I Hanoi Rocks at l-ireuaier.

0pm 3am. l-ree helore lilillpm; L3 it'll. Weekly l)J\ Joe Smith and (‘raig \Vilson pla} indie lrotll past and present to a discerning llllhlk' L‘rim d.

I Home Cookin’ al lie—lo. 0pm 3am. £7 llreel. \Veekl}. Sleuart Me('allum and Joe illgg'lllx \xith urhan and Kits soul.

I Homegrown at Banihoo.

Illillpm 3m” LS lUil. \VCL‘H}. SICHL‘ Sole pla_\\ a lunk). soullul hoth \et \tith Miguel pla}ing Rkli and l)ominie Martin \upp|}iiig the funk and ia/I.

I I Love the Garage Saturdays at the Garage. Illillpm 3am. £7115). Weekly Brian MeMaxler play all _\our laioui'ite (lilSSlL‘N iii the main hall “llllc Kenn} soars through alternati\ e indie and retro k'l;l\\lc\ in the Allie.

I Lust for Life at :\B('. l lpiii 3am.

£7 l£5l. \Veekl}. l).l (ierr) l.}llll\ IN _\our

man on Saturda} \ pla} ing exer}thing lrom dixeo lo indie and thundering roek in the main \paee. l)o\\ll\l;lll'\ l)a\ id Smelair lKiIler Kitxehi pla_\\ an eeleelie mi\.

I Million Dollar Disco at Home. iiiidiiiglil 4am. till iLSl. 7 ()et. Monthl}. DISCO. lunk and soul from :\| Kent and Kenn MeShane.

I OHNOBO at l'ndermirld. l lpiii 3am.

U. 7 ()el. Forgotten treasures l'rom the era of recklessness. unjust enriehment and groxx indil'l'erenee “ith l-‘raser 'l'homson lXtm Seotlandl. li\peel to hear Visage. Him \Vou \Vou, \Vang

('hung. l’laxtie Bertrand and niueh more.

>i< Porno al (‘lassie (ii'aiid.

0.30pm 3am. Uhe. H ()et. \Veekl}. Launch night of their new Saturda} eluh at ('laxxie (irand \\ ith guest hands 'l‘in) l)aneerx. Husk) Reseue and Slim (‘luh I Revolver at Soundhatix. l lpiii 4am. L'li iL'Sl. [-1 ()el. .-\ unique iiiglil in (illngtl\\ \\ itli [\Hl l‘otHllx ol' musie. Room one hax Northern \otll. (illx Kiwi. l'unk and ska \xith indie. Britpop. (i(l\ px}eh and Mod elaxxiex in room tho.

I Rockstar at ('orinlhian. lllpiii 3am. Lil). \VL‘L‘H}. Roek tllld dllllL‘C llltl\lL‘

eollide in Illl\ neu night from the Merehant ('it} Venue lixpeet lol~ ol big name Dix from both worlds. RL‘SItiL‘lllS illelude Martin Hate. l.l\;t l.llllC\\tNKl and .-\le\ l’.

I Saturdays at the ('athouxe.

Ill.3(ljiiii 3am. to iL'Ji. \Veekl}. I)J\ Barr} and Mid} ol'ler L‘lil\\lL‘ and eurrent roek. glam. metal. lunl. metal. goth and break heats uhile D] Hill} hells out ill\ regular blend of hip hop. nu metal. alternaln e rock and llltlllSll'lill.

* Subculture ai lhe Siih (‘luh

l lpiii 3am. L I”. Weekly Ham and l)omenie'\ established hoth lll\llllllL‘ eontinuex to reign supreme. ()n '7 ()el. ('hieago'x Hone} l)ijon returns it ith hei \\ ith her oun t“ ixt on house and techno.

I Superfly at \thtitlSlth Social (‘liilx lllpm 2am. £5. 7 ()et. l-‘orlniglilly Ian and Human proi ide the l'unk and soul suppl} ;l\ u ell ax other hitx'n'hiihx at llllx qualil} night.

I Tipsy at Si|\er. lllpiii 3am. to IUi. \Veekl}. Rtle hip hop and daneehall e\er_\ \\ eek.

