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As Sunday mainstay Taste moves to the Cabaret Voltaire Richie Meldrum catches

up with the brains behind it.

hen (iod had a rest on Sunday it wasn‘t

because he was tired. Sure he‘d had a tough

week creating the universe —- Adam and [five were at each other‘s throats. Satan was getting on his tits and he still couldn't get the moon to sit right. But. like anyone who had been working all weekend. he needed a night out. Luckily. on the sey'enth day. some nice people created one of the most hedonistic Sunday soirees this side of planet liarth. No wonder Monday‘s child is l'ull ol' woe: they‘ve jtist missed Taste?

‘There was already quite a big crowd ol‘ us who used to go out clubbing on a Sunday.‘ says (Bordon Band. one of the clubs founding fathers. ‘but there wasn‘t really much happening in lidinburgh t‘or tis at all. A space in The \"aults became ay'ailahle and there were enough people willing to chip in a liy'er each to pay the rent and haye somewhere for our own party'.‘

Alter just three months. a regular crowd of (wet (will) were yenturing into the sordid. yet alluring confines of lidinburgh's most underground yenue. Now in its twell'th year. haying held met but) nights in seyen dit'l'erent \enues. Taste is widely celebrated as haying one of the best atmospheres known to man or beast.

Leading this merry bunch ot~ revellers astray are the pied pipers ot' pissedness. resident DJs Fisher and Price. Their e\hilai‘ating brand of in your t‘ace house music. combined with some superb showmanship behind the decks. has been winning hearts and wrecking heads at the Liquid Room for the past four- and-a-hall' years. Howeyer. the team haye now decided its time to hit the road again: ‘Since the smoking ban came in and they opened up the beer

garden. people are spending more time out there than they are in the club. ()n a really biisy night it doesn't make a dil'l‘erence. but when w'e‘y'e got maybe Bill) people in and ISO are sitting in the beer garden it‘s killing the atmosphere.‘

.-\s ot’ 8 October the ('aharet Voltaire will he their new pad. with many people looking on it as a spiritual homecoming l‘or Taste. who enjoy ed l‘our glorious years in the same yenue during the late 90s. One person relishing the moye is long serving 1)] Martin Valentine who retains his backroom title in the (‘ab al'ter losing out at the Liquid Rooms when his space was swil‘tly turned into the girls toilets. 'l‘in really looking t'orward to it.‘ he says. lust and l'oreinost to getting the backroom again. but being back in there. where we had some era/y nights. will make it esira spechdf

Headlining the opening night and making their first appearance at the club are Spooky whom Band met when they supported Sasha at the Arches earlier in the year. The production duo haye been releasing their unearthly blend ol' pt'tigt‘c‘ssiy'e dance music since ")2 and the awesome Josh Wins remix ot Spooky”s ‘.\'o Return”. is currently in high demand al'ter dismantling more than a l'ew dance lloors oy er the summer. With more guests planned for later in the year and a few new residents being added to the club‘s DJ roster. expect to see some smiling laces spilling out the (‘ab on a Monday morning and remember to keep a look out for Our Lord Almighty.

Taste moves to the Cabaret Voltaire from 8 Oct, weekly Sun



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