When did you last dance?

He's Paisley's most famous son and an Academy Award- nominated actor to boot. But Tom Conti would jack it all in tomorrow to explore the mapping of the human genome. We dare him to apply his talents to our O&A

Which time in history would you love to have lived? And why?

What happened at your best ever New Year party?

Do gentlemen prefer blondes?

Can you cook? If so. what‘s your signature dish?

When did you last cry? What was the reason?

Your house is on fire; loved ones 'i ~

and pets etc are safe. You have a chance to go and retrieve one

thing, what would it be? What’s your biggest regret?

What’s your all-time favourite What’s the longest time you’ve sitcom? Why? slept soundly in one go over the ' " ' '

last five years?


What song would you hate to be played at your funeral?

You could quit your job and start afresh tomorrow and do

What was the last thing you stole?

If you could wake up tomorrow and have obtained one ability what would it be?

something completely new. What would you choose to do?

Do you consider yourself organised? How often do you have to look for your keys?

How many times a day do you

look in the mirror?

Tell us the punchline to your

favourite joke?

Is there a gig you have been offered that you wanted to do but had to knock back? Why?

What, if anything is too serious to joke about?

When did you last laugh out loud while reading a book?

Have you ever exploited your position to get something? Did you get the results you hoped for?

Who would you like to play you in the film of your life? Who do you actually think would play you?

What’s the longest you’ve ever pursued a woman for? And was it successful or not?

What do you like best about your life?

What do you like least about your

Now here’s a novel idea: instead of a day in celebration of something, why not have an anti-day? Here we pay tribute to some of the most novel

I FOunded in 1992 by VanCOuyer artist Ted Dave. Buy Nothing Day is now informally observed in 65 countries. Keep your cash in your pocket on 23 November and join in the celebration.

104 THE LIST '

What’s your favourite biscuit?

Andfinally... ' '

I Supponing no cause. With no mission statement. and wrth nothing to sell. the creators of No Music Day (21 Novemberl have provoked an onslaught of thoughtful discussion on the SUbJeCl of ‘silence' and anti-creativity. wwwnomuSiCdaycom

I Put the remote down and take control of your life in the name of International Turn Off the TV Week (23—29

Mayi. Look out for White Dot' aCIIVistS zapping telewsron sets in bars near you wrth the nifty 'TV-B-Gone'.

I Bug-busting Day is a

national initiative to help irradicate that nasty. hair- inhabiting beastie. the nit. Grab yOur comb and child and 10”] the bug-busting gang on 31 January and 5 June.

I Nettle cruelty is rife in the UK. This must be stopped. The humble nettle plays a key role in the natural world. For Be Nice to Nettles Week (14—25 May) just let the poor plant be. ‘fNN/flGIIlEBSOngk

I World Car Free Day ThOusands choose to leave the fuel-guzzling. road rage- induCing heap in the garage On 22 September. Why not 10in them and cycle. 'r/alk or skip to work instead.

I Alternatively. ignore morallSllC anti-sentiments. and indulge in National Chip Week It 1-17 Februar/i and National Donought Week i4—tOtwayi