I Ed Rennie \Vce l'iolls' ('ltih. Royal Oak. lltlll‘lllitl‘) Street. 557 2076. 8.30pm. £3. .\Ie1odeon player in the Bismarks. now carving a reputation for his singing

Monday 1 7


3‘33 Joyce The Arches. Ai‘gvle Street. 0870 240 7528. 8pm. £12 (£10). A vei') rare perl'ormance l‘rom Bra/it's peerless songwriter/coinposer (she co-wrote the score tor Altman's 'I’lu' I’luvi'r with (terry Mulligan) bringing a sophisticated jazzy edge to the opening party for (tlasgow‘s annual music festival Big Big ll'ur/(l.

I Chris Mills Band 'l'i'on 'I’heati‘e. 353 8000. 8pm.


I Open Mic Night The Left Bank. (iuthrie Street. 225 ‘)744. ‘)pm. See Mon 10.

Tuesday 18


I Simon Bradley and Luke Plumb l.eith l’olls' ('luh. The Village. South 1’ort Street. 478 7810. 7.30pm. £5. lidinhurgh-hased liddler with Spain‘s 1.1an de ('uhel. and Shooglettill) mandolin and hoii/oiiki player Luke l’ltiinh (l‘roin 'l'asinania). I Ceilidh Club The Lot. (irassinai'ket. 8pm. £6. See Tue 1 l.

I Folk and Friends \Vavei'le} Bar. St Mary's Street. 550 8855. ‘)pm. See Tue 1 1.

Wednesday 1 9


Gianluigi Trovesi 8. Gianni Coscia (‘(‘;\. Sauchiehall Street. 352 4‘)()(). 8pm. £10 (£8). 1ta1)‘s expressive jau. clarinetist with his long-time accordionist collaborator pla} earl) lit/l. modern classics and traditional 'l‘uscan music. l’art o1 Big Big tt'urlil. I Oarden Smith Bret. 353 8000. 8pm. l'S alt countr} songsniith.


I Mike Silver lidinhurgh l-‘olls ('luh. (‘aharet Bar. The l’leasance. ()50 234‘). 8pm. £0 (£5). See Thu 13.

I ALP Session The lass. High Street. 556 (3338. ‘)pm. 1-‘ree. See Wed 12.


Jarmila Xymena Gorna (‘(‘.'\. Sauchiehall Street. 352 4‘)()(). 8pm. £10 (£8). Astonishing woman singer. pianist and composer from Poland. now domiciled in London. cooks world roots in her sophisticated jtt/l kevhoard sl_\ 1e and cascading vocahles. She's here in a trio with hass and trumpet. l’ai't ol' Big Big World.


I Seth Lakeman and Evan Chrichton 'I'he lixchange. (irove Street. 443 (1404. 8pm. £8. 'l‘his vear‘s rootsv .\1erctir_\ Music l’i'i/e nominee (once in ill-lated lititiation with Kate Rushv and (‘ara l)i11on) with his competitive take on linglish tolls rock. I Out of the Bedroom Waverle} Bar. St Mar) 's Street. 556 8855. ‘)pm. See Thu 6.

Checkout the

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74 THE LIST 0 700012005)

Events are listed by date, then city. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to morag.bruce@list.co.uk. Listings are compiled by Morag Bruce, Frances Boyson and Carol Main.

Thursday 6


I French Horn Masterclass RSAMI). 100 Renl'rew Street. . 32 5057. Want. Free. ticketed. Masterclass led h) Richard liissell.

I Piano Recital (ilasgow liiiiversil) ('oncert Hall. l'nivei'sit) Avenue. 330 40‘)2. 1.10 2pm. l'ree. l’iano duo of .-\rahe||a 'l'eniswood and Michael Is'iei'nan Harv e} pei'l'orin 1)ehiiss} 's .\'m-iiirm'v and Messiaen's \iviuns (lt' /'.'lI)l(’ll.

RSNO: Deneve conducts Pelléas et Mélisande Ro) a1 ('oncei‘t Hall. 2 Saucliieliall Street. 353 8000. 7.30pm. £13 £30. See llitlist. right.


I Scottish Chamber Orchestra: Sir Charles Mackerras 80th Birthday Concert l'sliei‘ Hall. l.othian Road. 228 l 155. 7.30pm. The S('()'s conductor laureate Mackerras celebrates a career as one ol the world’s tinest opera conductors with a concert perl'orinance of Beethoven's I-iili'li’u. leatui'ing some of his lavotirite stellar vocal soloists.


I The Nuremberg Connection RS.r\.\ll). 100 Renti‘ew Street. 332 5057. 1pm. £7 (£5). .-\ special concert to commemorate the 20th aniiiversar) ol' (ilusgtm ’s twinning with Nureinherg leattiring l'ormei' RSAMI) student guitarist Slelaii (ii‘asse. (ilaswegian llatitist liddie McGuire and pianist 'liina '/.e||er. l’lus works h} composers Iron) both cities. including l)ietei' Btiw en and Thomas \Vilson.

I The Da \rinci Piano Trio Merchants Hall. 7 \Vest (ieorge Street. 3.53 8001). 7.30pm. £20. The internationall) renowned musicians pel'ltil'lll works h} Brahms. Beethoven. lame and ls'reislei'. l'ollowed h) an entertaining and lltlt)l‘lltilll\e wine tasting.

