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Howard Marks Special Jongleurx. l'(i(' Building. Rentrew Street. 08707 870707, 7pm. £ l 3. Senor Nice tellx talex ot hix gangxter paxt and other hruxhex with the law. ('rttninall} limit}. The Thursday Show The Stand. 313 \k'tmdlandx Road. 0870 ()00 (M55. 8. 30pm. £(i (£5 £3 inernherxl. Beautiful wee Sand) Nelxon ix the M(' with attitude and tx joined h) ('are} Mar\. Jatnic Antleron. ('hrix Mc( 'attxland and hra/en youth Kenn Bridgex. Cosy Comedy Café ()ter the Road. 207 Bath Street. 248 2 l 23. 0pm. £4 t£3i (.llt'L'lx} -laL‘ctl l)cx ('larke ix the headline act. w hile tree-torin laughx come from the linprolmhhle crew.


The Thursday Show The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. 0pm. £6 1 £5 £3 lltL‘tlth‘l'Sl. Radio Scotland la\otirite l‘red .\lac:\ula} hoxtx iit art al'lahle xt}le while Ste\e llughex. .loxh llowie and Bill} Kirkwood lille' to the xtage.

The Snatch Social The Liquid Room. 9c Victoria Street. 225 25M. l Ipni .3atn. £5. ('oined} caperx troni llarr) .-\inxworth and Ton} ('arter at thix cheek} caharet— cuin—dixco.


Howard Marks Special Mr Nice transforms into Senor Nice to tell tales of the Straight Life from Wales to South America. Which is nice. Jong/eurs. G/asgow, Thu 5 Oct.

Mark Nelson Just crowned Scottish Comedian of the Year. you'll want to see what the fuss is about. The Stand. Edinburgh. Sun 8 Oct.

Jo Caulfield The pleasant demeanour hides a strong set of harsh opinions and vicious thoughts. But nice with it. See preview. The Stand. Edinburgh. Tue 70 Oct; the Stand. G/asgow. Wed 77 Oct.

Big Word A new set-up and a new venue for the poetry pack. City Cafe. Edinburgh, Thu 12 Oct.

Stephen K Amos The genial chappy with a cheeky smirk and a crowd-pleasing set delivers the goods. See caption. Jong/eurs, Glasgow. Fri 73 8. Sat 14 Oct.


Jongleurs Comedy Club Jongleurx. l'(i(' Btnlding. Rentrew Street. 0870" 870707. 7pm. £ l0. lt )ou're tip for a hit ot coined}. xoine decent gruh then a dance in the alter-xhow cluh. then _\ou're a Jonglcurx-ktd. Thix w eekend'x entertainment cotnex from Micke} D. Wood). liddte Bannon and Horn (‘arroll The Stand The Stand. 33.3 \Voodlandx Road. 0870 (>00 ()055. 8,30pin. £8 i£7 £5 tnernherxi. ('arc} Mar\ performx with Ke\ in Bridgex. (‘hrix Mc('auxland arid Jatnie .-\nderxon. l-‘eixt'\ Suxan Morrixon ix the weekend'x Mtxlrt'xx ol the Mic.


Jongleurs Comedy Club Jongleurx. ()tnni (‘entre. (ireenxidc Place. “3707 870707. 7pm. £10. The Jongleurx doorx xwing open witlt glee. aitd welcome _\ou in to xee JoJo Smith. Tt'mor ('ook. Mark Mater and Richard Morton. liat a hit. drink a hit and dance a hit too.

The Stand The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. 9pm. £8 i£4 £5 ineinherxi. l‘red Mae-\ula} hoxtx the weekend of tun at The Stand. llLYS joined h} Ste\c llughcx. Joxh llow ie and (mix Martin. No. not that one. (’alin down.


Jongleurs Comedy Club Jonglcttrx. l'(i(' Building. Rent'rew Street. 08707 870707. 7ptn. £l3. See Hi (i.

O’Neills Bumper Value Comedy ()'.\'ei||'x. 457 Sattchiehall Street. 353 4370. 8pm. £6 (£10 with dixcoi. Alan Anderxon. Boh l)oola|l_\ and Scott Agnew make tip the Bumper Value Saturda) line— ttp. An extra £4 getx _\ott ittto a dtxco xo _\ou cart hang otit with the cool kidx and part) like it'x NW.

The Stand The Stand. 33.3 \Yootlltttttlx Road. 0870 (i00 6055. 9pm. £l0. See Hi (i.


