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in your last Letters page. a correspondent raged that all your revrews are written by frlrn buffs. Well. that's exactly why I respect your Film coverage.

I don't know of any other place in Scotland where I can find revrews of everything from Pirates of the Caribbean to Z/dane: A 21st Century Portrait. and trust that they'll give every film a fair revrew. OK. so film rewewrng is a sul‘)jective business. but overall your film pages are damn good. I honestly don't think your writer reflects the majority of readers' views.


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Re: Arches special (560)

At first I thought someone had scribbled on my copy of The List. but once I realised what was going on. I thought your Arches issue devoted to emerging talent was by and large a breath of fresh air. I especially liked the photo spreads about lesser-known artists. But I couldn't believe Andy Arnold's specious nonsense about theatre in his Rage column. Even if he was just making a joke. the tone of his article suggests that all his 'fifteen years. two fingers' hyperbole is basically inverted snobbery. lf whisper it you enjoy going to a traditional theatre. or going to a gig with a big crowd. Arnold thinks you're some kind of raving reactionary on a mission to kill off creativity. So much for championing creative activity in Scotland! It makes you realise how even-handed the ‘ordinary' List manages to be. Seona


YOU Little Miss Sunshine Cameo. Edinburgh, Mon 11 September

Jenny Student

2 THE LIST 5—19 Oct 2006

Enjoyed it. Toni Collette was really good with her accent. Nice to see Steve Cam" in not such a cheesy film.

The List,

THINLY VEILED AD? Re: Arches special (560) Essentially I dislike the concept of giVing over an entire issue of your magazrne to one cause. even a very worthy one SUCh as The Arches. The List should always seek to present the wrdest possrble overview of culture in Scotland, not allow a single interest to take over in what ends up being a very thinly disguised publicity exercise. And perhaps the new management of The Arches need to have a chat with their marketing team if they think that a cover image telling us all to fuck off is the best way to attract our custom.

Martin Kershaw

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Just to clarify, it's not that

The Arches is under new management: it was The List that was. for one issue at

least, under the control of a different editorial team.

GLASGOW ON SHOW Last night l was watching Sky TV when that terrible program Booze Britain 2 came on featuring a group of young men from Glasgow. The program follows a group of binge drinkers through the night and into the morning, beginning in their flat with pre- night out drinks. The guys explain that every night out and indeed every man in Glasgow. starts their evening with a bottle of Buckfast. Cue gulping. sipping. throwing up. Paul calls taxis and they head outside to wait, filling the time with play fighting and more throwing up.

They take cabs to Sauchiehall Street and begin their night out. They stagger from bar to bar drooling over and leering at every girl they meet. The program then cuts to a paramedic who we follow

14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE

or The List at the CCA

350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow 62 3JD or email

briefly as he speeds to the East End to attend to a slashing inCident. All part of Glasgow life. were told.

It‘s a hideous srght. and although it may represent a minority of Glasgow's reSidents it is a terrible advert for the crty.

My question and complaint is this: how on earth did a production company get a license or permit to film a

program like this? I assume that filming on the streets of Glasgow requires a permit as my girlfriend who is a fashion edit0r has to go to great lengths to obtain permission to take pictures of sober and usually gorgeous models who have regular names and no intention of brawling. Michael Bannister

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which to relieve themselves.





response in the next issue.

id like to highlight my experience of the Indian Summer Festival (2 Sep) at Victoria Park. Glasgow for List readers. specrfically a situation that seemed to arise as a result of poor planning on the part of organisers. There were insufficient torlet facrlities from the outset, causing huge queues; about an hour‘s waiting time. Festival goers who were unable to wait or leave the event (there were no pass-outs) had no option but to find a quiet location in

One unlucky guy was midstream when someone from the security company forced him into a headlock with the intention of ejecting him from the event. When calm objections were raised. security called on back-up and forced him into a pressure lock. face down. Said supervisor proceeded to lie on top of the guy with an arm around his throat. Further escalation occurred as others who were protesting in disbelief were caught-up. including one girl who was being dragged by the hair. The result was much screaming and some bloody

Surprisingly, worried onlookers filming the incident didn‘t deter these thugs masquerading as security. This whole occurrence was totally unprovoked and disproportionate. Police eventually intervened after 10 long minutes by prisrng the supervisor and motley crew from these innocent festival

Indian Summer Festival is a great idea featuring awesome bands. Ironically. the security company's logo states ‘Here To Help'. Tell that to the unfortunate victim who was forced to the

Name and address supplied

We have invited the organisers of Indian Summer to respond to this letter, and will publish their






The wee kid was awesome. The film was quite silly and cliched in some parts you knew what was coming and it came.


Looking for job

The grandfather (Alan Arkin) was so funny. Would recommend this to someone looking for a heartwarming film.



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