Visual Art ,

I EDINBURGH PRINTMAKERS 23 l'nion Street. 557 2479. Tue Sat l()am 6pm.

Graeme Todd and Julie Read L'ntil Sat 12 Nov. l()am 6pm. New prints and paintings.

Hazel Restall: Work in Progress Until Sat l2 Nov. A series of drawings. photographs and printmaking recording the building of the new Scottish Parliatnent at lloly'rood.


45 Market Street. 225 2383. Mon Sat 1 latn 6pm: Sun noon 5pm.

Artist’s Talk: Louise Hopkins Sat 8 ()ct. 3pm. Free. The (ilasgovy—based artist talks to l’iona Bradley about her work.

* Louise Hopkins Sat 8 Oct Sun I 1 Dec. l‘ree. llopkin's lirst major solo exhibition in the (K. The (ilasgow based artist showcases new commissions and key works from the past decade of her practise. See preview. page 85. and ilitlist. NEW SHOW.


Napier l'niversity. 6| .‘vlarchmont Road. 455 5203. Mon l’ri 9am 5pm. (flactual ['ntil liri l l Nov. lixhibition of work from students. teachers and photographers past and present who have been involved in the l'niversity”s ‘Photography. Film and Imaging'

I THE QUEEN’S GALLERY Palace ol‘ llolyt'oodhottse. 556 5 l()(). Daily 9.30am 5pm. £5 (£3 £4): U3 family ticket.

Watercolours and Drawings from the Collection of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother t'ntil Sun 20 Nov. i-‘irst exhibition ol‘ 73 watercolours and drawings from the Queen Mum's collection.


75 Belt’ord Road. 624 6200. Daily

l()am 5pm.

Jon Schueler: The Sound of Sleat l'ntil Stttt 5 Mar 2006. A display ol. work celebrating the .-\merican Abstract Iixpressionist painter who set up a studio in .\lallaig. on the Sound ol‘ Sleat. Jannis Kounellis: Works 1959-2005 .0... l'nlil Sun 8 Jan 2006. l'iirst retrospective in Scotland of work by this key ligure oi post-war ltalian art who was closely involved with the arte pov era movement. llis major new installation can he seen at lidinburgh (‘ollege ol‘ Art.

* John Houston t'ntil Sun l3 Nov. Retrospective exhibition to mark the 75th birthday of one ol‘ Scotland's loremost living artists. the expressionistic landscape painter. John llouston. See preview. page 87 and llitlisl.


l Queen Street. 624 6200. Mon Wed ck l-‘ri Sun l()am 5pm; 'l‘hu l()am 7pm. The Healing Touch t'ntil Sun 27 Nov. lixhibition charting key periods in learning. training and teaching in medicine and portraits of the pioneers by Ramsay. Reynolds and Zol‘l‘any to coincide with the Royal ('ollege ol’ Surgeons quincentenary celebrations. The Philosopher’s Garden t'ntil Sun 20 Nov. l-tee. ('elebrating the lintente ('ordiale. this show explores the philosophical themes that connect Little Sparta to the garden at lirtnenonv ille where Rousseau was buried.

Portrait Miniatures from the Merchiston Collection t'ntil Sun 1 l Dec. Free. The litth in an annual series ol' miniature exhibitions.

From Reading Heads to the Rumpus Room: No Centuries of Psychiatry in Scotland Wed l2 ()ct.

Creative Scotland Awards 2006

Scotland's premier awards for artists

These awards are transforming Scotland's artistic landscape and enhancing its reputation for artistic excellence.

Up to ten awards of £30,000 each are distributed annually to established artists with a major record of achievement and a brilliant idea for an exciting project.

90 THE LIST 0 ~20 Oct 7005)

Closing date for application: 28 October 2005

Further information: Scottish Arts Council Help Desk

0845 603 6000

9 St ottish 6‘ 0 Arts Council


l2.45 l.l5pm. l-‘ree. Dr (iayle Davis from the l'niversity ol (ilasgovv looks at Scotland's contribtttion to understandings of mental illness.

Still Life? l-‘ri l4 ()ct l'l'l 25 Nov. Free. An Iiducation Department project exploring the issues that affect pensioners in Dundee. lidinburgh. (ilasgovv' and 'l‘hurso. The four groups of pensioners produced photographs to reflect their lives. guided by contemporary artists Rose (iibson. ('raig .\lcl.ean. l’in Macrae and Nicky Bird. NFW SHOW.


iixhibilion llall. lnverleith Row. 552 717]. Daily l()am 5pm. l-‘ree.

Aig an or (On the Edge) l'ntil Sun 30 ()ct. l()am 5.30pm. l‘ree. ('ollective community art work focusing on Scotland's Atlantic oakwood and wildlife habitat.

I ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN lnverleith House. 552 7l7l. 'l’ue Sun l()am 5.30pm.

Ian Hamilton Finlay - Sentences COCO. l'ntil Sun 23 ()ct. Sentences composed by Finlay while working in his garden at Little Sparta. chosen by the artist and painted by his collaborator Les lidge in shades ol blue. green. red and grey they express ideas and l‘eelings about gardens. friendship. weather. culture and nature.


2 ('hatnbers Street. 247 42 l9/4422. Mon & Wed Sat l()am 5pm: Tue l()am 8pm: Sun noon 5pm. liree.

