I Ejector Seat, Signals, Body Experience Review and Polar Lights Barfly (upstairs). 260 ('lydc Sin-ct, 0870007 0000. 8pm. £6. l)crby- bascd liicctorscat won thc l'l)Sx\ batllc ol thc bands. With support including BliR. w ho nab what thcy likc l‘rom ihc sound ol punk. rock'n'roll and tunk.

I Illegal Eagles Royal ('onccrt Hall. 2 Sauchichall Strcct. 353 8000. 8pm. £l550 £l7.50. Scc 'l‘uc I0.

I Sandi Thom King Tut's Walt \Vah llut. 272a St Vinccnt Strccl. 22l 5270. 8.30pm. S()l.l) ()l'l. Scc 'l‘hu I2.

I Someone’s Sons, The Venture and Void l-ury Murry 's. 06 Maswcll Strcct. 22l 65| I. 8.30pm. £4. including cntry to post gig L'lllh. \Vt‘c'kly show casc ol local indic bands.

I Eye Contact Leads To . . . ’l‘hc llalt Bar. I60 Woodlands Road. 352 0006. 0pm. l-‘rcc. Altpop.

I The Pedestrians and Touchstone I30) Notc ('alc‘. 50 60 King Strcct. 553 I638. 0pm. lircc. Blucsy. garagcy combo licadlinc this local bill.

I Stewart Traquair Bcansccnc. 38 42 Woodlands Road. 352 0800. 0pm. l-‘rcc. Scc 'l'uc I0.

I My Latest Novel and Grim Northern Social (‘lassic (irand. l8 Jamaica Strcct. 0.30pm. Two local layouritcs play thc opcmng night ol' thc ('lassic (irand. a ncw \cnuc for gigs. clubs and comcdy.

I Kap Bambino and Metronomy 'l‘ltc AI'L‘hL's. 30 Midland Strcct. 0870 240 7528. l0.30pm. £4 tady ). £6 tdooi‘). l’arisian undcrground supcrgroup hcadlinc this month's Blit/kricg Bop club.

I Lyle Lovett Sli(‘(‘: ('lydc .»\tiditorium. l‘lllltlc‘slon Quay. 0870040 4000. (‘.-\.\'(‘lil.l.lil).


I Haftor Medboe Duo, The Bradleys and The Flavours 'l‘lic Jam llousc. 5 Quccn Strcct. 226 4380. 5.30pm. lircc bcl‘orc l0pni; £5 bcl’orc lam: £7 al'tcr. Scc Hi 6.

I Black International \Vcc Rcd Bar. lidiiiburgh (‘ollcgc of Art. l.auriston l’lttCC. 22‘) I442. 6pm. lii‘cc. lttdiL‘.

I Lee Paterson, The Mars Patrol and Jojocoke \\'liist|cbiiikic's. 4 6 South Bridgc. 557 5| l4. 6pm. lircc bcl'orc midnight; £4 altcr. (‘oy'ci's and indic.

I Private Jackson and Tinrockit ch Rcd Bar. lidinburgh (‘ollcgc ol‘ Art. Lauriston l’lacc. 220 I442. 6pm. l‘rcc. Spiky' post-punk t'i‘om l’riyatc Jackson. I Anti-Nowhere League and Guns on the Roof 'l'hc Liquid Room. 0c Victoria Sti'cct. 225 2564. 7pm. £0. ()ld school punk rockcrs who uscd to hang with tho Damncd (and hayc an infamous ‘carrot story" in thcir disrcputablc past). I Kieran Docherty and The Dead Beat Club (‘abarct Voltairc. 36 38 Blair Strcct. 220 6l76. 7pm. £6. l'iolk- tingcd singcr/songwritcr plays tracks from his album Iii/iccrtirions.

I Underbelly llcnry's (‘cllar Bar.

8 l6a Morrison Strcct. 228 0303. 7.30pm. £4. Anthcmic rock trom licllttsl's l’ndcrbclly.