Jongleurs Comedy Club Jonglcurx. ()nini ('entre. (it'cenxidc Place. 08707 870707. 7pm. £l3. See l-‘ri (i.

Laughing Horse at Lindsay’s Laughing llorxem l.irttlx;t}'x. l5 Brunxwick Street. 556 8974. 8.30pm. Free. Montth comedy night. following oit from the xuccexxl'ul l’ree liringe xhowx during Auguxt. Tonight the might} Bill Bruce ix xupported h} Rhod Rh} x. Mike Belgrme. Adie ('halinerx and M(' Jojo Sutherland.

The Stand The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. 9pm. £8 (£4. £5 ineinherxl. See Hi (i.

Sunday 8


Michael Redmond’s Sunday Service The Stand. 333 \thxllandx Road. 0870 (300 (>055. 8.30pm. £4 t£3 £l meniherxl. Yottr weekly doxe ot‘ coined} communion. with hoxt Michael Redmond. lle‘x joined h_\' Joxh Bowie and the tin} energy of Billy Kirkwood.

Edinburgh Whose Lunch is it Anyway? The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. Free. Banixh that morning-alter feeling with a doxe of tree tl‘ornt) laughter from iatprm xtarx Pattl (iraham and Stuart Murphy

The Sunday Night Laugh-In The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. 8.30pm. £4 t£3~£l tnentherxl. Jamie ‘Shainwagon’ .-\nder.xon guidex )titi through the dentixe ot the week and preparex you for the Monday hluex. Helping to cheer _\ou up

STAND-UP JO CAULFIELD The Stand, Edinburgh, Tue 10 Oct; the Stand, Glasgow. Wed 11 Oct

A few days after Jo Caulfield leaves Scotland to carry on with her nationwide tour, the Grumpy Old Women will be dropping by these parts for a good old whinge. If any of that trio falls ill, they could do worse than giving Ms Cautfield a belt and asking her to fill in. And she wouldn’t need to bother with a script as she has bugbears oozing from every pore. Top Shop: ‘why is there a DJ? It’s not a disco.’ Kate Thornton: ‘she must be paid a fortune on the X Factor just to say “and here's another singing taxi driver".’ Nuns: ‘they’re always going to hurt children because they've got nothing to look forward to; apart from a bit more facial hair.’

Not that this venom is entirely one-sided. She may well ask the audience to write down some of their own irritations, the crowd member and stand- up comic then going on to riff on the subject. But should proceedings ever dip into the serious and worthy, fear not; it won't last long. ‘I once tried to be more serious and told audiences how I was outraged by feminism going backwards with women like Rebecca Loos and Abi Titmuss. But the audience just said “we can see you‘re annoyed, but can you back to doing the funny stuff now?” I was just like a toddler stamping her foot and the audience were humouring me: “OK, dear, we'll let you do your song now”. I can't be the Mark Thomas of feminism.‘ (Brian Donaldson)

are Kenn Bridgex. Stan Be\an and Mark Nelxon. who wax t‘eccntl} crowned Scottixh ('ontedian ol' the Year.


Dance, Monkey Boy, Dance The Stand. .333 \Yoodlandx Road. 0870 ()00 (i055. 8.30pm. £4. Teatn Monke} thetter known ax Sand} .\'e|xon. Allen ('halnterx. Pattl Pirie and Raynond Mearnxi xpice up a dtill weeknight with more xpontaneoux xketchex. tnuxic and gagx.


Red Raw The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. 8.30pm. £l. ('oinedianx hate to xtart xoinew here. and Red Raw ix the nicext place in Scotland for new hiex to xll‘L‘lCll their wingx. Could he good or could he crap. but for onl} £l. doex it reall} matter'.’ Prol‘exxionalx John Roxx and Scott Agnew make xure thingx go well.

Tuesday 10


Red Raw ’lvllk' Slittttl. 333 \VtNKllillltlS Road. 0870 (>00 o055. 8.30pm. £2 I£l tneinherxi. Phil Hitler and John Roxx xuperx he the trexhext new talent on tlte Scottixh ctrctut ax the} text the mic.


Jo Caulfield Special The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. 8.30pm. £‘) t£oi Releaxe }otit‘ lruxtrationx w llll one of the tunniext hitchex on the circuit and )ou might jttxt lind otit Mx ('aullield‘x opinion ol charit} w rixt handx. I dare )ou, See prex tew,

Wednesday 1 1


Jo Caulfield Special The Stand. .333 Woodlandx Road. 0870 ()00 ()055. 8.30pm. £9 tun. See lidinhurgh Tue l0.

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