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thank. Horse, .0.

Hepackaged as a hardback on the hack of l/ for Vendetta and the forthcoming Kit khatik. this flight of fant; sy loirgrnally published as a

four part series in Width was artist i)£l‘.’l(i l loyd's first collaboration with writer tiiillllt‘ Delano since their celebrated 190:”) llellhla/ei story. Hie Horror/st. like that latter title. [he lerrrtori/ is a nightmare tale in which reality and fantasy is inexplicably intertWined as a man suffering from amnesia wakes up in a retro futuristic world ruled by a tentacled terror known as lhe Gorgon.

ln narrative and Visual terms it's a stylish mix and match of early 20th century fantasy fictions such as Davrd Lindsay's A Voyage to Arcturus and l-fdgar Rice Burroughs John Carter. t‘rl’ir/ord of Mars. wrth a hit of Raymond Chandler thrown in. The denouement is an all too familiar cop out and the stontelling doesn't guite strike the right note of |f0li\'. but it‘s entertaining escapism nonetheless. iMiles f-ielderi

St lPtRl ltiRO


(Man'ell CO.

The second in Paul Jenkins Irregular

Mi flies series. which retells key events in the histon of Maryel's greatest creations. Here The Hulk gets the revamp treatment. geing back to that initial gamma eprOSion that turned Bruce Banner into the brutish man- beast The Hulk. a rampaging force of fury

28 THE LIST 5— 1 9 Oct 2006

lilili tlil

and destruction And .‘Jiill‘: the art is gorgeous ‘ully painted panels ‘roin Paolo Rivera thr- storj, ill‘.’()i‘.’C‘S a great deal of running over ‘arriiliar old ground lhrs is an lfl(:‘.’|i£ll)i(3 ha/ard .‘.’liil any such project. but it's hard to see the reasoning behind this series. Sure the artwork looks great. but Jenkins jllSl doesn't add enough new tWIsts or insight except for making the Banner character more whiny and unpleasant. A nice Idea but l)(?y()ti(i the art this feels superfluous. lHenry Northmorel



Star Wars: Honour &

Duty iDark Horse) 00

Given the epic scale of the Star Wars universe. George Lucas has afforded comic book writers an almost endless stream of posSibilities for potential spin off publications. The downSide to this is. to remarn faithful and true to the films. and presumably not mortally offend hardc0re Star ll/ars fans. they have to retain Lucas"

ox ercomplicated and verbose language.

This tale. which features iust a handful of the original characters. starts in the years of Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the 83/7 and tells of political double crossing.

9' ' O'\ f;:‘, 10( ( Jill I M“! I ) i

" ir ‘itii‘ v' I ' . A k‘ I z o .,“(.i'(‘ o , a, o ‘ai‘s f’, ’iT'l‘ .t H ." {:Xfi'i‘dii‘qni if {luli'f‘ {i sttf. ’.‘ narct‘ 're’itM‘

WWC" is a snai'wt: as ’U‘ art ")f the rr‘os‘. pa"? s actuail, rgret’a. and express." fin-‘1‘" ‘iilil. seek '1 it fine art iinal Crone L'Xars series graphic unmet. a more ((3‘.‘.'£it’fiir‘.(} Sfa' liars comic adxenture

«Mark Robertson

lllJ‘I/«N l\.‘.\r’8llfllf‘$l.‘i FABIO MOON & GABRIEL BA De: TALES

i[)ark Horse, 0...

'\‘..\ "tact: 'R‘M

Fil'i scar:

Moon and Ba are Bra/it's (itiSVJOt' to l os Bros Hernadne/ l ike the Mexrcan creators of love A} Rockets this pair of young ‘.‘y’rli(}l'-£it’tlSlS are siblings itwins in tact). and like Jaime and Gilbert Hernando/"s comics. Moon and Ba's strips mix earthy concerns lgirls and boys and boo/tel with a dreamy dose of Latin American magic realism. This first English language collection contains a doxen strips. some collaborations. others solo efforts. all beautifully drawn and all set in their hometown of Sao Paulo. There. the boys' cartoon alter-egos spend their nights hanging out with hip kids and romanCing girls. In the raucous 'Happy Birthday. My Friendf' they get wasted with the spirit of a dead Dal who's Created out of a pool of their piss. while in the lO\’(‘:l‘,’ ‘Late for Coffee. Moon spends all night roaming the streets. charmed by a girl With no name. On the strength of this collection. we loo forward to more of these tales

iMrles Fielderi


Events are listed by date, then city. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to Listings are compiled by Suzanne Black.