I Classic Clapton Albcrt llalls. Dumbarton Road. 0|786 473544. 8pm. £l2 (£10). lilcctrit'ying rccrcation ot' (‘lapton's stagc show and grcatcst hits. I The Handsome Family 't‘olbooth. Jail \‘t'ynd. 0l786 274000. 8pm. £12 U30). SL‘L‘ 'l‘lttt l2.

Saturday 14


I Flyer, Manta and The Rodents .-\B(‘2. .330 Sauchichall Strcct. 3.32 2232. 7pm. £6. Mclodic mck'n'roll.

I The Raconteurs (‘arling Acadcmy Glasgow. l2l liglinton Strcct. 0870 I60 0l00. 7pm. £tbc. Detroit garage stipcrgrotip l‘ormcd by laughin' Jack Whitc and rompin' Brcndan Bcnson. plus somc guys from the (ircctihonics.

I The Kooks and Larrikin Love Barrowland. 244 (ialloyygalc. 552 4640 7,30pm. S()|.l) ()l'l. Brighton indic lykcs w hosc dcbul album III\li/¢' III/IIHlt/t' ()ui has proy cd a hit with thc young pcoplc ot today Support lrom London bohoc l.arrikiii l.o\c.

I Xavier Rudd ()uccn Margarct l'nion. 22 l'niycrsity (iaidcns. 3.30 0784. 7,30pm. £l0. ('anadian/AUstralian surt roots singcr/songwritcr. \s ho iiscs didgcridoos in his liyc sct tip. promotcs his ncys album I'mu/ Ill Illt’ lii'l/i.

I Anti-Nowhere League, Guns on the Root and 4 Past Midnight liat'lly. 260 ('lydc Strcct. 0870 007 0000. 8pm. £l0. Scc liri I3.

I Fury of the Headteachers and Stopstarts Barl'ly tupstairs). 260 (‘lydc Strccl. 0870 007 0000. 8pm. £4. Lightwcight mctal t'rom Shcllicld.

I Madame P and Impossible Flower 'I‘chai ()yna. 42 ()tago lanc. 357 4524. 8pm. £3. 'l'hc latcst musical incarnation ol Italian artist l’atri/ia ()liya using cspcrinicntal \ocal tcchniqucs and sampling.

I The Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash Nicc'n'Slcaly. 42l Satichichall Strcct. 333 0000. 8.30pm. £6. Raw Amcricana with a scal ol approyal l'rom ihc man himsclt' l in tact ('ash‘s son produccd thcir lirst album).

I Dan Baird, The Gwyn Ashton Band and Brady Cole King 'l‘ut's \Vah Wah lhit. 272a St Vinccnt Strcct. 22l 5270. 8.30pm. £0. l'l\»(ic'tii'gi;i Satcllitcs l‘i'ontman hcadlincs. with support trom 'l'hc (iwyn Ashton Band t'caturing Scnsatioiial .»\lc\ llarycy Band's 'l'cd McKcniia and (his (ilcu.

I Tiny Dancers, Husky Rescue and Slow Club ('Iassic (irand. l8 Jamaica Strcct. 0.30pm. (ilam»inllucnccd pop l‘rom 'l‘iny' l)anccrs. supporth by l‘innish indic poppcrs lltisky Rcsctic and ncw Scottish band Slow (‘lub.

I Koba .\lc(‘hui||s. 40 High Strcct. 552 2l35. l0pm. l‘rcc. l’rimal Scrcamcsquc sounds.

I lnstal 'l'hc Archcs. 253 Argy lc Strccl. 08702407528. £l6t£|2); twoday pass. [26 t£20): thrcc day pass. [35(1228). Tonight's linc-up of thc ayaiit music l'cstiy'al includcs tlic l'ls' prcmicrc ol l.cthc. a projch by Japancsc cxpcrimcntalist Kiyohai'u Kuwayama. who w ill bc rubbing hot siccl tablcs with dry icc. l’llis .sCls lil'om rcspcctcd improyiscrs/undcrground artists |.cc l’attcrson. Stcy'c Bac/kowski and Rayi l’adinamibha. Bohman Brothcrs. Kciji llaiiio and Tony" (‘onrad and Ja/kamcr.


