3"“. a _ _ ~ . .. .. . v. tmfim.mmmm.m £4. John Peel trihute night \\ ith tlL‘ttthllL‘ nuc'ea" bOMb The band 5 name '5 sets from \at'toux loeal artists. taken from the Nonrvegian word for I Lorna Brooks and Andy Lang with the puffball fungus. It's also used as the Zealots ( tiltltllltg’ llttll\C. \\ L‘\l the word for the mushroom] Cloud

Nlcttlxtln Street, or»? 0870. S50an £5. Another humper line-up at And) '\ ('anna Worms “ith a selection ol' rootx} traekx

that appears at a nuclear detonation.

3 “'3 grim up north The pair, Aberdeen :1 "'7

from some llltpt‘esxh e \lllg‘L‘l/utlig‘“l'llL‘l‘S. TOlblOm Brundlland and SVeln GIaSgOW 21$t 00‘ I The Pheromones, Fridge Hopper Berge. started making music in their , t , H . _~ e8 70 903 3444 "ltd covert camel Bittl'lt‘l‘ltlil'l’S- \idtl") hometown of Tromso in the far north Edlnbu’gh Lt” 9‘14 '1 sun oat www.tlcketWeb.co.uk

Street. 556 3354. 8.45pm. £4. Indie and of Norway. a town that's 300km rock Slit)“ ease.

I The Dials and The Jack "‘Side "‘9 WC Circ'e' and Wm“ karlne polwart \\'hi\tlehinkie\. 4 strum Bridge. 55? 8688 “0 (lat/“gm for {W0 Whole

Aberdeen Lemon Tree

5| l4. 9pm. liree. (iuitar rock and emerx. months In winter. NO wonder they . Sunday 13th November I The Pimp Ass Shanks 'l‘he l.el't SOUfld so chilled. Eli‘s“: ’“ABC 2 Bank. (illllll'lL‘ SII'L‘CI. (IT-I4. lilplll. 4 Do for Poor Leno The I Tues aoyw15". November I”

I'm" Swu'm “M” Superb. award-winning animated “7° 903 3‘“ f”

Imm— “90 ‘0’ “‘9 W's ““ Sm'e "‘"RSDAY 2"" “mm fit-iii" $3332»: I ~ , e , 01786 27 4000 ~‘ one Of the dedea ever made A Edinburgh Queens Ha '

Glasgow wee furry Arctic creature is captured

k . Saturday 19th Novem , I Die ('arlmg Aeadem} (ililxgtm. I31 and kept in a 200. It put me right Ofi 0870 903 3444 WWW~I'CkelW9b-C°-Uk r 0131 8682019 r I'igllltlttlt Street. 0370 77l 3000. 7pm_ £008. 80 it did. .. M-.." .. men...“ 3---.-.“ -. .m- «we.-- . ., ..3 .,

£16.50. The RtllltpL‘lsllllxlxllt ol roek. There is no support and the hand \\ ill he on at 7.30pm. (’onxider that a uarning.

5 They’ve got balls When asked to compare new album The

I Radio Soulwax Barron land. 344 Undersmnd’ng With their debUt-

(ialltmgate. 553 4001. 0pm 3am. £l5. See Berge had this to say: ‘lt'S like trying and the North Ml'c’c’l’c’si Austin; 'I‘hu l3. to compare two testicles. One is not _ ' " A ‘_"

I The Ant“: "Onkeys Al“? 7‘3” better than the other. Both are Vital to bAT S‘)Sr~l

Sauehiehall Street. 333 3333. 7.30pm. - . v S()I.l) ()l'l. Shellield-lmxed teen punk the ROI/“Opp ariatomy‘ rockers hailed tlx our lamurite neu hand In (Doug .‘JOhnStOHQ

{he .\'_\]].I" ' Carling Academy, Glasgow, I Jandek, JoJo, Black Boned Angel Fri 7 00!.

