Music Folk . ; ;


I Keith James: The Songs of Nick Drake liastgate Theatre 6; Arts Centre. i;astgate. 01721 725777. 7.30pm. £11 r£9i. Songwriter and music producer Keith James brings Drake's songs back to the stage. The show includes a screening o1 a film about Drake.

I Roger McGuinn (ilasgow Royal Concert Hall. Sauchiehall Street. 8pm. £20. Legendary acoustic guitarist. singer and lotinder ol the Byrds. in a solo concert draw ing trout his back catalogue. including his (irammy -norninated project. Treasurey From The I'm/k I)(‘Il.


I Fyrish Wee l'olk Club. Royal Oak. Infirmary Street. 557 2976. 8.30pm. £3. Marjorie Paterson rcellol and Day e Cowan ry'ocals/guitarl with a selection o1~ l'olk songs from around the world.


I The Royal National Mod Various Venues. 01463 709705. Times y'ary. Prices yary. See liri 13.

Monday 16


I The Royal National Mod \"arious Venues. 01463 709705. Times y'ary. Prices way. See Hi 13.


I Shona Kipling and Damien O’Kane 1.eith l-‘olk Club. The Village. South Fort Street. 478 7810. 7.30pm. £5. Music from Scandinavia. lingland. France and Ireland.

I Ceilidh Club The Lot. (irassmarket. 225 2299. 8pm. £6. Dancing with callers to lead yoti throtigh the steps. and liye music from lleeliegoleerie.


I The Royal National Mod Various Venues. 01463 709705. Times vary. Prices way. See liri 13.

Wednesday 18


I Michael Simons Tchai ()y'na. Deanston Driye. 649 7258. 8pm. £2. See Wed 1 1.


I None of the Above Bongo Club. Moray House. llolyrood Road. 8pm. Michael Marra. Heather Macleod and Healthy Measures. Amy Mac. Sandy Wright and lilspeth Murray.

I Omar Sosa and the Dhafer Youssef Trio Queen's Hall. Clerk Street. 668 2019. 7.30pm. £5»-£l5. Contemporary music from Atro- Caribbean traditions. with the genius pianist from Cuba.

I The Coal Porters lidinburgh Folk Club. Cabaret Bar. The Pleasance. 650 2349. 8pm. £7 t£4—£6). Melodic bluegrass originals from the fiy'e-piece acoustic band l‘ronted by Sid (iril’fin.


I Steve Tllston Dunlermline Folk Club. Thistle Tay'ern. Baldridgeburn. 01383 729673. 8pm. £6. Singer. songwriter and skilled guitarist.


I The Royal National Mod Various Venues. 01463 709705. Times yary. Prices y'ary. See Fri 13.


I The Russian Spectacular 2006 MacRobert. L’niy'ersity of Stirling. 01786 466666. 8pm. £13.50 (£12.50). The White Russian Central Band in a spectacular programme of music from across the world. With guest soloists from the Bolshoi. and dancers from the

76 THE LIST 5—19 Oct 2006

Belarusran National l‘olk Dance Academy.

Thursday 19


I Kris Delmhorst and Jeffrey Foucault Cabaret Voltaire. Blair Street. 220 6176. 7.30pm. £9 Country/tolk lrom her acclaimed albums Songy rm Hrrrrri (me and l'llt' Stories plus and roots rock lrom l‘otlcaull I Stefan Grossman ladinburgh 1-olk ('lub. Cabaret Bar. The Pleasance. 650 2349. 8pm. £8 r£5 £71.11“? class guitar blues and .-\mericana hour the legendary picker.


I Moishe’s Bagel Ctrmbernauld 'l‘heatre. Kildrum. 01236 732887. 7.45pm. £9 r£7i. Brilliant ia/l—rnllected Hunter and Balkan dance music leaturing (ireg Lawson i.\1r .\lcl-all‘s Chamberr on fiddle. Pete (iarnet on accordion. Phil :\|e\ander on piano and Mario Car'ibe on bass.


I The Royal National Mod \‘arloiis Venues. 01463 709705. Times \ar'y. l’rlL'L‘S \ttl'y. See l'l'l l3.


I The Russian Spectacular 2006 l.oehgelly Centre. Bank Street. 01592 418141. 7.30pm. £12.50 (£10.50i. See Wed I15.


I Shoormal 'l‘olbooth. Jail \\'y nd. 01786 274000. 8pm. £10 (£81. Pop roots trom the admired Shetland band. nominated t'or best newcomer on the Radio 2 liolk Awards.


Events are listed by date, then city. Submit listings at least 14 days before publication to Listings are compiled by Jules Graham and Carol Main.


I Miwako Abe and Scott Mitchell (ilasgow l'niyersity Concert Hall. l'niy'ersity :\\‘c‘llllc‘. 3304092. 1.10 2pm. Free. The y iolin and piano duo per'l‘orm Debussy. Antheil and Franck.