I Tusk Saturdays at 'l'uxk. ‘lpm 3am. £5 lll'CL‘l. \Veekl}. .-\ mi\lure ol lunk. \Utll and L'l;l\\lL‘ anthems “ith .la_\ Blai. I Utter Gutter at RHL‘I'SltlL‘ (‘liih Ill..‘~llpni 3am. L‘lll (£8). '7 ()et. Monthl}. Madame S and lluxhpupp} pl'o\ ide the llleu‘tl-llp. in-_\our-l'aee. eome-and-gel-it soundtrack ol' dirt) lltlthe. \lL‘lll} lL'L‘lllltl. \kllol't‘lSll diseo. thumping roek. pumping hoino-eleeti'o and all manner ol' trash} heals.

>i< Vegas! at Rentreu l-‘erry

9.30pm Barn. 1.“) l £7l. 7 ()et. Monthl}. \‘egax turn Si\. _\e\ Six. ()n the night he entertained h} the Dark Prince of \'in_\ l. lil l)iahlo. the li\ il ()ne. l‘l‘ankie Sin-atra aided and tllielled h} the deeidedl) depra\ Cd. dL‘L‘tl} Cd. tlL‘llL‘lUtl\l_\ decadent and dixgraeel'ul dex il's dixeiple

l)e\ iljuiee l)ino plus the brutal heaxl-ol- heats. the lllllSlL‘ill Mephixtophelex. the diaholieal disc-spinner from hell. Bugs} Vulture . With hlll'iL‘StlllL‘ dixa .\ll\\_\ Malone.

Glasgow Sundays


I Discobadger .ii llaiiihim

llpm 3am £5it1i.\\eek|) Kii~ Keegan. Dominie Martin. [)1 Rash and \1.l\lltll‘lllk'l‘l/ t'\t'l‘) \\ L'L'h \\ llll \l‘lllL' line gt'lllt‘rl‘t‘litllllgj tunage on Ill Sept. get _\our \unglaxxm polixhed as the} eelehrate the end of summer \\ ith a heaeh part}.

I Munday Sux at (iuru l lpiii ‘talll L1 it'll \\eekl_\ What more tan _\ou \a} 'l'lie tinal drink and danee on a Siiiid.i_\ heloie )ou get haek to normal on Monda}. l.ot~ ol til'llllw promos

I Music Saves Sundays ai lliihii lllpin Sam 15 iLJi \Veekl} .-\ ne\\ night at new \Vexl lind haunt Boho \l‘M I).I\ l.l\;l l.llllL'\\lHNl. SIL‘HL‘ Stilt“. \lL'SlL‘d/‘M Seoll Maeka} ion iotalioiii l’lux ll\L‘ \a\ and pereuxxion

I Mytunes at l~ireuatei1 ‘lpm iam

l‘ree hetore lll, illpm. [3 till .iller. “eekly ’l‘he punter pla_\\ at being l),l ax \l’M'x l'raxer l‘liomxon and l-anho} ask all to bring tuo ol theii la\oui'ite lraekx on (‘I) \ihieh the_\ “ill pla} at some poiiil during the night.

I Neon Nights at Kai‘hon.

Ill.3(lpni Sam. {5 iL‘Ri. \\'eekl_\. lloxted h) l'L'\ltlL‘lll\ Madame S il'ttei‘ (illllt‘l’l. /.oin.\ and the DIN} Mae. Something tor the dixeo delinquents. roholie \}nth kidx and the eleeliopop lreakx. \\ itli dirt} retro \otllld\. hod) popping next -\\a\ e. neo-haxtard eainp pop. indie ho} eleeti‘o and eult L‘l;t\\l(\. Dress in neon and \\;ill/ lll l'tll‘ ll'L‘C.

I Optimo (Espacio) at the Siih Huh.

I lpiii 3am. itfii. \Veekl}. l.ei\ get this part} started: lllllSlL‘. daneing. ilg'llh and Me aetx. Sa} ‘_\e\' to another night ill L‘\L‘L‘\\. pl‘t‘u‘lllcd h} .H) 'l'\\ llL'll and .l(i \Vilkex \\ ith .\’-Veetor~ ili\el on .S' Her

I Plec at the liquid lounge.

lllpm 3am. £4 iUl. \Veekl). A night ol li\ e hands and UL l'rom litllltl\ \xith Xl'M Scotland's Martin Bale.

