Terkel in Trouble (Terkel I Knibe)

(1.5) .” (Kresten \l‘slhjelg Andersen. 'l‘horbiorn ('hristollersen. Denmark. 3004) Voices oi Adrian l~.drriondson. llill Bailey. Johnny Vegas Hllrnin. Quirky. yiolent.si11y and immensely enloy able animation based on the characters deyeloped by Danish comedian Anders Anders Matthesen 1t lollows the ill ltidgeinent and bad luck ol young 'l’erkel tyoiced by Adrian icdrnondson) through his shit lile as a nerdy teenager. Part 01 the Discoyery International i‘lllil i‘esllyal lor‘ (‘hildren and Yotiiig l’eople. l'l/thllllyt'. IailiIi/iiu'e/i. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning 1 I8) ooo (Jonathan l.iebesin.'iii. 1S. 3000) Jordana Brew stei. iaylor llandley. Diora llaiid. Matthew i‘llllllL'l' 90010). See Also Released. page 40. (it'lli'l‘il/ I‘i'li'ilyi'

The Third Man (I’m ooooo (( ‘arol Reed. i'S/l 'K. 1949) Joseph ('ollon. ()i'son Welles. 100mm. llolly Martins has been my ited to lIIIslal)le_ post~World War 11 Vienna by his old chum l.iine. who is now in the grand-scale drug dealing business. only to discoyei' that he is dead. li\cepl. he isn't 01 course. and a multilayered cat and mouse scenario is triggered. So. w hat‘s so good about it'.’ Well. you haye a stirring Iither score by Anton Kai'as. Ilie l‘erris wheel and tire ‘ciickoo clock” speech ,Vet possibly its greatest triumph is to cram so much wonder into so little time. ('iinii'o, Iii/inliiireli.

To Kill a Mockingbird (I’m oooo (Robert Mulligan. US. 1903) Gregory Peck. Mary lladham. l’hilip All‘ord. Brock l’eters. 139mm. Sturdy lilm adaptation oi the classic Harper Lee now] which won at) Oscar for l’eck as a liberal lawyer in the Deep South defending a black man accused ol~ rape. The material is delicately handled as l’eck’ attempts to explain the situation to his children. and Duyall makes his screen debut as their lTlL‘lItl. a man with learning difficulties. Scotsman .S'i'ri'i'iii'iie Room. Iz'ili'ii/ituje/i.

Trafficked (15) (Luigi Aquisto. Airstr‘alia. 3005) 53min. ('hris l’ayne. a hunter Australian l'edei'al police officer iny'estigates trallicking l'or prostitution and the haunting case of a l3-year-old 'l'hai prostitute. Part 01' Document 4. (i/usgmi- l'i/Hl Theatre. (iliisguu:

Triple Bill Premiere Night (I’m (Various. Various) l30min. 'l'hree l'K cinema l‘K pi'eiiiieres: top mountain bike riding and thrilling cinematography in Stripped: a litiropean perspeth e in Iz‘r-ei'nion". talented amateurs in ('lorophi'l/u. Part of (ilasgow International Bike 1:110) l‘leslly'al. (i/ilygim' I‘llm ThUHiI't’. (flux eon:

Trust the Man ( )5) oo (Bari lireundlich. US. 3005) Dayid Duchoy'ny‘. Julianne Moore. Billy (‘i'udup. Maggie (iyllenhaal. 103010). This lighthearted rom-coin about two Manhattan couples enjoying complicated relationships is as smug as it sounds. Selected release.

Una Familia de Tantas (One Family Among Many) (I’( i) (Alejandro (ialindo. Mexico. 1949) l‘ernando Soler. Day id Saliya. Martha Roth. littgenia (ialindo. l30min. A family melodrama that critiques. rather than reinforces. what (ialinda saw as a culture ol~ stilling patriarchy. Part 01' Mexican (‘inenia season. Film/rouse. Edinburgh. Una de Dos (One or the Other) (PG) 0.. (Marcel Sisniega. Me\ico. 3003) 'l'iare Seanda. lirika dc la 1.1ay e. Antonio i’L‘litllillrl. .S'9min. A warm. good— natured. small town comedy about two quarrelling twin sisters. based on the noy el by Daniel Sada. Part of Mesican (‘inema season. (i/inguu' I‘ll"! Theatre. (iluseou': Film/rouse. [film/Hugh.