I Scottish Ensemble: Souvenir City llalls. Candleriggs. 353 8000. 7.30—9.30pm. £1 1.50 £15 (£3 £12i. The ensemble launch their new season with a performance of old layourites and new pieces. including 'l‘chaikoysky 's Souvenir t/t' l‘lril't'llt‘t' and JS Bach‘s Rr'r'err'ure and Brandenburg Coltr'r'l'lo .\'o 6. Sally Beamish's I'm/er the Wing oft/re Roe/s; written for the superb y iola player Lawrence Power. receiyes its world premiere.


I Live Music Now: Phil Gault and Claire Haslln National (iallery of Scotland. The Mound. 624 6200. 6--6.30pm. Free. Baritone Phil (iault performs Vaughan Willianis' Surrey or Travel with piano accompaniment from Claire llaslin.

I Scottish Opera: Die Fledermaus Brunton Theatre. Ladywell \Vay. Musselburgh. 665 2240. 7.30— 10pm. £12 (£10). Scottish ()pera presents a new production of Die l-'letlerniuiry. which will delight audiences old and new alike. I Scottish Chamber Orchestra: Opening Concert l'sher Hall. l.othian Road. 228 1155. 7.30pm. £8-£24. Still llttshc‘d with the success o1. their Edinburgh Festiyal collaboration playing eight of Beethoyen's nine symphonies. the SCO and their Conductor Laureate. Sir Charles Mackerras. start the season

with Haydth roytul choral iriasterpicce I/rr' (7n iilror:


I Lunchtime Concert: James Gourlay RS.\.\11). 100 Renirew Street. 332 5057 lprii £7 r£5i The newly appointed Director ot the School ot .\lusic displays hrs \It‘tttoso side with a \arred recital ol works tor the ttrba

I Scottish Opera: Der Rosenkavalier Unwrapped '1 ltealte Roy ..1. 282 Hope Street.11870116116647 6pm. l'ree. ticketed, Key members ot cast. orchestra and backstage lcatil share some ol their secrets 111 this hour long look at what makes opera tick

I Scottish Chamber Orchestra: Opening Concert (‘iry llalls. Candler'lggs. .353 Kill 111. 7 311pm £10£22 50r£7 So £16.80i sc-e I’liu 5


I Lunchtime Organ Recital Meltwan llall. Bristo Square. 65114381 1.10pm. l'r'ee. .-\ recital o1 works by l)ur'ulle and (iuilmarit by organist .loliri Kitchen.


I Scottish Opera: Der Rosenkavalier 'I‘heatre Royal. 282 Hope Street, (18711116116647. (r311p111. £9.50 £44. 'l'his eyquisite larry story is not [U be missed. Richard Sll‘atlss' Her RUH’II/ytll'tl/lr’l‘ tells the story o1 thwarted low in 18th century Vienna.

I Kieler Knabenchor St Mary ‘s lil‘lsc‘t‘l‘ttl Cathedral. 3”“ (ireat \Veslcl’lt Road. 337 2862. 7.30pm. Collection at the door. Choral music lrom this 50 strong choir o1 young chaps fi'om northern (ieririany.

I Royal Scottish National Orchestra: The Great Concertos: Dvorak Cello Concerto Royal Concert Hall. 2 Saucliiehall Street. 353 80011.7.30pm. £10 £30. Cellist Han-Ila Chang makes her RSNU debut in Dyoi'ak's Cello Concerto. Programme also includes Smetana's l'lruiri. Britten's lirrrr Sea Inter/rules from "Peter (irrnri'y‘ ttlld Klltlssc‘llK HIV “in In Cityl/r' lirIIr/r'l’.


I Scottish Ensemble: Souvenir Queen's Hall. 157 39 Clerk 811001.668 2019. 7.45 9.45pm. £12 £14.50

r£3 £11.501.See'1‘1ru5.


I Natalia Shameyeva RS.-\.\11). 100 Renl‘rew Street. 332 5057. 3pm. £3. Principal llarpist with the tamous Bolshoi 'l'heatre Orchestra and one ot the world's leading harpists. Shamey eya presents a programme o1 her layourite music trom her riatiye Russia.

I Organ Recital: Kevin Bowyer l'niyersity Merriorial Chapel. l'niyersity ol' (ilasgow. The Square. ()11 l'niyersity .-\yentie. 6 8pm. l-‘ree. .-\ recital o1 Kaikhosru Shapurii Sorabji‘s ()rgu/i Syrup/ruin No I.


I Organ Recital 1s'e1y ingroye .-\rt (iallery and Museum. 276 9599.