I Sound Sundays at ilie .’\l'L'llL‘\.

0pm 3am. l‘ree. \Veekl}. .-\ neu iiiglil tor

the \iehex (Kile llai uilh l‘he \lanhallen l’ioieet pl.i_\ing all thingx eleetiiiiiie

I Spank at the (‘athoihe l Ipm ‘ l‘iee iLJI \\eekl_\ (iet a good xpanking on the Sahhatli Ill Bari} [‘l.l_\\ alleinaln e. punk. elaxxie roek. hip hop. metal and \‘lilxxifit‘l iiidti~ti‘ to .i late “eekend cloud

I Thirtynine .ii l-ai (‘ai lllpiii iaiii l-lee \\eekl_\ \ llll\ ol li\e |.l// mime .iiid l).|\ \\ ith houxe hand lag

Glasgow Mondays


I Burn al the Hull llpm i.iiii t5 iliee \\llll trade “age \llj‘l \\eekl_\ \londa} night earnage \\llll \Hlllhhl. /eu\ and Maxh pla_\iiig a \ei_\ mi\ed hag ol tune\ .it llll\ legendai} Monda} night \llllltllg' I Funked Up at (illlll llpm ‘xuii til it'll \\eeltl_\ l'.ll.lll and HM e ol Killer Kll\\'ll rock llll\ ne\\ \enue

I Happy Mondays at l‘llt‘ualt'l

‘lpm iam l'iee heloie Ill illpm. L i iLIl allei \\eekl_\ l iie\\.ilei I\ no“ open

\e\ en mghlx a \xeel. \\llll a eluh eaeh and exei} night Monday .iie indie. punk .iiid toek lll\}‘llt‘tl \th lt‘\ltlt‘lll l'iieuatei Mix and tllllll\\ piomm

I Mondays at Hamhoo lllpm iam {J iUl \M'ekl) Soul and lunk \tilh Rohin ll. \ludenl la\e\ \xitli loaxl le\ Shaekl lllL‘l‘C'S illxo RtKli \Kllll \t'olllt Ii

I Passionality .it (‘uhe l l illpm ‘\am [I [3 \Veekl} l’leaxing eliariixli‘} lioin l)_l Shaun Roherts. l't'Sll\\'ll.lllllf_' the \\L'Cl\t'lltl llll lllL‘ gtl}/llll\ctl (loud.

I Poptimism/Rocktimism at ilie (iarage. llpm iam H ilreel \\'eel\l} l)oe\ e\aetl} \xliat il \a_\\ on the [III :\ health} doxe ol pop and ioek loi mid \xeek part} people

I Studio 69 at Studio. ill illpm iam LIN) helore l3 .‘tllam \\eel\|_\. New ga_\ night featuring the \\a\-\pinning talents ol l)J\ .4\lllllt' and Karen Dan/lg l‘l't‘Sll. funk} alid upheat.

I Why Don’t you Like Mondays Bob? al Blanket, llpm iam l'ree Ll \Veekl}. 'l'rade \tall and \ludenl night


club venues


300 Sauchiehall Street, 332 2232. This gig venue turns into a massive club night all through the weekend with a mix of indie crossover tracks and freeform mixing.

I The Arches

Argyle Street. 565 1023. Probably the biggest venue in Glasgow and home to big names such as Colours and Pressure as well as a few underground treats. See listings for details.

I Bamboo

51 West Regent Street. 332 1067. A musical programme that takes in modern soul and funky house makes this a favourite venue. Homegrown on a Saturday is possibly the biggest night, but their Thursday is also a crazy night.

I Barfly

260 Clyde Street, 221 0414. A great club for those who like rock'n'roll. Funhouse on a Friday is always a good bet. See listings for selected highlights. I Belo

Royal Exchange Square. 204 0101. Bump and grind your weekend away at this massively popular. subterranean

R&B club.

I Blanket

520 Sauchiehall Street. 332 0755. Biggest R88 club in the city? We think so. Busy every Friday. Saturday and Sunday

I Budda

142 St Vincent Street. 221 5660. The decadent Jet Set Go-Go Lounge happens every Saturday. and other weekend nights attract an up-for-it party crowd. See listings for details.