* El Vampiro (PG) oooo

(Fernando Mendel. l’aul Nagel. Mesico. 1957) Abel Salalar. Ariadna Welter. (ierman Robles. 95min. l’re-llamnier horror llick with all the cainpness. supernatural hokum and primitiye \ isual effects you would expect. That doesn't mean it's not fun. though. A cult classic. recommended. Glasgow Film Theatre. Glasgow: Filmhoiue. Edinburgh.

50 THE LIST 5—19 Oct 2006

Vierka - or the Mystery of Family B’s Disappearance i 12A» ooo (Miroslay Janek. ('Iech Republic. 3005) 70mm. A compelling look at the culture clash between a Romany lamily and a “Veslet'ntsetl ('Iecl) singer, l’afl ()1 Document 4 (ilmemi I'I/NI Illl'ilil'l', (;l(l\L’lIit

Las Vueltas del Citrillo I I5.

.0. (l-elipe ('a/;ils. Mexico. 3005) Dannan Alca/ai‘. Jose Maria \lI/Plk. (iioyanna / 97min. Magic realist period piece set l.\' 1903 in a bar where soldiers and their women iiicet. complete with slang ot the era and the eternal themes ol se\. religion .iiid pow er. l’ai'I oI Mesican ('ineina season l'l/Hl/lullu'. Ia/iIi/iiue/i

* Volver ( 15) oooo tl’edro .-\linodoyar. Spain. 3000) l’enelope (‘r‘ii/. ('ai'men Maura. l.o|a Duenas. lllanca l’ortillo. Yohana ('obo. 131mm .-\1lll()(lt)\.tl iettiriis with his (‘annes hit and 10th 010). which sees a career high 1101)) ('ru/ in a

y |\ id and intricate tale ol women liom three generations ol one handy. Dominion. lat/iIi/iiirgli.

Wallace 8. Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit it‘i oooo (Nick l’ark/Steyc llos. l'K. 3005) Voices ol l’etei Sallis. Ralph l-iennes. llelena llonharn ('artei', 35mm. The long-awaited Ieattii'e length debtit loi‘ l’ark's plasticine master and mutt Wallace ck (ii'oinit. is. to coiii a phrase. a grand day otit. This time. the cheese-10y mg Wallace and his canine chum liaye i'einy'ented thentselycs as a humane pest-control otitlit ‘Aiiti-l’esto' and there's a mysterious ‘w ere—rabbit‘ on the prowl at the local neighbourhood (iiant Vegetable competition. Knowing lun lor‘ all the lattltly'. ('Ilit'll'lll'lll I’urk/Ii'ilil. (i/ilyeim’.‘ ('irii'u‘or/i/ Iz'i/i'n/iiuje/i. Ifi/iii/iiu‘g/i.

The Wild (14.. (Stey e Williams. 1S. 3000) Kiel'er' Sutherland. James Belushi. liddie |//ard. Janeane (iarolalo. 94min. A l'ormulaic story about a lather and son failing to bond because ()1 the pressure to be macho. We can see how this will pan out the moment we meet Ryan the lion cub. who plans to escape New York [00 and learn to roar like his dad. ('ineu'orli/ l’iirk/ii'uil. (iliisgmi‘; (‘irii'ri'orli/ Iz'i/iriliiirgh. [film/Hugh.

Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory (1') .00. (Mel Stuart. 1S. 1971 ) (iene Wilder. Jack Albertsoii. 100mm. (‘harming and potty Version of Roald Dahl's classic children's liable. A treat l'or little and big kids alike. Part 01' Weans' World. I-i/m/iousi'. Iii/inhiujeli. World Trade Center 1 12A) o

(()li\'er Stone. 18. 3000) Nicolas ('age. Michael l’ena. Jay llernande/. 139mm. ()ur heroes are the last two men pulled otit ol' Ground Zero alive. with Stone sketching a sentimental and sanctimonious story of family grief and courage against all odds. 'l'he rew riting 01 history (making white a heroic black l'S marine. linking Iraq and 9/1 | and so on) creates hall-baked. hall'- ai'sed conspiracy theories. Dreadful. (ii'rti'nl/ I‘i'li'uyi'.

