I Contemporary Clarinet: Ros Dunlop (‘oncert Hall. L'niyersity of (ilasgow. University Avenue. 330 40‘)2. l.l0---2pm. Free. Antipodean clarinetist Ros Dunlop performs (iraham llair's new work Hurmoniee Mandi.


I Welsh National Opera - The Barber of Seville Festival Theatre. 13 -2‘) Nicolson Street. 52‘) 0000. 7.15pm. £55 (£l2). The perfect cotnic opera with pranks. disguises and a few close shaves. Performances in linglish. I Scottish Chamber Orchestra Usher Hall. Lothian Road. 228 1 I55. 7.30pm. £8--£23.50. Joseph Swensen conducts Sibelius' Bels/tu::ur"s Feast and Mahler‘s Symphony .\'o «(and Six ()t't‘llt’S‘II'UI Songs by Sibelius.


I Kungsbacka Piano Trio RSAMI). I00 Renfrew Street. 332 5057. lpin. £7 (£5). The BBC Radio 3 Mozart Series starst with Dirertimento in Bflut. K254. I'imtusiujor Solo Piano in 1) minor: K397 and Piano Trio in (i K496.

I Scottish Chamber Orchestra Royal (‘oncert Hall. 2 Sauchiehall Street. 353 8000. 7.30pm. See Thu 13.


I Welsh National Opera: The Merry Widow l-‘estiyal Theatre. 13 2‘) Nicolson Street. 52‘) ()(XX). 7.l5pm.

£12 £55. See Wed 12.

I RSNO: Deneve conducts Mahler One l'sher Hall. Lothian Road. 228

l I55. 7.30pm. £12 £28. Stephane l)cneye conducts Mahler’s l'it‘st Symphony and Mendelssohn‘s Symphony No 5 Reformation.


I RSNO: Deneve conducts Mahler One Royal (‘oncert Hall. 2 Sauchiehall

Street. 353 8000. 7.30pm. U3 £30. See Fri [4.


I Bob Chilcott Charity World Premiere St George‘s West (lunch. 58 Shandwick Place. 226 2206. 7.30pm. L“) (£7). 250 singers perform a specially composed work by Bob ('hilcotl. You are my (iml in aid of Waverly (‘arc. Plus Vivaldi‘s (iloriu. Mozart's xll't’ l'erum ('or/ms and Karl Jenkins’ 'l./I(’.'lt'lt1(’(l Man.

I Welsh National Opera: Don Carlos Festival Theatre. 13 2‘) Nicolson Street. 52‘) 6000. 5.30pm.

£13.50 £60.50. See Tue 1 1.


Scottish Opera Saint Andrews in the Square. 1 St Andrew‘s Square. 55‘) 5‘)02. 3pm. £8 (£5). Sec llitlist. right.

Tuesday 1 8


I Edinburgh Quartet Reid (‘oncert llall. lidinburgh l'niyersity. Bristo Square. 668 20l‘). |.l0pm. l-‘ree. The highly acclaimed lidinburgh Quartet perform (ial‘s String Quartet .\'ol in 1" minor ()p In and Seiher's String Quartet No 3 Quortetto Lyrir‘o.

Wednesday 19


I RSAMD Wind Orchestra Academy (‘oncert Hall. RSAMI). I00 Renfrew Street. 332 5057. 7.30pm. Free. The students and their Principal. John Wallace. present The (ireut [ithibitionists. a programme of original works and virtuoso transcriptions.

Scottish Ensemble Outstanding as the Madwoman in the Edinburgh International Festival‘s recent Curlew River, tenor Toby Spence (pictured) returns for more Britten the unsurpassable Serenade for Tenor, Horn and Strings, the great English composer’s settings of Blake, Tennyson and Keats. ROyaI Concert Hall, Glasgow, Fri 7, Oct; Queen's Hall, Edinburgh, Sat 8 Oct.

5351:? Pelléas and Mélisande A conductor with a strong affinity for the music of his native France, the RSNO’s new music director Stephane Deneve is set to cast a special Gallic spell over Debussy’s timeless masterpiece, presented in a semi-staged version. Royal Concert Hall Glasgow, Thu 6 Oct,“ Usher Hall, Edinburgh, Fri 7 Oct.

Meadows Chamber Orchestra The eagerly- awaited premiere of Karen Francis’ new percussion concerto receives its first hearing. In the hands of Ensemble Bash player Joby Burgess this virtuoso exploration of marimba, tubular bells and some of the gentler timbres of the percussion battery promises to be a winning addition to the concerto repertoire. Queen ’3 Hall, Edinburgh, Sun 9 Oct. The Orchestra of Scottish Opera Their pit doors may be closed for the time being. but the Scottish Opera orchestra cannot sit idle and they leap again onto the concert platform to give audiences the chance of hearing them out of the theatre. The new series of four concerts. all conducted by Sir Richard Armstrong, takes place in Glasgow and. for the first time, at the Queen's Hall in Edinburgh. St Andrew’s in the Square, Glasgow, Sun 76, Oct.


I Barry Guy and Maya Hamburger ('onccrt Hall. l'niycrsily of(}lasgow. l'niycrsity .'\\chc. 330 -l0‘)2. l.l0 2pm. Free. Double bass improy specialist Barry (iuy joins forces w ith baroque Violinist Maya Homhurgcr.

play iola/ Violin Thu I ov, 7.5’30pm

Zuckerman's devotion to '; younger generations has < been applauded world-wide ,_ and tonight he shows off '3 “a his virtuosity and versatility in an exclusive programme which features works by Bach, Brahms.

Takemitsu and Shostakovich.

=51:01.41" 5 ms 0 i115 3’ Canrfltfiqlir

this .‘\ .‘n.‘..1.-.. ‘.'.

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ll‘. .ll‘. {\l‘tiai'fit \..'.‘\'.t\’ i: .

\liittict l'i‘tintpct Stiitc l‘ltltfs l..llll(‘lll l'rumpct \'_\ Brandenburg concerto \o. 3 t‘onccrto for Two ‘l'rttmpcts 'l ct the bright St‘l'dl‘llllll Till: liOl‘R SEASONS ' \l0/..\RT l’l-‘Sl'l\.\l 0Rt'lll-‘S'I'Rt in full period costume \ltu‘t‘. l‘ttittt dint." " "a \.1:.ts‘.‘..; limb: s "

l‘.t\:d lt;:':l. .‘.' Friday I l NOVEMBER .u' “.30pm ROYAL CONCERT HAL]. - GLASGOW’ linx Officc 0141 355 S000

\\ \\\\ ‘.t\“‘_t (:1. ‘.;\ tn Ix

(ll‘l‘ldi‘. \(t .( lt .l'si. it it. i\.i.'.‘.\.. t

i1 no (M foils THE LIST 75