The Orchestra of SCOTTISHOPERA

Cl ASSN/U. ORCHESTRA OF SCOTTISH OPERA St Andrew‘s in the Square, Glasgow, Sun 15 Oct

They may not be very visible when Scottish Opera is on the main stage, but the Orchestra of Scottish Opera is not one to shy away from appearing in public on their own so that audiences can get a chance to hear and see them a bit more closely. A regular series of orchestral concerts at St Andrew’s in the Square in the company’s home city of Glasgow is now one of the mainstays of the orchestra’s schedule. ‘When I took over managing the orchestra some years ago,’ says Orchestra and Concerts Director, Jay Allen, ‘I saw it as an essential part of the players‘ working life to have a public face as well as with the company in the theatre.’ Playing for singers is a specialist skill that Scottish Opera’s instrumentalists are well renowned for, but Allen feels that the different discipline of playing concerts shows how flexible his players are too.

‘We had to change their contracts, which I'm pleased to say was done with goodwill and the players' consent,‘ he says, ‘and they are 100% behind me in everything I’ve done. They, of course, also enjoy playing in a concert situation.’

While St Andrew’s in the Square may not be quite large enough to accommodate the full size orchestra of 53 full-time musicians all at once, programmes are devised by conductor Richard Armstrong to reflect what can be done with a bit of creative imagination. For his first appearance, strings are in the first half with wind in the second, while guest conductor Douglas Boyd‘s programme in November will feature the smaller scale symphonic forces required by Mozart. Contemporary opera composers Jonathan Dove and Judith Weir also feature. ‘The powerhouse of any opera company is its orchestra‘ says Allen. ‘lt’s our fundamental bedrock.‘

(Carol Main)

I BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra: Thursday Night Series ('it} llallx. (‘andleriggx 353 S000.

"2 30pm. £‘l £3 l .50. .lame\ .\lac.\lil|ait\ l/u' lliir/rl'x li’iinwmine. tlte litNl part of lll\ orchextral l:a\ter tt'ipt}ch It'lr/lllllll IS [lilll't'tl \\ llll llil} tllliS (it'lltt ('I‘Ill r‘l‘lrt .\'rt 3. with \tunning l‘l'L‘llL'll cellist (iatitier ('apticon.


I John Myerscough and Alasdair Beatson Rit};tl ()\ t'l'—.St‘tt\ l.L‘i|:_'l|L'. lllll l‘t‘iitcex Street. 335 I50l. 0.30pm. £3.50 i£o50i. \Vinner ol the gold medal at tlte 3000 R()Sl. .\lu\ie ('ompetitioit. cellixt .\l}t'i‘\c'iitig|i I\ joined h} pianist llL‘lllStlll tor a recital of llrahmx‘ If mtrtm‘ wmttii and lleethoxen'x \ariatiom on 'l'.itt \liidchen oder \Veihchen' from .\lo/art\ .Uil‘e'tt' l'lllli‘.


I Lunchtime Concert: Alexei Ogrintchouk RS.~\.\lI). l00 Renlre“ Street. 333 5057. Ipm. £7 (£5). The git'ted )ttllllg ohoixt returns to the RS.>\.\ll) to perform hoth ax a \oloixt and in ehamher muxic \\ ith academ} \tudenh.

I Scottish Chamber Orchestra: Adventurer Series ('it) llallx. ('aiidleriggx. 353 S000. 7.30pm.

£l0 £33.50 (£7.50 £lo..\’0). The S(‘()\ \eriex ol' th e .»\d\enttirer concerts heginx \\ ith thix progi‘aiiime ol Schumann. .\'iel\en. lltitilletn and Judith \Veir’x Ht't‘rtli' .Stl'rtkrw it! the Hun conducted l‘} Andre de Ridder \\ ith .\la\imiliano Martin on clarinet.


I Lunchtime Organ Recital

.\lcli\\ an llall. Brixto Square. h50 43Sl. l.|llhm. lii‘ee. .-\ \\ ell \ai'ied recital from Sarah lltlgltt‘\ including music h) Hindemith. lirexchaldi and JS Bach.

I A Choral Celebration Si (iile\' ('athedt‘al. Royal Mile. 330 0673. 5.30pm. :\dmi\\ion h} programme: £5. The cathedral choir prex ie\\ \ itx autumn tour ot‘ south—“extent l-‘rance. including “orks h} B_\t'd. (iihhonx. Purcell. Vaughan \\'il|iam\ and l’oulene.

I Royal Scottish National Orchestra: Benedetti and Deneve l'xher Hall. l.othian Road. 333 |l55. 7.30pm. £l0 £3S. .-\l'tei' a \L‘ll-tllll date last March. llcnedetti l‘L‘llll‘lh and. \haring a hill \\ ith conductor Stephane l)ene\e. pi'o\ idex thix exeniiig'x performance of l’rokol'iex '\ /.lr'llli'lullll Kilt" Sllllr'. \lL‘lltlt‘lvttllll'S \lit/llt ('inii'i'riu ireplacing the originth ad\erti\ed (ila/uiiox i. Rotixxel'x Stilt/21min .\'u .t' and RM el'x l.u lit/\i'.

Saturday 14


I Scottish Opera: Der Rosenkavalier 'l'lieatre Ro)al 3S3 llope Street. 0S70 000 (1047. 3. I 5pm. £0.50 £44. SL‘L‘ Sat 7.

I Royal Scottish National Orchestra: Benedetti and Deneve Ro)al ('oitcert Hall. 3 Sauehiehall Street. 353 S000. 7.30pm. £l0 £30. See l’i'i l3.


I Scottish Chamber Orchestra: Adventurer Series Qtieeii'x Hall. 37 S‘) (‘lCl'l\ .Slt‘t‘t'l. (ihtS 3(ll‘)_ 7.30pm. £8 £34 i£o £|.\'i. See l"ri l3.