You, Me 8. Dupree ( 13A) oo (Anthony Rttsso/Joe Rttsso. l'S. 3000) ()wen Wilson. Kate Hudson. Matt Dillon. 108mm. Slapstick comedy starring ()w en Wilson as the eponymous Dupree who moy es into the house 01 newly w eds Molly and Karl l’eterson (Kate Hudson and .Matt Dillon) and ends up trying to say e their marriage. .Si'li’i'li’i/ I‘t'li'tlyi'.

Zathura (l’(i) .0 (Jon l‘ay reau. l'S. 3000) Jonah Bobo. Josh llutcherson. Tim Robbins. 1 13min. 'l'wo brothers embark on an adyenture as their sci-1i boardgame comes to life. l'ninspired children's fantasy along the same lines 01' .limiimji'. ('i'neu‘orli/ Park/rem]. (iluygorc; (‘ineu or/il [Jilin/Hugh. I-[i/i'Ii/iiireli. Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait (l’(i) 0... (Douglas ('rordon. Philippe l’arreno. France/1celand. 3000i 95min. The Scottish artist (iordon and his French collaborator t‘ollow a match Irom Zidanc‘s perspectiy e. The Iilm t'ocuses less on the already publicised eyents oi (iermany 3000. being less a sports moy ie and more an analysis of the immigrant experience. (ilusgmi' I‘ll!” Theatre. (iluygmi': ('umeo. Edinburgh.

Films are listed by city, then alphabetically by cinema. Listings are compiled by Jules Graham.

Glasgow _

350 Sauclnehall Street. 0141 353 4900 lititilclllg's 01-11 49011 5.

111111381MY 1;)(3C1 Document 4 Launch Night 111) :0

FRIDAY 130(11 Document 4 (iii limes \ai'y

SATURDAY 1.1 ()(21

Camcorder Guerilla Cinema: The Fog oi the Media 11'.) noon. Document 4 (1:) Times \ai'y.

SUNDAY 15) OCT Document 4 (1:) 'l‘iines yai'y.

MONDAY 10 OCT Document 4 ll'.) 'l‘lllles yar'y.


100% Human (100% Menneske) (the I 3.30.


Between The Lines: India’s Third Gender (the) 8.30.

THURSDAY IE) OCT Enough Man (Ibc) 7.45.

Cineworld Parkhead

The Forge. l’ar‘khead. 0871 300 3000. Adtilt £5.40 (£4.80 before 5pm

Mon 'l‘hu. ('hild: £3.80 (£3.50

Mon 'l'liu). Student: £3.70 (£3

Mon 1110). ()AP/l'll40: £3.70. 15amin ticket £15. All llL‘lsels belore noon: £3.40.


Children of Men 1 )5) 3.55. 0.40. 0.05. Click ( 12A) 11.00am. I). I0.

11.00am. 1.30.

1.35. 4.1)0. 0.35.

The Devil Wears Prada (Ptii I 1.15am. 1.45. 4.15. 0.45. 9.15. Hoodwlnkedtl'i 11.00am. 1.00. 3.00. 5.00. 7.00. 900.

Little "antl3Ai 11.45am. 3.15. 4.30.

(1.50. 0.05. Monster House (1') 3.40.

Talladega Nights: The Ballad oi Ricky Bobby ( 13A) 0.10. 340. World nade Center i 13A) 5.55. 8.40.

11.10am. 1.35.

13.15. 3.05.

EB] DAY-6-_THLJBSQAY .12 Accepted (13A)

Daily: noon (not Sat ck Sun). 3.10. 4.30. 0.35. 8.45. Barnyard (PG) Matinee Sat L& Sun: 3.55.

Children of Men ( 15) Daily: 0.45 (not Sat & Sun). 8.55. Click 1 12A)

Daily: 11.00am (not Sat). 1.30. 4.00. (130. 9.00.

The Departed ( )8)

Daily: 11.00am (not Sat). 3.05. 8.40.

The Devil Wears Prada (l’( i) Daily: 11.10am. 1.40. 4.10. 0.40. 9.10.