I The Buff Club

142 Bath Lane. 248 1777. A number of fine nights take place at this upstairs-downstairs venue with the jazz and funk remit. See listings for details.

I Carling Academy 121 Eglinton Street. 08700 771 2000. Host to big one off parties from Club Noir to Pressure. See listings for details. I Carnival Arts Centre

2nd Floor. 34 Albion Street. 946 6193. Occasional club nights with ethnic themes at this Merchant City haunt

I The Cathouse

15 Union Street. 248 6606. The most popular nu-metal and goth club in the city - just check out those queues to get in over the weekend.


350 Sauchiehall Street. 352 4900. Art space that throws the occasional one off special club event. See listings for details.

I Classic Grand 18 Jamaica Street. 847 0820. New venue specialising in indie and live acts.

I Club Living

69 Nelson Mandela Place. 248 7333. New venue with a full complement of rockin' late evening to early morning weekend sessions.

I Club 69

40 New Sneddon Street. 552 5791. It's experimental and funky techno all the way at this great venue. The guys from Rub-a-Dub are in charge musically. See listings for details.

I Club V Dub

165 Hope Street. 248 2004. New club venue spinning everything from funky house to rock.

I Corinthian

Ingram Street. 552 1101. Upper-crust clubbing for those who like to spend. spend. spend. Smart clothes are a prerequisite over the weekend.

I Cuba Norte

John Street. 552 3505. Home to Mish Mash. this is a beautiful.

cavernous venue in the Merchant City. See listings for selected highlights.

I Cube

34 Queen Street. 226 8990. Clubs hardly come more popular than this. A massive clientele and a funky $0undtrack characterises the Cube weekend presentation. I Fury Murry’s

96 Maxwell Street. 221 6511. No pretenSions - just pure partying at this classic venue down near the Clyde.

I The Garage

490 Sauchiehall Street. 332 1120. ClaSSlC student venue playing perhaps the most obvious party tunes. See listings for selected highlights.

I Glasgow School

of Art

167 Renfrew Street. 332 0691. Club NME and Divme (on Saturday) every week make this student venue always a winner. See listings for details.

I Liquid Lounge West Regent Street. 353 6333. Upstart. Together and Hi-Karate make up a fine line-up at this loft style venue. See listings for details.

I Oran Mor

Byres Road. 0870 0132 652. Huge Gaelic-style venue in the West End

that plays host to the funk and jazz celebration that is the N00 Groove. See listings for details. I Polo Lounge Wilson Street. 553 1221. The gay community of Glasgow votes with its feet every weekend. making this the most popular club of its kind in the city.

I Queen Margaret Union

University Gardens. 339 9784. Various club and club-orientated gigs occur at this student debauchery emporium. See listings for details. I Beds

Sauchiehall Street. 331 1635. One of the oldest Glasgow venues. with a full complement of party tunes on the big three nights.

I Benfrew Ferry Clyde Place. 553 0606. This floating venue on the Clyde plays host to various one-off nights. and the genius monthly that is VEGAS! See listings for details.

I Riverside Club

Fox Street, 569 7287. Home to the monthly style fest that is Saltlick, this small social club is an epicentre of cool. See listings for details.

I Soundhaus Hydepark Street. 221 4659. House. techno and live venue with

Chakra. Shoogakube and Monox every month. See listings for details. I Sub Club

Jamaica Street. 248 4600. The best club in Glasgow? Optimo Sundays and Subculture Saturdays seem to corroborate the claim. See listings for details. I The Tunnel

84 Mitchell Street. 204 1000. A venue famous for its well-dressed crowd and popularity. Dance tunes dominate the weekend. of cowse. See listings for selected highlights.

I Universal

157 Sauchiehall Lane. 332 8899. This smart venue hosts drum 8 bass and laid back club nights. making it a varied space in which to relax. See listings for details.

I Vault 25 Queen Street. 204 3189. DJs from the rec0rd stores of the City come together to spin up a storm under this. one of the biggest party streets in the City. See lzstings for details. I Woodside Social 329 North WoodSIde Road. 337 1643. A selection of indie and mod clubs make up the monthly programme at this charming west end institution. See listings for details.

32 THE LIST 51—18 Oct 2006