With this piece. Koons makes a serious pOint abOut consumer Culture. These Hoovers stand for a moment in the 1960s when they were the height of domestic desire. Koons's point remains powerful even now. Verdict Art of this calibre is lust what Scotland needs


Koons' relationship With Italian porn star La CiCCiolina reSulted in some of the most blatantly pornographic art of the late-20th century. But this is lump of po-mo softcore in which La Cicc resembles a blow up doll. Verdict Nice to have a Koons. but not this one


Always a Winner. Gmgtmu; set-mix. Ruscha IS a true hem Of (QUHIUH‘lfiiUHt', fullnriuitl ;irt Verdict Hands off, SI' Nick

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l 2.- ROBERT MAPPLETHORPE Like the Koons piece. the Mapplethorpe prmtcs iri d'Offay's conection appear rather denture But these are mOre than simply society portraits of 19703 New York. thanks the artist's great composzticnal ability. Verdict They're here now. and .ve're keeping them

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