Scottish Ensemble: Benjamin Britten Ro) a1 ('oncei‘l Hall: Strathc|_\dc Suite. 2 Saucliiehall Street. 353 8000. 7.45pm. £8.50 £13.50. See llitlist. right.


I Organ Recital: John Kitchen .\Icliw an Hall. Bristo Square. ()50 4381. 1.10pm. liree. John Kitchen pc‘l'lttt‘IIIS lhert's ('liuru/ in (‘ \lltll‘l) minor. 1‘i';iiieai\'.s Suite ('urmi'lili' and \Vidor's .lIUl‘t'Hlt'Il/X from Svni/ilimiv M22 in I) ()/)/3.

I The Glorious Company: Autumn Magic (‘hi'ist ('hui'ch. Morningside Road. ()()7 3033. 7.30pm. £0 (£41. A pei'loi'mance ol works h} Handel. l’urcell and the world premiere o1 music h) the pt‘ttllllc lidinhurgh composer James Douglas.

RSNO: Deneve conducts Pelléas et Mélisande 1'shei' Hall. l.othian Road. 228 1155. 7.30pm. £12 £28. See llitlist. right.

Saturday 8 _


I The Parley of Instruments: The Purcell Legacy St (‘ecilia's Hall. Niddr) Street. ()08 201‘), 7.4.5plll. lithe. Sonatas. suites. songs and caiitatas ll'UlIl l’urcell and his lollow el‘s. (iiovaltni Battisla Draghi. Nicola .\1atleis.\\'i11iani (roll and (ieorge l'iidei'ic Handel. With soprano l’hilippa H}de.

Scottish Ensemble: Benjamin Britten Queen's Hall. (’lerk Street. ()68 201‘). 7.45pm. £8.50 £13.50. See llitlist.



Usher Hall, Edinburgh, Sun 9 & Tue 11 Oct

It’s just over a month since the Edinburgh International Festival heard its final applause, but that doesn’t mean Scotland’s capital becomes bereft of world class stars. Now in its fourth year, the Usher Hall’s International Classics season has gradually built up both a reputation and an audience. Following initial hesitancy, a staggering 60% increase in sales last year has allowed the City of Edinburgh Council venue to programme 14 concerts, grouped into world orchestras, great performers, organ recitals - using the hall’s own magnificent instrument and great voices. There is no need, however, to stick to one strand and a spread of ticket deals warrants

further investigation.

Describing what the season offers, Peter Hamblin, who has the rather unwieldy job title of manager classical programme development, says: ‘It’s very diverse. Some of the artists for example Gidon Kremer and Pinchas Zukerman - have been on my wish list for some time and we are lucky that so many of them were available. Our intention is to continue throughout the year what the International Festival offers in August and September.’

In a double-billed opening, the Jamaican-born bass, Sir Willard White, sings a selection of Broadway hits with the RSNO and conductor Carl Davis on Sunday 9 October, while a couple of days later the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra plays popular symphonic classics. As ever, the ‘on the night’ informal open rehearsals and pre-concert talks offer a chance to learn a few secrets over and above what is revealed in the conventional printed programme. (Carol Main)


I Sir Willard White l'sliei' llall.

l.othian Road. 228 1155. 7.30pm.

£17.50 £35. See preview. ahov e. Meadows Chamber Orchestra

Queen's Hall. (‘lei'ls Street. ()08 201‘).

7.45pm. £‘) (£1 £7). See llitlist. right.

Monday 1 0


I Paul Lewis Queen’s Hall. ('Iei'k Street. 008 2111‘). 7.4.5pttt. U) £10 (£8 £14). the talented _voiing pianist continues his Beetlim en c} cle.

Tuesday 1 1

G asgow

I Ramshorn Lunchtime Concert Ramslioi'n 'l‘licalre. ‘)8 Ingram Street. 552 348‘). 1.15 2pm. £3. ('iii'iilvii Spare} on \iola and Katharine l)ui‘i'aii on piano pla} works h} 18' Bach and Beethoven.

I Rush Hour Concert: RSAMD Chamber Ensemble RSAMI). l()() Reiil'i‘ew Street. 332 5057. 5.30pm. £3. James l.owe conducts Mahler's heatitil'iil Svmp/muv .\'u 4.


I Welsh National Opera: Don Carlos Festival 'l'heatre. 13 2‘) Nicolson Street. 5290001). 5.30pm. £13.51) £011.51). \cl‘dl‘s epic is ll dramatic saga it)\ol\ ing three generations of Spanish l't)}illl). l’erl‘orniances in l-‘rench with linglish stihtitles. Pic-show talk with Simon Rees at 4.30pm.

I Polish National Radio Symphony 1'sher Hall. l.othian Road. 228 1155. 7.30pm. £15 £30. See preview. ahove.

Wednesday 1 2


I Edinburgh Renaissance Band King's Buildings. (ilass Arcade. l'niversit} ol' Iidinhtii‘gh. Mavlield Road. (50 5772. 1.05pm. Medieval music performed on coi'netts. sackhtits. v lots and other period instruments.

I Welsh National Opera: The Merry Widow l-‘esiival 'l‘lieatre.

13 2‘) Nicolson Street. 52‘) 0000. 7.15pm. £12 £55. Lesley (iai‘i‘et stars in this stor_v ol' romance set in Will centtir) l’aris. 1’er1‘orinances in linglish. We show talk with Simon Rees at (i.l5pin.