The daughter of a high-ranking member of the Tamil Tigers, M.l./-\. is a mass of contradictions. But it is the complexity and diversity other experience which inspires her music, finds Kirstin Innes

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‘.\aaaah. inanY 'I‘hat'x aina/iiieT' \he \a_\\. when I tlumle it hack tm hei'. Sm. I take it the alhuin'x gmne \IU\\H prett} \\e|| iii the State\'.’ 'Yeah? I \\;t\ kintl ml surprised. actuall). We keep timing; these \lim\\\ antl [temple keep screaming: and eming: mad. I \iUlhl get it. I reall} tlmn‘t get it. I thmught this alhuin \\a\ much inmi'e ran than the lll'\l mnc. hill the audiences are piling era/)1 dancing: tm it.'

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'I‘\\m _\eai'\ agm. riding hiin mn the success ml .lrii/ui‘. her \tmniping. grime}. tlaiicehall lmatletl and utter|_\ uncminpi‘minixing tlehut. _\l.|_.\. ai‘i‘i\etl in .‘\lllc‘l‘l\';t. She \\a\ latlen \\ith in\itatimn\ tm parties including mne at (in en Stelani's hmuxe‘. she had an apartment in the hippest part ml Bi'mmklm: she \\a\ kiUC tm cut her \ecmntl alhuin \\ ith star-maker pi'mtlucer 'l'iinhalantl. the man single—handed!) i'expmnxihle lmi' the rehahilitatimn ml \ell} I’urtatlm. mexe\ei‘. \he \\a\ reluxetl enti'_\ tm the cmunti‘}.

.\l.l..‘\.\ lather. lainmuxl). is .\i‘ul l’i‘agaxain. the ‘.-\i‘ular' ml hei' lii‘xt alhuin'x title. and a high- i'anking inenilwr ml the ’l‘ainil 'l‘igei'x. the i‘e\mlutimnai'_\ Sri lankan sect. ‘l‘he_\ ‘i'e estranged; alter a chilclhmmtl spent tlmtlging the chi] \\at‘ in Sri lanka and in i‘elugee camps in India. .\1.l..\.\ inmthei'. Kala. inmxetl the lainil_\ hack tm l.UllLlUll. \xhei'e .\la_\ a had been hmrn. \\'hether it “as this cmnnectimn. mi' \xhethei‘ .\l.|..v\.\ m\\n Dries.