and Uptight 'I‘he :\rehe\. 355 .-\rg} le

Street. 0870 34” 753V 7pm. I'.L‘\ll\ttl pa“


£35 t£3Si/3-da\ taxx £3o t£30l/da\ iaxx l‘ree. .\ night ol alternati\ e noise-

£lh t£l3/£Si. 'I‘hle Ill\l1tl immr of tile“. mongering. \Ittl'llltg‘ a ne“ series of alter E experimental ntusie kicks oll \\ ith a \er} \xoi‘k l'reehies do“ n the \Vee Red liar.

rare li\ e aptwaranee h} the littlttl‘lttlhl} I Jon Anderson Queen's llall. ('Ierk G 1 St reelthh e lo-li musician Jandek. See Street. («is 30W. 7pm. £35. the Yes man Uk pre\ ie“, page ()I. L'tlllllllllL‘\ lltx ‘Solo \Vot'k ttl l’t‘ttgt'exx ‘I‘out‘ ,, ._ I Proud Mary and The Motion King ol the l'nixerxe to liurope' pla} ing Yes "i Itth \Vah \Vah Ilul. 333a St Vincent classiex. solo work and tellittg stories

Street. 33l 537‘). 8.30an £9. ()ne ol' \oel hemeen songs.

(iallagher'x lamurite hands. I Think Floyd The Liquid Room. ‘)e

I Cycle of Zen Klamm and The \‘ietoria Street. 335 35o4. 7pm. £l0. I’ink A. , Pheromones The Vale. .5 I)tllttl;t\ Street. l'hltt}tl trihute tlt‘l. 333 4938. Shin. £3. Ilea\,\'. hoehedelie I Tom Vek The Venue. l7 3l ('alton H . roek. Road. 557 3073. 7pm. r750. set- 'l‘hu l3. @ m 3444 @ 040 4000*“

I Mother 8: the Addicts, Trout, How I Shock 8. Awe and Paul Research use-..“enemas“.-.

to Swim and Elements of the 705 Suhna} (‘ougate. (i‘) (‘on gate. 335 (i760 .

Stereo. l4 Kehinhaugh Street. 57o 50lS. 7.30pm. I‘ree. Short sharp songs from $2.,

Spm. £3. See 'l‘hu l3 for .\Iother & the Shoek & A“ e to promote their ne“ alhum 1 "

Addicts and 'l‘rout. l-‘our Itillttl\ pla} a set as Sr/uml for Smmu/n'lx “ith a set of multi- 3 t,

tlStlill. then at the end ot' the night the) all media art/punk/dixeo interlaee l'rom Sears a 4“ K'; '

\uap members to lot‘ttl tour ‘xupergroupx'. main man I’aul Rewareh. mm“ a, i

The} then lt;t\ e 24 hours to put a w! I Zombina 8. the Skeletones, Ll fjlflf",";i,r_3(;r >;

together lor totttot‘t'tm night‘s \homloxxn. Devilish Presley and Karloff The p if: if.” U “7 i V W A.

I Viva Voce Itarll). 360 ('l}de Street. Iiwhange. 55 (irm e Street. 443 0404. 'fl/H 45’} 513'“. i

0870 ()07 0099. Split. £o. Iluxhand-and- S’pm. £7. Night ol horror roek and terror

\\ tle pop littl‘lltt‘l'xltlp. punk l'rom Iltl\ dex ilixh triple hill. liane} - jar-r” . dress is encouraged and [)1 ('a\e_\ Ink \pllt www't'Cketweb'co‘Uk ' I“!

Edlnburgh the best in roek and goth until 3am. .. u r 7 u i

I Ther" ' J“ ',,-t I Remedy and The Usual Suspects

louder Wee Red liar. Iidinhurgh (‘ollege \Vhixtlehinkiex. 4 (1 South Bridge. 557

ol Art. I.;tlll'l\lttlt l’laee. 33‘) I443. opm. 51 I4.

t? .‘.F ()4". .‘Hk‘fi THE LIST 69