I Jed Milroy, Athens and The Flavours 'I‘hc Jam llotisc. 5 Qiiccn Strcct. 226 4380. 5.30pm. l-‘rcc bcl‘ot‘c l0pm; £5 bcl'orc lam: £7 al'tcr. Singcr/songwritcr tracks. pop. coycrs and houscband 'l'hc l-'|;i\otirs.

I Dakota and U-Know-Hoo Whistlcbinkics. 4 6 South Bridgc. 557 5| l4. 6pm. lircc. Rock’n'roll with a country yibc l'rom Dakota liollowcd by l’unk rockin' l'rom l'-Know-lloo.

I Kim Edgar 'I‘hc l.ot. 4/6 (irassmarkct. 7pm. £7 (£5). Scc \‘l'cd l l. I Roadstar ('abarct Voltairc. 36 38 Blair Strcct. 220 6l76. 7pm. £6. (‘Iassic rock from thc act formerly known as ilurricanc Party. who'yc tourcd with thc llkc‘s 0i. Dccp Purplc. Alicc (‘UUPCL 'l‘llL' Darkness and Skid Row.

I 7 Seconds of Love Subway

(‘ow gatc. 60 ('owgatc. 225 6766. 7pm. £5. Promising to ‘rock your lacc'.

I The Selecter (‘itrus ('lub. 4t) 42 (irindlay Strcct. 622 7086. 7.30pm. £0. Scc Thu I2.

I [Cayto], Morphon and lndafusion llcnry"s (‘cllar Bar. 8‘7 l6a Morrison Strcct. 228 0303. 8pm. £4. (‘ay'to punt thcir sonic cocktail of Radiohcad. Low and Pink liloy d.

I National Park and Atoms for Peace ('alc Royal Bistro Bar. l7 West chistcr Strcct. 557 4702. 8.30pm. £4. Glasgow indic super-group.

2 a r: l“ are


Picture if you can. a fantastical world where Mudhoney became the global unit shifter and

not Nirvana. Instead of hordes of three-chord Montys spewing out their bombastic pop angst rock. we‘d have . . . hordes of three-chord Montys spewing out their bombastic rock with smiles on their faces. Instead of languishing in relative obscurity the mighty force that is Comets on Fire would be straddling the globe, toasting all comers to a crisp with the white-hot riffology. New album Avatar is equal parts Allman Brothers, Crazy Horse and MCS glorious retro-sonic exploration. Go and delight in

their psychedelic aural magic. Mono. Glasgow. Sun 6‘ ()(II.


I Boy Kill Boy :\B('. 330 Saiichichall Strcct. 332 2232. 7pm. £l2.50. ()ycr l4s show 'l'hc try ing-ycry «hard-tosoundhip Boy Kill Boy giyc it thcir all btit cnd tip sounding likc just anothct' glossy indic i‘ock ti'otipc.

I Sunn O)” .'\B(‘2. 330 Sauchichall Sti'cct. 332 2232. 7pm. £l0. ()ycr- l4s show. Scriously hcayy sludgc noisc \ibratioiis t'rom this cult combo.

I Susperia, Red Harvest, Grimtest and Slit 'l'hc ('athousc. l5 l'nioii Slrcct. 248 6606. 7pm. £8.50. ()ycr-l4s show. Nic‘lttllcsl.

I Charlie Landsborough Royal ('onccrt Hall. 2 Sauchichall Strcct. 353 8000. 7.30pm. £l5 £l7. 'l’lic rcturn ol thc (‘onccrt llall layouritc whosc sct blcnds country. blucs and casy listcning ballads.

I The Drifters: Now King's 'l‘licatrc. 297 Bath Slt‘L‘cl. 0870060 6648. 7. 30pm. £l5 £ I 7. 'l'hc l)ril'tcrs. bring oycr 50 ycars ol' magical hits to litc. with a sct lcaturing classic hits such as “Saturday Night at thc .\loyics'. 'l 'ndcr thc Boardwalk' and ‘l 'p ()n 'l'hc Rool'.

I Sonsie Collective, The Silent Project, Best Before End, Naked Ambition and Crylic lquon Soundhaus. 47 llydcpark Strcct. 22l 4650. 7.30pm. £5. ()ycr- l4s show. Rock bill.