Thursday 5


Scotland: A Celebration in Poetry and Song Scottish l’octi'} l ll‘ldl'}. 5 ('richion'x ('loxc. ('anongatc. 55" 25%

3 Jinn. Inc tickctcd Scottish Ptk‘llh and songs from ixdinhuigh \lakar Stcuari (‘oiin and llillSlt‘iall Rod l’atcixon

100 Greatest Scottish Poems Scottish l’octr} l.ihrar'_\. 5 (‘ricliton'x (‘lo\c. (Iriioiigatc. 55" 287i. 5. l 5pm l'i‘cc. Sit back and il\lL'ti as Stc\\ai‘t (‘onn and lt'lL‘lhB ticat )oii to i‘cadings ot. among: iilliL'H. thc top Ill taxouritc Scottish pocinx as \och for h} Radio Scotland il\lt‘lit‘l\_


Gary Barlow Boi‘dctx Bookx ‘lrS Buchanan Sti'cct. 322 7TH” l_‘. iflpni. l'i'cc. ('aicli tlic 'I’akc 'l‘hat incinth “ho \kt‘otc tlic \oiig\ ;i\ hc \igih liis atittihiogi'aph}~


* William Boyd ()uccn'x llall. S" S‘) (‘lcrk Sti'cct. (ms lel‘). 7.30pm. LES i Uri 'l'lic auaidu inning: author and \ci'ccimi‘iicr l'L‘ltds ti'oin ii|\ nc“ noxcl Rut/co. prcxcntcd h} thc lzdinhuigh lntcrnatioiial Book l'cxiixal.


* Gordon Brown ()uccn'x llall. S" St) (‘lci'k Sti'cct. (roh' lel‘). 7.30pm. LN itioi. 'l‘hc ladinhurgh lntci'national Book l‘cstnal brings on our lutui‘c Icadcr ttii;t}lk‘l.

Monday 9


Geraldine McCaughrean Scottish Storficlling ('cnti'c. 43 45 High Strcct. 556 057‘). 5.3flpni. £5. It has oiil} hccn lle _\car\ coming. as thc first official \cqucl to .N Bai'r'ic'x I’t'lt'r I’rm l\ hcing launclicd. .\ popular childi'cn‘x author in hcr own right. .\lc('aughrcan \\;t\ choscii lo \H‘ilt‘ lliL' lio\ cl Ctilillcti I’t'lr'l' I’ll/I m Slur/('1. thc plot of \xhich has hccn kcpt \cctii'cl) undci' \xi'aps . . . until no“.

Tuesday 10


Novel Approach: A Poetry Guide for Fiction Readers Blackliall l.liit‘;tl‘}. 5h llillliouxc Road. 52‘) 5595. (ififlpm. l‘i'cc. lilspcth Miii'i'a} and Richard Mcdrington c\ploi‘c thc links hctxxccn pocii'} and fiction through an entertaining \L‘icclioti oli t'caditigx. dL‘\i:_'liCd lo coinplcincnt popular contcnipoi'ar) no\cl\.

3|! Margaret Atwood ()uccn‘x Hall.

S7 S‘) ('lcrk Sti'cct. (res :lll‘). 7.3flpiti. {H riot. llci'c coincx thc rcnoyxncd author and rcccnt r'ccipicnt of thc Scottish Alix ('ouncil'x \ltii'icl Spark liitcrnational l't'iioudiip. iii atiotlict' lzdinhurgh lntci'national Book l'cstnal c\cni.

Wednesday 1 1


* Harry Hill Ro}a| ('oticctt Hall. 3 Sauchichall Strcci. 353 SUM). (rfiflpin. £5. 'l‘hc stand-up hints a f'ainil) cxcnt to mark thc publication of his first childrcn'x hook Iim [llt' Iim I/uru'. Scc prc\ icw Poems for an Art Lover Housc for an .-\11 [an cr. Bcllaliouxton Park. Ill l)unihrcck Road. 353 47”. 7pm. £45. Rtil‘lhl. pla} t'ul \ci'xc lTUlil acclaimcd Sol\\a_\ poets (‘hr_\~ Salt and John Hudson. Fill and dinncr includcd.


