Cove Park was established III I999 as a centre of excellence offering residencies to indiwduals and groups working in the arts and creative industries Situated on the Rosneath peninsula on the west coast. the park comprises an artists' centre. accommodation for a minimum of ten people. and six studios set Within a SO-acre site

We are now looking for a skilled and enthusiastic General Manager to take care of all the practical aspects of maintaining and developing a growmg international .“II'IISISI centre in a rural location

Salary £25,000 - £28,000 Full details from WWW covepark org Or email inforinationucovepark org

Closing date Friday I Ith ofjanuary 2008



The National Youth Orchestras of Scotland (NYOS) seeks an experienced fundraiser to lead its team in its demanding fundraising programme.

More details from NYOS on 0141 332 8311 or at Applications tozThe Chief Executive, NYOS, 13 Somerset Place, Glasgow,

G3 7JT.

Closing date: 21 December 2007

NYOS is an equal opportunities employer Arts I

3T Researcher

mum-oi With Scotland's leading entertainment and lifestyle publisher The List is looking for a fullatime Researcher to iom the team based In our busy Edinburgh office,

Compiling accurate and Informative listings is at the heart of what we do and the successful applicant Will help research forthcoming events taking place aCross Scotland, while maintaining strong relationships With key arts venues and organisations

We are looking for someone who is articulate and organised With a sharp eye for detail and the ability to work to deadlines.

A clear. confident writing style is essential as is an active Interest in the Scottish arts and entertainment scene. Experience of using database systems would also be an advantage.

If you have your finger placed firmly on Scotland's cultural pulse please apply in writing With CV and covering letter to:

Personnel The List

I4 High Street Edinburgh EHI ITE

Email: Deadline: Friday 7 December 2007

The List is an equal opportunities employer.


Research Support

With Scotland's leading entertainment and lifestyle publisher


The List is looking for an articulate and well-organised person With a sharp eye for detail to a55ist our Research team on an occa5iona| freelance baSIs

We are looking for someone With a clear. confident writing style and the ability to work to deadlines to help compile accurate and informative listings for events aCI'oss Scotland. An aCtive interest in the Scottish arts and entertainment scene is essential and experience of usmg database systems would be an advantage.

If you feel this posmon Stiits your abilities please apply in writing With CV and covering letter to:


The List

l4 High Street



Email: pCl'SOIIITEI\II\lIS[.CO.Ul( Deadline: Friday 7 December 2007

The List IS an equal opportunities employer.

How did you get that job?

Simon Wright

Hospitality & Leisure Recruitment Consultant

Ultimate Resourcing

With Ultimate Resourcing at the beginning of October this year although I have been a recruitment consultant Since March 2007.

In a nutshell recruiting for management roles within the hospitality and leisure sector - ideally matching the criteria of the clients with the qualities of the candidates. We work with anything from five star international hotel and casino companies to independent quality Scottish restaurants and everything in between. so the work is varied and always interesting. There are more aspects to it than that obviously. such as business development. sales and marketing. Also. visiting great bars. restaurants. hotels and Clubs that's one of the tough bits!

Best - Making Clients happy. finding candidates their ideal job with a company they wanted to work for! Making money! Worst The packed train journey from my beloved Glasgow to our Head Office in Edinburgh and having to get out of bed extra early when I need to be in the Edinburgh Office first thing!

I have always worked in hospitality since I was a kid and have worked in hotels and managed bars. restaurants and nightclubs. Most recently I was working at 29 Royal Exchange Square and Karbon in Glasgow.

To be a successful recruitment consultant you need to know the market place within which you work. understand the recruitment process then send your CVs into the companies that work within your desired sector.

Still having the ‘time of my life‘ now that l have my weekends back! Got a lot of weekends to make up for losing out on!

To reach the top in hospitality management you need to be passionate about the industry above all else. Never forget it Is the quality of the overall customer experience that counts above everything! It is the peOpIe working in the industry who deliver that experience - they cook the food. they mix the cocktails. they play the music so if you're good with people and can get the best out of your team y0ur business sh0uld be successful and you should be a well paid and respected manager!




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Piano Tuition I \I‘k'llt‘lltk'll [‘lillt'\\lilll.ll |‘|.IIII\I .lllil It‘at llt'I It'at hrs [‘I.Illil .Il \lk'i'lt'x' lt'\t'l IHI lilIiiliiinJII I IlI‘.t'I\Il_\ \Iiisit l)t'|‘.llllllt'lll ll.IIIIt'il .iI l\’H\.il \IIIIIit'iii ('nllt'vt' III \III\I\.

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(III \k'llllk' liit .IIlHIl Hll lllll\lilt' (‘it-stt-III I as} lutal paikiiiz' Peter Bream GRNCM Tel.: 0131 556 8567 e-mail: