I Saw You cont.


V I Saw You in The Garage. or was it Astoria'.’ Truffle Shuflle conversations are a rari- ty so regretted not making more of it! Goonies never say die so I'm hoping I'll meet you again? [l/Soll/l

V I Saw You and you looked so contented. buried in your book on that big soft couch on Vicky Road. Wanted to grin at you approvingly. btit that woman who thought you were her son stole my moment. Sorry for staring. couldn't help it. What were you reading'.’ And how did you get rid of her'.’ [l/Sotl/Z

V I Saw You NLP/Yoga girl in Ko Pagn Ngaii. Any chance I could have your snaps - I have run out of material for assem- blies! Hope you have settled. U/So()/3

V I Saw You searching for deed bodics in the (‘lyde. Amy! You're finally back in Glasgow filled with ewm coolness! Yey! We missed you! Love u more than apple spewers. Racli n Nic xxx [l/5(i()/-l

V I Saw You. doctor that I'm seeking! Not any old l)oc btit one who knew Derek about 8 years ago. If you see this. please get in touch. [l/Sotll5

V I Saw You in the Arches at Mind the Gap Party. 23/9. I'll always remember the way our bixlies moved; I scanned the streets for you. If you're ever in South Africa Jhb ask at Six and 'I‘okyoStar. the bar staff know my name. Just another South African tourist swept off her feet by the sweet Glaswegian men! U/Solllo

V I Saw You crabbit in 'Burgers & Piuas' looking like you were made for better things. If you're looking for someone to toast your buns for- ever. I'm your man. xxx [1/560/7

V I Saw You Katya. talking when we were l3 about how our lives would turn out...and

now you're engaged? ('ongratulations to you and Stuart - now where's my hat.” Love ('lara xx [7560/8

V I Saw You holding a take- away coffee crossing Great George Street. I went into Boots and you were there when I came out. I'm sorry. I got IIUs- tered and didn't know what to do/say. Maybe we could

meet. . .'.’ [7/560/9

VI Saw You. I'm sure. in Ibi/a last week at a private spe- cialist beach? You are total and the best bird in Ibi/a xxx Smell it!!! [l/Sotl/ltl

VI Saw You .Iay'e. Glasgow lawyer. on the Ben with JM'I‘ after your Journey for the Wild. linjoycd our blether: shame I had to dash after! Fancy contin- uing where we left off‘.’ [7/Soll/l l

V I Saw You sexy big foot in the Peru jumper. A scene chameleon - constantly chang- ing your tastes and style. [l/5(i(l/I 3

V I Saw You Quango. freshly

shaveii and unquestionably sen- sual behind the Arches (‘afe Bar. Be the one to fulfil all my wildest fantasies. Show me your muscular back. I [IN IT! [‘/S(i()/l 3

V I Saw You standing in your Growbag? With your wee soul patch looking as small and sexy as ever. Sorry It's only 2 weeks xx II/SGIVI-I

V I Saw You and your mus- cles will be sorely missed. You make such thick cream. Peggy x [l/SoU/IS

V I Saw You Gorgeous Gal in Arches (‘afe on Friday l5th September. looking absolutely stunning with your new haircut and really sexy top. You com- plete me. 'I'hanx. Xxx [l/Soll/lo V I Saw You my burly cham- pion. Your arms are like trees and eyes are like pistols. Shoot me.... X U/5(i()/l7

V I Saw You with your dar- ling eye. you make iiie weak with lust. my lovely pickle. U/ShO/IS


VI Saw You I.ouise. .‘ylillar & Bryce. 'I'oo shy to ask you out but I couldn't take my eyes off you. Want to meet me'.‘

The temp guy xxx I'liotl/l‘)

V I Saw You Iirsl on the daiicelloor looking like a tiger~ rrrr. let's get rich by being together...my gallus alice. you have my heart in yours siempre. besos boiiita. [7560/le

V I Saw You and I hope I can see you again. but for now its farewell my ginger goddess. Know I will always love you and although for the next few years we will have much dis- tance between its. I will always have a space for you in my heart. l'/5(il)/2l

V I Saw You...wherc have you gone'.’ Speigeltent boy? Lots of eye contact and big smiles. You served me and my friends in the little w hite wagon one Sat night they chanted your name - Fraser. I think'.".’ Fancy a drink‘.’ [7560/23

V I Saw You: short hair. green top. beautiful smile. Me: tall. blue t-shirt downstairs at Glasgow School of Art Fresher's Ball 22/ll). Fancy getting together“? [7/560/23

V I Saw You at the Berlin Philharmonic concert. 3 HS. Beautiful blonde in black sitting behind the orchestra. the chap in the cream jacket sitting near you would love to see you again. [l/Soll/ZJ

V I Saw You sitting next to me on a park bench in sunny Princes St Gardens. You reading a book and drinking milk straight from the carton. me stealing glances over my Scotsman. ll/5(i()/25

V I Saw You indie girl at

Pie in the Sky on Saturday the 23rd. l was the ex-festival management student who bought your metal ballsl You were going to india soon. bring me back a sari?! [i/Soll/Zo

V I Saw You Debenhams West Iind. Iii/(ll) -yes your first

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day at work there I tried on a

black shirt. then you w cut lor ' l i om, lunch. You were .ima/iiig and

lL'II me tll'imlllig' I'V'SGIIQ" m- VI Saw You in ['("s in .i . '- striped black and white top. 1 l I


cute smile and nice eyes. I was wearing striped shirt. .\.\.\ L/Shll/Ib’

VI Saw You ‘l'amsiii I met you in a tunnel. You gave me 'l'm 'I'otally \Yired' on 7'" and everybody danced. You were very funny. but the lasers had destroyed my mind and I had become mute. [Noll/3‘)

VI Saw You iii The Villager. Sat 2nd. daytime. You were by yourself at the bar. I was the red hat girl. You smiled at me when we spotted 'my' gieen shoe on the shelf. Take me out I'll w car them both? \ ['/5(vtl/.‘~tl

V I Saw You ruiiniiig tor the No 33 bits. morning of otli Sept. You: curyy girl with black hair [k skirt with brown shoes. .\Ie: guy sitting opposite you. You're gor- geous - get in iouch..l [Foil/3| V I Saw You Michelle. at Iiden Angels on Sat 3 September Gorgeous and shimmering w itli the most beautiful smile and the sexiest dance cyet'. You liay c invaded my thoughts girl. Please contact me. [lino/32

VI Saw You working in S'IA Irltyc‘l on Forrest Riiatl...lctl hair. think your name begins with S1"? l)'y'a think you can fly me to the moon" [7560/33

VI Saw You Sunday night in The Wash upstairs. You were with your friends. I was w illi mine and we glanced at each

H wwwfill’llllllPHlllElIHlltlu

I l A '1‘ , I ‘:

other a few times. Would be nice to do that again.

[@ XXX ADULT EAVESDROP I ’/5(i( l/3—1

99.7.] .9. 9?! 1.7.5..

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