Scottish Ballet


Thu 12 Oct l oo'mng more stunnrngr try the (lay. SCOTTWJ‘. Ballet perform

tuur ‘.‘.'(rrk:; Inultlrllrtt; Ashlsz Page‘s hot and sweaty Pump Hoorr‘. antl erlrarn l orsythe's strrkrng Aliliéltli Surte. See page 79 lrarrrzmr. (-3/(28goa';

Radical ' Book Fair


Sun 15 Oct Create

your own hand-DOLrnrl

hook or study radrcal Scottrsh hrstory rn the company of James Kelman, See page 25‘ Out of the Blue Drrl/ Ha/l. Fri/phurgh.


Tue 17 Oct Part of

Glasgay. Queers

rRerrras» rs a feel-good

comedy set rn the few days betore a collectrve gay weo‘drng. Wrrter dlr'eciOF Pedro Almoooxar expl0res complex relatronshrps wrth

real heart. See page :37. OFF. G/asgou.

Dalziel and Scullion


Mon 16 Oct ‘The

Earth Turned to Bring

Us Closer" contrasts; the vastness Of Our WOr'lCt wrth the brevrty of human Me. See page 90. KG/V/HJ/OVQ Art Ga/Iery and Museum, Glasgow.

Brothers of he Head


Wed 18 Oct The

duo behmo Lost .r‘ La

Mancha dehuer up thrs moody mockumentaw aDOOuI COHJOIHGG twrns. See page 38. GFT. G/asgow; C/neWOr/d Renfrev. Street. G/asgow and Cmewor/o’. Eorrrourgh

Classic Grand Dorian Gray

Opening Night


Fri 13 Oct lhr- rlm‘.

‘.'(:r‘ru»'3 'rz' Clasp/rs. hrts; f'tr:

gruunrl 'tl'llt"‘;; math wt: sets from M, Latest Now! Li'Vl 'lhé: Grrrn Northern Shula! orr openrng night See page fit A Jarna/m Strmn‘. (9/asqov.


Sat 14 Oct l’r "rah

(trr‘rx‘tpr .r'ptnr Krtlrrrr‘Jxa

{Jil'1§)fr the Usr‘ar er'lt:

classr: l‘w "mute/t Perm r'rtr 1 me}; ct [)o'rarr (hit. it) the ’1‘:"TY(rl pelt See page [9'

(Jtr'rttrrvrx'zulrl l’rrarf'e). (,‘r/rrrlxvrrtru/rl

Gregor Laird


Thu 19 Oct The artrst's first show smce graduatlng rs a ceileCIroo that draws or“ much. of hrs career hrstow as a make- UL artrst. wmeN dresser. desrgher and DJ. It‘s brassy. krtsch. erotrc. surreal. See page 56. Brunswer Hotel. Glasgow

73—19 Oct 2716 THE LIST 5