Peopled by non-professional actors. writer-directOr Carlos Reygadas' follow-up to Japdn is this compelling metaphysical drama which unfolds in a morally bankrupt contemporary Mexico City. Think of it as a South American version of Bruno Dumont's L'Humani‘te. showing us a version of the world from the perspective of a deeply troubled and profoundly inarticulate male protagonist.

Instead of a local cop. we have a middle-aged chauffeur Marcos (Marcos Hernandez) who. with his wife. has kidnapped a friend's child for ransom. In an early scene we learn that the baby has died; for the rest of


the film Reygadas watches his leading character and observes his complex relationship with his boss' beautiful daughter Ana (Anapola Mushkadiz). who works Bel/e de Jour-style at a brothel.

Right from the stylised opening fellatio sequence. which is

MY JOURNAL French filmmaker CLAIRE DENIS explains why her new film The Intruder is‘a roadmovie in the very loosest sense of the term.

‘The Intruder started from a book written by a French philosopher Jean- Luc Nancy about his own heart transplant. Before I started writing the script I read Paul Gauguin’s diaries, they touched me very much because they were so miserable. At the time I was also reading a lot of Robert Louis Stevenson, and I thought his short stories about the South Pacific were amazing. They described a meeting point for dying men. So I wanted my story to take place from the northern hemisphere to the

South Pacific.

‘I wrote the first part in north hemisphere in Jura, next to the Swiss border, then I went to Geneva, then South Korea, then south hemisphere Tahiti. So the script was following a logical geography, but I didn’t know if it was possible to make it work as the film, because there aren’t many scenes of travel as such. The travel is dreamy.

‘I did the journey myself before I wrote the script. I always know my locations before I start filming. I’m exploring the idea of the film. It’s difficult to find a location to suit a script. It’s better to have an idea of the location before writing it. The story and the location must be mine, so that I am not shy while shooting. The main thing for me is that the film is the story of a journey for a new heart and the best hearts are shaped like two hemispheres.’ (Interview by Miles Fielder)

I The Intruder is showing at Filmhouse, Edinburgh from Fri 21—Thu 25 Oct

only. See revieW. page 40.

accompanied by the sounds of .John Tavener's The Protecting Veil, Reygadas expertly combines long takes, sublime music and expressive sound to illustrate the turmoil behind Marcos' impassive facade. Other cinematic coups include a majestic 360 degree pan around the neighbouring apartments during a sex scene. a tracking shot of Marcos stumbling alone through the fog- shrouded rural landscape. and his agonising. on his knees procession to the Basilica of the Virgin of Guadalupe for the film's climax.

Rich in dramatic contrasts (city/country. wealthy/poor. beauty/ugliness). Battle in Heaven is crammed with Catholic imagery. with an emphasis on the ritualistic aspects of organised faith exemplified by the mass pilgrimage. Like Dumont. Reygadas is fascinated by the human body. and how it can reveal feelings not conveyed through words. It all makes for a simultaneously austere and visceral work. one steeped in mystery and longing. (Tom Dawson) I GFT, Glasgow and Cameo. Edinburgh from Fri 28 Oct. See interview, page 42.



(15) 99min 0..

You're never more than a few minutes away from mind-blowing eye—candy. indecipherable plotting or po-faced cyber—babble in Mamoru Oshii's sporadically mesmerising follow-up to his own 1995 anime.

After a series of robot malfunctions. butch cyborg cop Bato is called in to investigate an old series of human murders which were allegedly committed by robots. As Bato uncovers deep seated corruption, the case soon progresses to a more cybernetic and phiIOSOphical level which covers similar ground to both Asimov's / Robot and Dick's entire oeuvre (while nicking a few quotes from Milton and Descartes along the way). To incorporate so much highbrow material, Oshii has cut down the hyper-kinetic action scenes from his original film, making Innocence a dry and sobering experience. Yet when he shakes off the constraints of line-drawn animation, the computer- generated effects are beautiful a lengthy sequence showing Bato's spaceship dislodging a flock of birds may well be the most sublime moment of visual poetry you'll be offered at the cinema this year. (Eddie Harrison)

I Grosvenor, Glasgow, Cinewor/d Renfrew Street, Glasgow and Cameo,

I Edinburgh from Fri 28 Oct.


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