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Thu 6 Sat 8 Oct 8pm £9/ES A captivating dance performance choreographed by Hans Van den Broeck. founding member of Les Batiet C. de ia 8.

Fri 11. Oct 7.30 pm £9/E5 Intensely physmai. breathtaking contemporary dance.

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Sat 15 Oct 8pm £4/£2 Two women of differen performance piece as p t

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Thu 20 Sat 22 Oct 8pm [9/ £5 A moth-media masterpiece Cinema create me must see 0? me sea


Wed 26 - Sat 29 Oct 8.15 pm {6/ U.

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Fri 28 & Sat 29 Oct 8pm £9/E5 A SKLJR”?ng {710111-390 of we film. [we origins; z“;;szc, fzsk~23k72 Choreography. text ano song based on Jamie O Nesii's 9"

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25 Albert Drive Glasgow www.tramwa'y.org

Scottish 9: infofatramwayorg 6'3590‘"

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53,4014? @Wcm/W‘ WW 4, pygmy 914%,,

BflXflFFIOE01414290022 www.citz.co.uk

ScOttish Arts Council

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