I The Belcea Trio l.inliiligo\i l’rimar} School. l’rexton Road. (H500 844(145. 7.30pm. £7 t£3 UH. 'l‘heir leader ma) he on maternit} leaxe htit the remaining iiiemherx ol‘ the celehrated Beleea Quartet \oldier on \tith thix e\eiiing ol' \\orl\\ h_\ Schuhert. l)ohnan_\i and .\lo/art. 'l‘icketx from Blaxt-Ull litttth.


I The Dunedin Consort 8. the Dunedin Players l’;tt\lc_\ .-\hhe_\. ,-\hhe_\ Place, SS‘) 7054. ".30pm. £30 i£|5t. ('horal music from the L‘HllStlrl and their ehamher orchestra. l’urt «it Illt' I’ruslt't ('luim/ l't'\lll'tl/.


I St Andrew’s in the Square Saint Andre“ '\ in the Square. I St Andre“ ‘\ Square. 55‘) 5003. 3pm. £thc. ()ne of a

\eriex ol Stinda} alternoon concertx pl'L‘wtllcd h} tlte orchextra ol Scollhll ()pera. l'eaturmg guext conductorx Richard .'\l‘lll\ll'tlll:_'. Douglax Bind. (iat‘r_\ Walker and Ror) \lacdoltald.


I St Giles’ at Six: The Nevis Quartet St (iilex' ('alhetlral. Rotal .\lile. 330 0673. opm. tree. The quartet perl'ortnx Beelhm ett\ String Quartet ()p IS in I” and Kenneth l)emp\ter'\ I'm/«r the Hammer.

Tuesday 1 7


I Ramshorn Lunchtime Concert Ratthhot‘n 'l‘heatre. 0S Ingram Street. 553 34S‘). l.l5 3pm. £3. (1mm FUN)” celehratex .\lo/art\ 350th aiini\ei'\ai'_\ war \\ ith a performance of lllS piano \onatax in If flirt. K315? and .-l tit/mil; l\'.\'/(l.-l. together \xith rarel} heard miniaturex.

I Rush Hour Concert: RSAMD Wind and Jazz Ensemble RS.-\.\ll). |00 Renl'retx Street. 333 5057. 5.30pm. £3. llead ol'()rche\tral Sttidie\. Bryn] Allen. directx the enxemhle in a pl'tigi'dllllllc ol’ Strax iiixk} '\ ()t Ir'l and llet'ltxleitt'x l’ri'lmli'. fugue uiu/ RIN\.


I Lunchtime Recital: Joby Burgess .\lcl{\\ an llall. Brixto Square. (‘50 43S]. l.l0pm. l-ree. (‘ontemporar} muxic from one of Britain'x moxt dixerxe pt‘t‘L‘tlxxlttlli\l\.

Thursday 1 9


I Robert Irvine and Graeme McNaught (llLISgtHK l'nixerxit} (‘oncert llall. l‘nherxit} .-\\enue. filh 3333. l,l0pm. l'ree. Join lrxine and .\lc.\'aught as the} dip into a lunchtime helping of Beamixh'x luv: and Rachmaninoll\ Smut/i1 liir (iv/In iuul l’uuui.

I Royal Scottish National Orchestra: Sporting Scores with Carl Davis Ro}al (’oncert Hall. 3 Sauchiehall Street. 353 S000. 7.30pm. £10 £30. (‘arl l)a\ ix conductx a night ot \porting pride \\ ith (tun-mu of Fire.

,V’ . .4. I. . ~ . .__ sirxg , .

Paragon Ensemble: Loony Tunes Another first for Paragon as they give the UK premiere of Lyell Cresswell's Ot Whirlwmd Underground which depicts Prometheus efforts to steal fire from the gods and his resulting punishment at the hands of the Furies. Old Fruit/market. Glasgow. Mon 9 Oct; Greyfriars Kirk. Edinburgh Tue 70 Oct.

Scottish Opera: Der Rosenkavalier Scottish Opera starts the 2006/07 season with a revival of its hugely successful production of Richard Strauss's much-loved comic opera. It opens in the bedroom of the middle—aged. married Marschallin in the company of her teenage lover. Octavian. the latter played by the stunning young mezzo. Sarah Connelly, who makes her debut in the role. as well as her debut With the company. Theatre Royal, Glasgow, Sat 7, Wed 77 <2 Sat 74 Oct.

Royal Scottish National Orchestra: Benedetti and Deneve It should be guite something to hear the combination of young superstar Nicola Benedetti in the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto with Deneve conducting. Following the great success of her recent recording of the Mendelssohn, it is a special programme request from Nicky herself as she wanted to bring the work to Scottish audiences. Usher Hall, Edinburgh, Fri 73 Oct; Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, Sat 74 Oct.

.Vt’Hll/l Durmu. llolxt'x .lir/titi'r. Qtteen'x We are t/u' ('lutni/un/ix and other sporting theme tune»


I Live Music Now: Simon Thacker National (ialler) ol Scotland. The Mound. (i34 0200, (i (i30piii. l‘ree. A perlormance of classical guitar DICL'L‘S h} Comptth vi ho hat e traxelled uitlel} and made their name\ in countriex other thoxe from which the} originated.

I Scottish Chamber Orchestra: Great Romantics 1 Queens Hall. 8778‘) ('lerlt Street, (int-4 30l‘). 7.30pm. £3 £34 t£()~£l8i. A romantic programme ol merturex h} Weber. concertos h} Mendelssohn and \}lllpllt)nlC\ h} Schumann. conducted by .lttxcpll Suenxen with Jonathan Biss on piano.

'21—": Cc' 2'13", THE LIST 77