I A True Story lyory Blacks. 56 ()swald Strcct. 248 4| I4. 7.30pm. £5. lndic. l’lus othcr bands to bc conlirmcd. I Acute Riot, Pablo Gone Nuts! and The Peakz 'l‘hc \'a|c. 5 l)undas Strcct. .332 4028. 8pm. £4. liidic punk. I Centurion’s Ghost, The Prophecy and Maelstrom Barlly lttpslttlrs). 260 ('lydc Strcct. 0870 007 0000. 8pm. £5. Mctal linc-up ol yarious stripcs. hcadlincd by thc black dcalh doom sound ol ('cnttirioit's (ihost.

I Den Haan and Grahab ('iipitol. 468 Sauchichall Strcct. 331 I040. 8pm. £4. lilcctro.

I Fields, Good Books and Kid Harpoon Barfly. 260 ('lydc Strcct. 0870 007 0000. 8pm. £5. l)ark guitar pop in thc My Bloody \lilciitinc tradition mccts \Vickcr Man l‘olk in l’iclds' music.

I James Hara and Frame 13 'I tic Buttcrlly and tlic l’ig. I53 Bath Sticct. 22l 77l l. 8pm l'icc .\coustic .-\llaii

I Roger McGuinn Royal (‘onct-it Hall: Stiathclydc Sitilc. 2 Sauchichall Sti‘cct. 0l4l 3.53 8000 8pm £20 l‘ttllltt‘l Byrds lt’ttllllttilll who brought thc dcliiiing sound ol ‘.\li lanibouimc \lan' and pcnncd ‘So you want to bc a Rock and Roll Star" pcrlorms lroin his immcnsc back cataloguc.

I Bonde Do Role \‘it'c‘ii‘8|t-.i/y. st2l Sauchichall Strcct. 333 0000 8. 30pm £6 l'olloys ing ('SS. anotth bunch ol

altcrnatiy c Bra/ihan clcctio lunkcis to considci'. lcatiiinig thicc .\l( 's and two [Us I Howling Bells King has \y'ali \yali Hut. 272.) St \‘incciit Strcct. 22l 5270 8.30pm. £7. ()I-boin. london bascd southcrn gotliic indic country tiuartct

I The Void and The Harbourmasters l3ll) \olc (hit. 50 60 KHth Slt'ct‘l. 5.53 I638. 0pm. £3 l.ocal bands

I lnstal 'l'hc x\l'L'llL'\. 253 .'\lj_"\ lc Strcct. 0870 240 7528. £16 (£12); two day pass. £26 i£20); thrcc day pass. £ 3.5 t£28). 'l'hc tiiidcrgi‘ound music lcstiyal winds up today with scts liom lccdback tan 'l‘ctsuya l‘iiicda. clarmctisi and throat sinch Arrington dc l)ionyso. psy chcdchc chantcr Sachiko. ayaiit-ia/Icis lzyc ('ontact. ambicnt iiiiproyiscrs Kuwuyania/Kiiiiiia and installation artist Maryannc Amachcr.


I Akala, Simba and Profisee ('abarct Voltairc. 36 38 Blair Strcct. 220 6l76. 7pm. £5. Night ol Icltlicld hip hop and rap.

I Stiff Little Fingers 'l'hc Liquid Room. 0c Victoria Strcct. 225 2564. 7pm. £l3.50. Ircland's layouritc dclinqucnt punk sons. still doing thc rounds to a rousing rcccplion.

I Songs for Change and Roy Bailey 'l'lic Bongo ('lub. Moray Housc. 37 llolyrood Road. 558 7604. 8pm. £5. Songs tor ('hangc songwriting linalc conccrt as part ol thc 'lcnth lzdmburgh lndcpcndcnt & Radical Book lair. as

w cll as socialist singcr Bailcy.

I Zeenon llcnry 's ('cllar Bar. 8 Ma Morrison Strcct. 228 0303. 8pm. £tbc. Norw cgian dcalh tnctal.

Vii/120'}, THE LIST 71