2.30 3pm ck 3.30 4pm. l‘ree. Take a seat in the .\1tiseum's magnificently restored centre hall and enjoy some wonderlul music as the Sunday Promenade concerts return to Kely ingroye. This month's organist is Dennis Tow nliill ()Bli.

I St Giles’ at Six: Philomusica of Edinburgh St Giles Cathedral. Royal Mile. 226 0673. 6pm. Free. linioy .\lo/art\ l’iurio Corrie/'14! .Vu 9 in H) ly'27/ and the first perlormarice o1 John Mahon's C/ur'rrrel Cultt't'l'lrr HI I" in lidinburgh lor 200 years. with pianist (iilmour .\lacleod and clarinetist Nicola Long.

I Meadows Chamber Orchestra (irey friars Kirk. (irey friars Place. 668

2019 7 45pm £9 [:1 :71 \ri adyenturous prograrrirrie olterrrig three tlayours ot roriiariticrsrii through Ratll.t\\ harmonious ly "t li'l'rn. \\agrrer's passionate 11: \( minus [it “’1 r. with uparid coming young soprano \lomca Brett Crowther. and Dyoiak's tragically mterise \\N.","h‘r't.'\ \.v 7 o.- I) mirror. (1;! 71‘

Monday 9


I Masterclass ls’S \\1|1. 100 ls‘cntrcw bllc‘c'l. 332 71'77 111.1111 ilCC. lleL'lCtl \\ith the tamous Bolshoi lheatie ()rchestra's priric ipal harpist. \atalia Sharrieyeya

I Paragon Ensemble: Loony Tunes lhe (11d 1 rurtmarket. Caridleriggs. 353 8000 7 30pm £12 lhe coriteriiporary music ensemble open their winter season with an eycitrrig prograrririie ol lllll\1\ .iiid \isuals inspired by \\alt Disney ‘s /\’l’tltr/lll/lllt I See llllltst Edinburgh I Edinburgh Quartet Stockbrrdge Parish Church. Saye ('obrrrg Street. 065 201‘1 7 30pm £101£2 £7i Scotland's preirirere string quartet pertorrrrs a pr'ograriirrie including ,1 B\1clweii‘s Quintet \o N. li'ryi i:\. Ronald Steyetlson's Iy’r'i Hill/ii will in int/1V H alld Ray el's Quit/Ir l m /

Tuesday 1 0


I Ramshorn Lunchtime Concert Rarrishorn 'l’heatre. 98 Ingram Street. 552 ‘43”. 1.15 2pm ‘2 3. (Clt'l‘lillt'tl Sc’olllslt pianist .\1tiriay \1c|.achlan presents the first o1 two Shostakoy rcli centenary progiariimes. presented in association with the CR Shostakoyrch society

I Rush Hour Concert: RSAMD Chamber Orchestra RS..\.\11). 100 Renlrew Street. 332 5057. 5. 30pm £3 The first concert ol the year secs 1 ut/ ls'ohler conducting the orchestra in a perlormarice ol .Iacqtres ll‘t‘l'bS l/le' Cum t'l‘lu. \\11l1 21M 10 ( 'ttllc'c‘llo ('orripetitioii winner. Stephen ('lark

I Edinburgh Quartet ( llasgoyy l'niyersrly Concert Hall. l‘nryersrty .-\\entie. 3 *0 4092. 6pm. l'ree See .\1on ‘)


I Edinburgh Quartet Reid Concert Hall. lzdrriburgh l'riryersrty. Bristo Square. 668 2019. 1.10pm. l-ree. 'l he qtlal'lel pct'lorrtl ( lapollllc‘lltl.\ String Quartet. llaydri's Sir/rig Quartet. Up 54 .\'u/ III (i and Mendelssohn's (ii/nu l in I Kieler Knabenchor St Mary K lilitscopal Cathedral. 23 l’alirierstori Place. 225 6293. 7, 30pm. Collection at the door. See Sat 7.

I Paragon Ensemble: Loony Tunes (irey lrrars Kirk. (ir‘eylriars Place. 668 2019. 8pm. £12 i£5 £61. See Mon 9.

Wednesday 1 1


I Scottish Opera: Der Rosenkavalier '1'1iearre Royal. 282 “UPC SII'L‘CI. 0870 “(iii ()(ls47. (151111111 129.511 1.44. See Sat 7.


I Edinburgh Quartet (ilass Arcade. Scottish .-\gricultural College. Kings Buildings. 1.05pm. l-ree.


I RSAMD Strings Showcase (ilasgow 1'niyersity Concert Hall. l'niyersity Ayenue. 330 4092. 1.10pm. l'ree. A programrrie o1 Berio. Schumann and Bartok by students lrom the RSAMD's Strings Department.

I Masterclass RS.-\.\11). 100 Renlrew Street. 332 5057. 2pm. l'ree. ticketed. \Vith supremely grlted young oboist. Alexei ()grintchouk.