Nicholas and Alexandra, the Tsar and Tsarina 3 stars t'ntil Sun 30 ()ct. £5 (£4). The story of ’I‘sar Nicholas II and his wile. the limpress Alexandra the last royal lamin ol Russia told through court costumes. icons from the collections ol' the state Hermitage museum. St Petersburg and ohjets d'art by l‘aberge. AJ Corus 40 under 40 Sat 8 Sun 30 ()ct. lixhibition celebrating the rise ol‘ talented new generation ol‘ architects l‘rom Scotland and beyond. NEW SHOW.


23 (‘ockburn Street. 622 6200. Daily llam 6pm.

Ricochet Sat 15 ()ct liri 18 Nov. lixhibition to mark the end of a Stills education project that invited people from a wide range of cultural backgrounds to try‘ out various artistic techniques. NFW SHOW.


llavvthornden Lecture 'l‘heatre. National (iallery. the Mound. 624 6560.

Poetry and Pictures Thu 6 & Hi 7 ()ct. l‘ree. A special lilm created by the liducation Department showing local school children reading poems and prose in front of the work that inspired them. ('all 0l5l 624 6410 to book a place. The Impressionist Landscape Hi 7 ()cl. l2.45 l.30pni. l-"ree. (‘urator and lecturer lit‘tttlces liovv le discltsses the landscapes of Monet. Renoir et al.

The French Connection ’l‘ue l l ()ct. l2.45 l..i()pni. liree. A talk about importance ol~ Jean-Jacques Rousseau in the creation of Little Sparta in coincide with The I’ll/l(I.\U[)/I('I".v (hm/m exhibition.

Ken Dingwall on Jon Schueler ’l’ue l8 ()ct. l2.45 1.30pm. liree. Illustrated talk by artist Ken Dingvvall looking at the work and ideas of abstract expressionist painter Jon Schueler.

Private Galleries


75/79 (‘umberland Street. 558 5352. Wed Sat llam 6pm.

Between the Orient and the Occident l'ntil 'l‘hu l3 ()ct. New paintings by l.ondon-lntsed artist Bashak ('layton ittl‘ot‘med by her childhood in Turkey. l./\Sl CHANCE TO SEE.


102 West Bow. 220 060].

Running Amok/Ambling Along t'ntil Sat 22 ()ct. lielt-tip-pen drawings by Tommy Pertnan. capturing scenes along his daily walk from (‘anonmills to the (irasstnarket.

I DUNDAS STREET GALLERY 6a l)undas Street. 558 9363.

Visions of Light Hi 7 Thu l3 ()ct. Dreamy skies and seascapes by Jamie

Primrose. NEW SHOW. I I2

34 Abercromby Place. 558 9872. Mon l-‘ri l()am 6pm; Sat l()am 4pm.

Patrick Caulfied: Some Poems of Jules Laforge l'ntil Sat 5 Nov. Images inspired by the poems of Jules Lalorge l‘rom Pop artist Patrick ('aullield.


6 ('at'lton 'I‘errace. 556 444 l. 'l‘ue Sat l()am 5pm.

Exposure .0. l'ntil Sat 5 Nov. (iarry‘ l-abian .‘vliller's newest pictures reflecting on the time he has spent on the llebridean island of 'l'iree. See review. page 87.


58 Warrender Park Road. 229 2676.

Wed l-‘ri llatn 6pm; Sat l()am 5pm: Sun llant 5pm.

Eleanor Adair: Figurative Sat 8

Oct Wed 23 Nov. NEW SHOW.


87 Broughton Street. 558 8778. Mon. the t& 'l‘hu Sat l().30atn 2.30pm & 4.30 6.30pm. Epistrophy Sat 8 Sat 22 ()ct. Paintings by Steven llood. NEW SHOW.


34 .-\bercromby Place. 557 1020. Mon l‘ri l()am 6pm; Sat l()am 4pm.

CLARE HILLERBY t'ntil Wed 9 Nov. New jewellery l'rom llillerby. plus ceramics from Kate Allsop. Alison (iautrey and Judith Rowe.

Artist Spaces


76 liast ('t'osscauseway. 667 2808.

Thu Sttn noon 6pm.

Strategic Art Getts t'ntil Sun 30 ()ct. New work by facilitators 'l’ayto et 'l‘ayto.


3 Bristo Place. 220 4558. noon l()ptn. Kind of Chaos: Peace t'ntil Sat I5 ()cl. Work by Krakow ~based artist .‘vlarcin (iu/ik. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.


Albion Bustness ('entre. 78 Albion Road. 66] 7964; 2 West Park Place. Dalry Road. M3 2484; Palriothall Studios. 48 Hamilton Place. Stockbridge. 225 1289. WASPS Open Doors ‘05 Sat 8 8- Sun 9 ()ct.

Outside the cities


I52 Nethergate. 0| 382 909900. Tue. Wed. l-‘ri & Sat l0._‘v()am 5.30pm; 'l'hu 10.30am 8.30pm; Sun noon 5.50pm. David Claerbout Sat 8 Oct Sat .i Dec. Dav id ('laerbout’s work luses the categories of photography and lilm. seeking to question the durability and tneaning of photographic images itt our digital world. Ni‘W SHOW.


oil. the A l. liast l.othian. “l 368 840655. Wed Sun ll._i()am 4pm.

The Demarco Skateraw Project l'ntil Sun 50 ()ct. Richard Demarco‘s archive is now housed at Skateravv Farm in liast l.othian. Btises run from Dunbar. which connect with the l l.()5am and l.25pm services from lidinburgh.