Where do old Blondie records go to die? Down the back of The Long Blondes’ couch of course, where they reside along with a lost pair of glittery tights, a chewed up Gang of Four T-shirt and a dangerously-worn copy of Pulp’s His 'n ’Hers. Said items remained lost until this smart young English quintet retrieved them and utilised them as the base elements of their potent pop potion. The primary concern here might be that such a gang of studied dapper Dans might be all style and no substance, but debut long player Someone to Drive You Home puts an end to such gumbumping, being as it is, filled with glorious, tangy, twangy tunes tied up with Saturday night dancefloor drama narratives. I Oran Mon Glasgow, Tue 70 Oct. wzth 79903 and Br/co/age.