Hoodvvinked (l')

Dally: 11.00am. 1.00. 3.00. 5.00. 7.00. 9.00.

Jour De Fete it'i

Matinee Sat: 1 1.30am.

Little Man ( 13A)

Weekdays: 1 1.45am. 3.15. 4.30.

11.10am. 13.55.


Open Season (Hi)

Sat .\ Sun 11 00am. 4 55. o 50 Wallace 8. Gromtt: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit it'.

Matinee Sat 100(1ain

The Wild I 1 I

Matinee Sat 10 00am WoddTradeCenteriljyi Daily 13 15 (not Sat .\ Sun). 5 55. s 40 Zathura il‘( 1) Matinee Sat

Clneworld Hentrevv Street

7 Renliew Street. into and (‘(' booking 0s“) :00 3000 .'\\11111 to .‘oti'5 30 3 Mon l‘hti) ('hild students concessions £4 30, lainily ticket 11“ (Sun lliii £15.00). lleloie lpiii all tickets £350 lilllllllllt‘tl (‘ai'd £10 99 per month


111 “(Mm

The Black Dahlia 1 1S)

)2 50

Children 0t Menil5i 11 40am. 3 30 5.40. .s‘,40.

Clerks lltl5) 1015ain. 13 45. 330. (1,10, s50

Clicktl3A) 11 30.0)). 3 it). 5 30. .S 30 The Devil Wears Prada (l’(ii II 00.01). noon. 1.40. 3.50. 4 30. 540. 730. .s’.40.

Echo Park, LA (Quincear'iera) 1 )5)

13.30. 3,00. 5.30. 3.15 Hoodvvinkedit'i 10.30am. I.‘ 50. ‘10. 5.40. .s‘.00.

Anlnconvenientlruth (1') 13 40_ )10.

5.50. 8.20.

Liteand LyricSiI5i 1100atn. 140. 4.10, (r40. 915.

Little Mantllm noon. 3.30. 5.10.

7.40. Little Miss Sunshineil5i I345. 3 )0. (1.00. 3.40.

MonsterHouseit'i II_00.-im. I00 Hina’s Heavenly Delights (l’( o 11.10am. 1.30. 4.00. (140. 910 The Queenillm tiooi). 2.40. 5:0. s30.

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobbyitlm 11.15am. 3,10. 5.15. 24.20.

TTUSTDICM30115) 3.30, 0.10_ s40. World Trade Center 1 12.41 11.00.1111. 3.10. 5.50. 3.40.

You, Me 8. Dupree ( 13A) 11.30am. 2.30. 5.0). 8.00.


Accepted (13A)

Daily: 11.10am. 1.50. 4.10. 7.00. 9.30.

Also late l't'i ck Sat: 11.45. Barnyard (Poi

Sat ck Sun: 10.00am. 13.10. 3.30. 4.30.

The Black Dahlia 1 Is)

Daily: 13.50 (not Sat is Sun). 3.40. (r30. 9.30.

Brothers of the Head 1 is)

Daily: 11.00am. 1.30. 4.00, (),-11l_ 9.10.

Also late l’ri (& Sat: 1 1.30.

Cars (PU)

Matinee Sat ck Sun: 10.30am. 1.00. Children oi Men t 15)

Daily: 11.30am. 3.00. 5.40. 3.50.

Also late l'it‘i (S: Sat: 1 1.40. Clerks II t 15) Daily: 10.15am. 13.45. Tue). H.511.

Also late l'iri A; Sal: Click 1 13A)

Daily: 11.30am. 3.30. 5.30. 8.30. Also late l't‘i & Sat: 1 1.00.

The Departed ( 00

3.30. (i. 10 (not


liri (y; Sat: 10.40am. 11.30am. 3.00. 3.30. 5.30. 7.00. 9.00. 10.30.

Sun Thu: 10.40am. 13.30. 3.00. 4.30. 5.30. 3.00. 9.00.

The Devil Wears Prada (l’(i)

Daily: 10.10am. noon. 13.40. 3.50. 3.30. 5.40. 0.30. 15.40. 9.10.

Also late liri ck; Sat: 11.30. Hoodvvlnked (1') Daily: 10.30am. 7.50.

Also late Fri 6’; Sat:

13.50. 3.10. 5.40.