Pecha Kucha nights have become an underground global phenomenon. Kirstin Innes finds out what all the fuss is about

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\L‘L'. i.\L‘ hi\l _\oti ahead}. ha\en't l'.’ llo\\e\ei'. on \Vednesda} 5 |)eeeinher. around lSll Seottish musieiaus. artists and genei'a||_\ ei'eati\ e seenexter t_\pe\ are going to eongregate around a night long l’oxxerl’oint \Iide\ho\\ held in (i|a\go\\ \ .'\i'ehe\. in the knouledge that tlie_\'re taking part in an iiher—eool international phenomenon.

(‘liekz red nails digging into e\po\ed l‘att_\ tissue on an operating tahle. ('liek: \Vondemoman. ('liek: the e_\ e ol'a giant squid.

ln Still}. 'l’iik§ii»lxi\etl arehiteetx .v\\trid Klein and Mark lbtham eame tip \\ith an idea tor a \oeial L‘\Clll [0 promote litL‘ll‘ ltL‘\\ Cillli \[NtL‘L‘ Superl)e|u\e. 'l‘he_\ ealled it l’eeha Kueha. uhieh translates rou1—‘hl_\ lrom Japanese as 'ehit ehat'. 'l'hefd get up to H people lllti\li} liello\\ to talk about their ideas and the things that inspired them aesthetieall}. in a rela\ed setting. \\ ith drinks and musie on hand.

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Clllilll\l.l\lle aiid uiideiv.hehiiiiig laiixt‘h dioiiiii_:' on. eaeh presenter \‘.illliti he eilll\ll.illtt‘ti h_\ a \ti‘iet tiiiie hunt and a last iiio\in-_:. ieniotel} eoiitrolled l‘o\\ei|’oint \iltit'\ilit\‘. aheath pie programmed \\ ith then'e\

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In the iiitei‘\ening _\eai’\. l’eeha kueha \ight has morphed into \itlllt‘lilllljJ huge and glol‘e sealing. \\ith nights iio\\ heiiig run iii o\ei .\ll eities; all ol llioxe htihs ol lllll\le. design and ei‘eatn it_\ that people \\.tlll to h\ e iii. i,l\i‘iill. San l'i‘;iiiei\eo. Berlin. \ladi'itl \tl\llll. |e\a\. \e\\ York. \eu York. It's heeii running in (i|.i\go\\ \inee Illllti. and this is the lotii‘th exent. It attraets artists. designers. lllll\lel;lll\. ( Men the presenters are part ol the (‘reati\e |.iiti'epi’eiieur\ (‘luh i(‘l:('i. the lighthouse run organisation \xhieh sets tip networking e\ent\ and Seottish th'\lj_‘ll eonlei'eiiees. l'here ha\ e heen thiee I’eeha l\'ueha lllg‘ilh lll ( ii;t\f_‘ti\\ ;tllti title at [ilL‘ “CC Red Hat lll Izdiiihtirgh.

(’hek: .\ \ereaiuing punk at a gig in Heihn.

"l‘he \PL‘dixL‘lN gtl‘t‘ [‘lt'ixt‘d lit l‘t'Itl‘tNt‘lll .t ell)“ \eetion ol' the ei‘eatn e industries] \a_\\ I )iise} Smith. \\ho runs the ('l:(‘ and l’eeha Kneha. \o the} pull a huge \ariet_\ ol aiidieiiee iiieiuhers. \Vhen me started the ehih. \\ e made a rule that people \xeren‘t allou ed to talk dii‘eetl} ai‘otll their husinessex or \xorle either. lherek nothing \\oi'\e than heing \tuek il\lt‘lllllj_‘ to someone ad\ei‘ti\ing theiuxel\e\7 l eiieoui'age people to share their ideas and lll\[‘ll'.tllilll\. and aixo to keep to things that inspire them personally.

'I'hix time around. presenters ineliide a lllll\le

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l\iieha iiiiuiiii:' \\llil \\l_\ liiiiiioiii and a health_\ attitude to potential teehiiologieal eliaos

(‘hele the I‘Vlls l’eiiguin papeiliaek eo\ei ol .liiltltl [‘tilixe\ /\’i'i/.' Kit/WI! /\'iii:

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