* The 10th Edinburgh Independent Radical Book Fair ( hit (it I‘hc Bltic linll Hall. ;H “o lialmcnx Sticct. l cith. no: "1 l: l ntil l5 (kt liiiicx \ai\ l icc (iitciin; a lrmt ot authors. pul‘lic xpcakcis. L‘\illl‘llli‘ll\ and \ciccniiicx. thc l llx‘Bl continucs to hc a uiiitiuc platform for [\K'll} .ttld [\I‘lili\ \ to co t‘\l\t \L‘t‘

\\\\\\ uoid pouci \i‘ uk toi lull procranimc

* Elaine Feinstein \u‘llhil I’m-in

l li‘t.ll_\. 5 ('nclitoii'x t‘lmc. (aiioiigatc. 55~ 2S“o lllpin 1“ '13. ticc to |’\\ incinhciw llic l’ocin \\\H\l.tlli‘ll of Scotland and thc \l’l t‘tt‘\t‘ltl tlic til\llll:_'lll\ilcti “tilt‘l oi l‘iociapln and fiction as ucll ax pocti}

Thursday 12


Sandra Howard kirigk llicarrta J‘i‘ Baili \‘ticci. lix‘ii non trots lpiii licc llic l‘iotlx l.i\illiill nioch and \\ itc of c\ (‘onxcnatnc lt'adci \lithacl llouaid talks aliout lici lilxl no\cl (1.1m Horn. \

John Kinsella iih' l’ot-rn (‘lulw «(ilasgou School of \ll'. lo" lx’cnlicu Sticct. fll5fl5 til Soho "pm licc llic \ll\ll.til.tll author. pocl and cditoi of S \l I icads as part of ilic St \liiiig'oK \lllliill‘dii \oiccs piogianinic


Robert Crawford St’iiltt\ll l’ocirx‘l.tl_\. 5 (‘iicliton's (low. ( anon}:an 55" 337i. o .\piii l'icc. tickctcd \ri attci hour‘s part} to cclcliiatc ilic [‘lll‘iltdlliill ol ('i'.i\\toid\ coiitciiipoiau \t‘l\\' ll.ill\i.tlltill\ ol (icoi'gc Buchanan and \i'thui .liliilhliilk l.aiiii Prk'llh. crititlcd trio/1m w! r/r. \i'If/l


William Oalrymple \\L‘\liilt l ink. llauthoindcii l.cciuic 'l'hcatic. \aiioiial (iallcr'ytlic \»1t\5fill " illpin l‘t'L'c liic i‘c\l \cliiilj.‘ Scollhil .illliiot fJI\C\ llll\ talk on tlic liiial part of ill\ \illfJildi li'ilog}.

Saturday 14


Robert Cooper Bonk-n Books. 1 till 3o. l-oi‘t Kiiiiiaii‘d Rctail l’aik o5" lfl‘ll .‘piii l't'cc. .'\tliiliit‘l \Hllt'l historian lllL'\ to cliicidatc thc in} \lt‘t‘lLN of tlic llol} (iiail

Tuesday 1 7


Carol Orinkwatertiiiakark. l’rrri h. Bticliaiiaii (iallci’ics. Buchanan Sticci. ‘5‘ l5llfl. o. zflpin l‘i'cc l)i‘iiik\iatci cclchiatcx thc launch of III! ()llli' RUN/l not rust \xith a talk. hut \iitli a l.t\llli;_' \t'\\li|ll at \xliicli _\oti can \aniplc iiil\t'\ tiorii lici iaiiii in \outlicrii l‘t‘dltt't‘.


Stevenson in Scots Scollhii l’ocli'} library 5 ('i‘iclitoii‘x ('loxc. (‘anorigatu 55“ 237i. " 1flpiii. L5 it'll 'lhc Rohci‘t i.iilll\ Stcxcnxon (‘luh [itcwtih Scottish actor John Slicddcii bringing: to lilc Scoh poctr} and Sicxcnsoii's prmc

Thursday 19


Antonia Swinson (iiiakar‘x. [int (i. Buchanan (iallcrics. Buchanan Sticct. ‘5‘ l5le. (i.3fl[iiii. l‘t'CL'. 'l'hc Milll'lcdi ciiilittlllhl lattiichcs lict' iicu hook ion .in' H lriit )iru (iron.

Michael Albert l ‘niycrsit; (it Sirathchdc. (iraharn lltiis litllidllljJ. 5!) Richmond Sti‘cct. 7pm. l-i'cc. 'l’lic iotiiidci' and contributor to / .Utt’Ji/Ilm' tii\c'tl\\t‘\ iilS radical polith


The Many Voices of the John Murray Archive 'l‘hc Augustinc ('hiirch. ~11 45 (icot'gc iV Bt‘tdgc. (Ci 33-15. 5.45pm. l'rcc. \al [zduards talks about tlic :lfl L'ctittir} [L'ciiiiiqtic\ tlxcd lo prcxcr'i L' and undcrstand thc archnc‘s doctiiiicntx. \yhich iiicltidc \triting h} inan} cinincnt Victorians.