Monday 9


I The Automatic, Mumm-ra and Alterkicks Al“ '. 3 It) Sauehiehall Street. “2 2232. 7pm S()I.|) ()l'l (her ltlx \lltm. 'l'he ehn'p} Welsh enio kids hehind the hit \inggle ‘Moiixter‘ perlortn one HI two Seotlhh date\ on their eurrent l'K tour

I Paramore and Cute is What we Aim For 'I he (iaragge. 4‘)“ Sauehiehall Street. “2 I I2”. 7pm. £3. ()\L‘t* I-4\ \hou. I'L'lllttlcrll'tllllL'tI melodie eino huneh lroni 'lennexxee. \upported h} IIISI-lhlllg lahel lnatex lioni Hullalo.

I Rooster and The Mars Patrol .‘\l$(‘2. Nil Sauelnehall Street. U2 2232 7pm. S()l.|) ()l "I. (her l4x \Ilti\\. l’rett} ho} quartet taking: inelodie roek to the \el‘L'allllllf.‘ IL'L'IIS,

I Acoustic Jam Stet-“ii‘Slt-glx}. 43l Sauehiehall Street. “3 (Mill) Spin. I'ree. Weekl} shoueaxe tor loeal \oiiguriterx perlornnng original material.

I Immersed, The Cuts and The Only Jones ('apitol. 4(13 Sauehiehall Street. .iil HM“. Spin. £5. Indie hand lineiup.

I Jamie T King ItllK \Vali Walt Hut. 272a St \'ineent Street. 22! 5277‘). Split. L75”. ()xer- l4x \liou. Songwriter eneonipaxxing indie. hip hop and punk inllueneex in Itt\ Io-li \otlttd.

I Miss Atlanta, Vancouver Deluxe, Wall Street Ammunition Heroes, Beyond the Forest and Jack Butler IIat'lI}. 2N) (IHIL‘ Street. “370 907 009‘). 3pm. £5. Bumper hand line-up taking: plaee mer hoth lloors ol‘ the Hall!) ax part ol ()\>ltllll ()\t'ain'\ natiouuide li\e lllllSIk‘ iiiitiathe. Line-up eonipleted h} The How and the Mirror. (ienaro and :\llaidh .\lodhan.

I The Nx, Ninth Circle, The Punchline is Murder attd Paradox liilh Note ('ale. 5” (ill King Street. .555 IMS'. 0pm. £3. Metal quadruple hill.


I The Dave Rich Band (‘aharet \"oltaire. 50 33 Blair Street. 220 ()l7h. 7pm. [7. Im ixtock live-piece who L‘Utlltl Pink l-‘lo.\d. (‘lapton and Bruee llormh} among their inl'lueiieex.


Tuesday 1 0


I Embrace (Kuhn; .-\e.ideni_\ (ilaxgou. l2l Inglinton Street. US“! "l letltl. 7pm. £20. Sinealong antheinie Brltroek truth the hrotherx \IeXamara and L'Illllll\.

I Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. and Iain Archer .v\li('. “ll Sauehiehall Street. “2 2202. 7pm, ()xei Hx \him Southend-lmxed intixieal \uix‘rhero. kltimtt ax Sam to llt\ inuin. who eoinhinex nielodie guitar work with lapttip~yenerated lIl_\IIlllt\. Supported h} e\aSno\\ l’atrol f._'llll.tll\l .-\I’CIIL'II

I Lacuna Coil Ilarrou land. 2-1-1 (iallougate. 552 4(illl, 7pm. L' l 5 ()\ er Hx \hou. (‘ult Italian hand \klIIt an ethereal metal sound.

I Surging of Flux, The MTB, Starkicker, The Costapeens, Fallacy and The Still IIIL' (luliouxe. I5 I'ltlttlt SII‘L'L‘I. 243 (ilillh, 7pm {5. ()\L‘l‘- IJ\ \Itim. Roek lttll,

I Hundred Reasons g2. .wtl Sauehiehall Street. 353 3| 1 l. 7. illpin. POSS I‘PUNI' D.

I Amy McDonald Hrel. .W 4.1.\\luon Lane. 342 4‘)(i(i. Spin. l'ree. Singer/song“rtter \\ ith touehex ol 'le\a\ to her \oqu.

I Team Salt attd Rockburn (‘apiiol 4(iS’ Sauehtehall Street. NI Ill-1t), Spin. £5. lieleetie the-pieee supported h} rill IXISL'tI l‘UL‘IxL't‘S.

I The Alpacinos, Punk as Folk, Lost Property, Albino Monk, El Dog, Cortez and IQ Halli}. 2(0) (lute Street. 0870 007 (NW). Spin. £5. I’Ill\ “IUD/(NW Reeot'th .\I(‘\. CUIIIPIL‘IL‘tI lhl\ \eeond (Alain line-up at the Barth.

I People under The Stairs and Giant Panda King 'l'ut'x \Vah \Vali Hut. 272a St Vineent Street. 22| 527‘). 8.30pm. U). I’l'lS \lllllntutttltg up good time hip hop \ihex. l'unk and old \kool jams.

I David Burns, Elevensixes and Blasted Samoflange l3tli Note (ale. 5() ()0 King Street. 553 lofih'. ‘lpni. U. A} r finger/song“ritet' launehe\ hix ’.\Iiller'\ I‘oll)‘ Iil’ \\ ith aeotlxtie duo \ttppm'tx.

Friends in high places can be a double-edged sword at times. Sheffield's Milbum came to prominence after the

exemplary live shows supporting their local kin Arctic Monkeys. They may have assisted in an initial leg up, but the quartet remains fixed under the considerable shadow of their million selling brethren. Here’s hoping these shows and the release of their debut album Well Well Well will help shunt their pithy, observational pop diatribes further into the spotlight.

I OMU. G/asgow. Fri 73 Oct.

l Gregular music presents ummmm


Fridayl7thNovember . . GLAsoowsecc * - . . 0870

8.4 l s


EDINBURGH UUEENS HALL , mm m m m m 0131 608 2019 l mmmm- mam

‘Air‘ O

{7' ' hothouseg , j l [Ala/VS


5' SAT 2181 001 mm CONCERT “All 0845 612 632 0870 903 3444

' . , ,V."‘3~‘I } ' ' I ~ I M ‘7‘ Hm" . "5"" I ' intuition


wrozsmocr? ;:...pflu{ Twp. mgr llllllEEl JUHltll‘i’DOltD

EDINBURGH lIOUID ROOMS, sussoii m2 rurs tliH ocroan 0870 4000 8l8 9379993 3404,


plus; Splftllill (311ml Wednesday 25m October l DIWIHUPw‘h’ l

I (, U1 l A? ti/ltl, 087i) 903 3444 www tl(:ket‘.'.'i?t) m uk



. 4: 4.. ~ I’ =‘~>=e"!li "‘ NEKO CASE :‘


0870 903 3444

7, i" .7 if‘ .I


DEC GLASGOW ABC 00 818 0870 903 3444 4."; I. ',


GLASGOW secc .. _ FRIDAY 10TH NOVEMBEB 2006 -’ 1:571" ' ...’ 75/ :4":


0870 040 4000 0870 903 3444 Le


_ mnowuiins . y 4' i t 0 20m 4;

II 0010 903 3444

"Ms comm“ mmnelemental»iiv


or phone: 0870 90 33 I.“ or from Ticket Scotland: Argyle St Glasgow, Rose St Edinburgh 8. Ripping Records.



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