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Imagine if The Libertines were formed not by Carl and Pete, but by a young Chuck Berry and Elvis, both high on the intoxicating potential of this new tangled racket, before subsequent generations mucked around with their blueprint. In all probability it would be better than just about everything, but at least young Londoners Vincent Vincent and the Villains have a decent stab at approximating such a fictional sound. Here Vincent tells more.

So you’re not rockabilly, then?

No. necauwe | feel rockahrllg If; :t l‘l‘flil rrtedrmrr r.-.'hrch rrrtpotseta fSIllCl ruler; on the handy, whrch pltl‘. rt. We're more rrxtrtoclgtstrc than that. were not rust chrrdornt; otrt the same (Tll(7llt?i§. l'rn rust :ntereuteo rn I‘llfilllg the rats: energy of rock'n'roll :tnd lllllilllt} rt rrtto a rnodern context. ‘.‘.'rrllrtt} lur‘ ssongts and excrtrnt; lyr‘rcs. and rnakrno people want to dance to rt,

Where does the name come from? Your parents didn’t call you that, now did they?

()rrtrrna: ‘. |:;tarteo ,1 hartd called lltt3V1r11ierttt3. hecausea lot of my heroes had that name and I Erked the rock'n'roll rntage of Vrncent rrrotorhrket;. lher: I looked “W the ‘.‘.’(?l) and found there \.'.r'er‘e dodgy coxers; hands ‘.‘.'r!ll tlit- i~tllllt' name all over the word. so I changed rt to sorrtethrng punchrer. Mark Htltltilillt- plawd our :trngle on hrs; show the other day and John Cooper Clarke. \.'.ho vats llrt; truest. :;ard how much he lrked the narne. lDax/rd Pollock)

I l/rrrtiertt l’krrtrent and the l/rr'larrrs ,’)/(il, N/(re'n'S/ea/r; G/asgow, Frr 6 Oct.

(‘rene Vrr‘t‘ertt. tor exarrtple

REVIEWS " ' * ~ '~’ .t «(t t' .t. 1

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l)“’”"““‘ Sep 0000

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rnake (‘7‘.‘rll tJ Ma:;r:::; crack a drrn (thttl tr: rnrrtro “.hr HT", and 1 ll?" ‘Wrth Handclapn' rrterrttx :;per:ral

all drth riffs; and (trounlrnt;

runrtrnr; mutt). them: tart little it: rnentron hurl thernaelws; rnto lllt‘ll rttrrtrne .‘rrth norials. its; does; the Spectacular durtar a recklesaly wcattershot atrartdrrrt that chur‘krnt; trnait: that resulted Ill a full

prnt hursatrng} ail over the stage. lht-

rnrdht tall apart an; ‘rt:\,(lll’l More than rnerw corned; 'ltlllth ti 1‘.» rt; hqr.'.'

future doesn't look so had after all Prrnce .w ruIde fgrtlllttlwl rt 'rw") llirtrl‘r lade. And there}; alx'ragc; lhe Wheel. horn .‘l n',perar,tr\.e (Barrteoo, .‘trlt lrmted rlvlalcolrrt Jack: runt. soaked rn fllltlétl. and up~.:ed ur:

the ‘.'ll(:f8l tones a (Lauro (till or, )lljtllif. tNerl Cooper'

l>< >531 PUNK


Goulag Beat at Ego, Edinburgh, Thu 28 Sep .0.

Damn Sharrtesa. [)arrtn Sharrth encourages; Sylxra Suhstance. rrngleader of Goulag?) ttr'ott‘,’ Thursday night electro—punk shout/down, 'lt'f; a darnn :sharne the, can't pla‘, therr tuckrnt; rnstrurnentsf' Yet It rssn‘t reall-,'. hecause there's ssornethrnt; rnkeeprnd

“.'."llAll,\’ll<‘. (3LNHE- lllS Trtt8 ‘.'.l E K THE RAPTURE Liquid Room, Edinburgh, Thu 12 Oct

Punk ttrnk: rernernher‘ that one? It 3.115; a lrttre llll nesr wave, hut “rurte post punk Well. rnore post post punk. But pr'e-n rare. Such r‘; the Mt; the lltll‘ACétt terrnrnolodt, nterr‘, go round r'aprdl‘, sprns; Ilar'ttel‘, care of the people at f./r‘/7£:‘r. and on rt again are The Rapture. Havrnd alread, headed up the torrrrer, the; non strangely trnd therrtsselves; strapped up rrt the latter 'rrtotxerrtenff

Such proeon holrrtq hasn't necessarily heen a pad thrnd tor the Next ‘(orl- tour prece. Out of the loop for some true Srnce 2003"; crrtrcall, lauded debut alhurn

choes. rt would have heen easy to enwsage therrt rettrrnrnd onl, to trrtd their 'rtrx

ot SCl'éllCll‘,’ gllllétff) and totrrto-the-tloor Flt‘,’llllll_‘3 declared otherarr,’ ‘39 last ,ear.‘

Back rn yodue how :‘.er. especrall; when rrt cerrthrrta ren .’J|ll‘r glox.’ “treks. u-ghrsatles and narrous other forms of usefur-for- :ra.rrtg-arertnd-rn-ertpherre—drrrd- rnducet’l‘ha/e sst,le paraphernalra. the trntrng has; worked out nrcel,; well erterrgn to one new LP Precei; cf the Peep/e We ore. and first ssrngle Get M/selt Into It an unexpected boost rnto the rrtarnstrearh

Such hracketrng does betra, the tantastrc rndwrdualrt, of a hand who at first not 0” iv essentrally created therr genre ttr, rntagrntng Franz Ferdinand. Bloc Part/ et at \.'.'rthout The Rapture precedrng therrtr, out have also managed to (shape :t into sontethrng new.“ ht, rn‘.rttng even rrtore rnteCtrousl, danceable disco beats and a refreshrngly tun outlook to the party.

The; 're Strll bangrng that darn cosmell though. so maybe for the moment 'new- rate will do. A genre whrch. by the tune you‘ve trnrshed readrng thrs, wrll probably be a brt old arm-ray. rMalcoIm Jacki

C~": ’4'! 27/, THE LIST 61