Minute Masters

As The List gets ready to announce a new short film competition for 2008, our film editor Paul Dale talks to the winners of this year's One Minute Wonder competition about their films

it". "if. l"" T ".\ "llirtm‘. " iii I lii.'.' :~-' "at '°‘.".'t.£ltl. rt Director fun -; v w r : Him ne _\ear ago 'l‘ln' IA! and media production compan_\ .\letro ih-wt :t-p Memorable moments from the lacosse launched our lirst e\er short lilm competition. ()ne Synopsis ’an‘iiir shoot 1 I'i' -- .t : i~ Minute \Vonder \\;is an entr_\ ~le\el screenuiiting competition ’liwh:« it- 7‘ ,v ' inf T‘ .7 f" I" ' t r : i' ' open to ati_\one aged o\er lo uho Ines in Scotland. It \\a\ alw the lirxt (1.“? .-.' c,l\..itlttlil"}t' i; :M Turin-l r .'.,t Scottixhvhaxed competition to in\ ite \el‘lpl\ lor llllll\ ol' |ll\l a minute for tam, l lilo; ti: tour». (it w: 1. f".: *"r w ‘ittit'l'WJ; r_ .: :~-: long. lihlt‘ttlllx lor the 2007 competition \xere imited to come tip \\ith a ‘%€"'3lt<; ntr a ii<;'.'./i ’)l‘"it:ll"‘i» tantaw ,i l“.:l . in mm scripthasedonthetheme‘xxild’. \ltiltiw Lflli.l'Y’Dlfitt'dltiil,\fllti rt rm.» ll, ‘.iit.t'l"i.t".'l- ,i-rxz \Ve recei\ ed o\er Hill entries lrom all m er Scotland. \\ hich \\ etc then .'.'."t:l" ‘i’itk “(div Will It»: {ill x 15h. .4 tr». an. n considered h} aiur} made tip ol‘ m_\ sell. actress. \\ riter and director mow-ow; Matt-rt» : i. t,~ r l'u‘l") Would you enter again? i" ' .‘\ll\t)ll l’eehlex. llllltlltttkt'l‘ :\tll'i;tll \lead. .\leti'o l‘iL'U\\L‘ Director ( )\e;tl eil‘tllllllli’xl l til {tio m: " with Lil‘illtl'f tin» i" i'itf. ' l-r‘-".'.itt"’w' Askin and short lilm l'extnal programmer .\latthe\\ l.lo)d. 'l'he standard 5 )lil‘)’ teat .r; int-v Mina: .l' :“n.-i 'r , n.1,.» l’w' new, 'éulll‘ ~i zllil \xas e\ceptionall_\ high. and. alter hours ol'deliheration. \\ e caine tip \\ itli llié: t:':;ir~.:;o»,' 2‘ r t "and ’li x 4m» tr. .: mm M a list ol' ten great scripts. ’l'he ne\t stage “as to get the \xriters in lor an How did you find the OMW "stir .l .-..:t;.i w w "at .m inter\ ie\\. l’rom that pl‘oee\\ a linal selection ol' li\ e \\ innei\ “as made experience? 'i'w: snit'igi i? What are you doing now? and then in the months leading up to the Iidinhurgh International l'ilm nor, .-.a:; ‘an and ~amt,- mutt, mam; ittiio.'.".°1'it;ii«iiir';x liextnal. li\e prolessional lilmmalters catne on hoard and turned those t“<lf$ll, It helped to l»; gimi‘ ‘7‘»..- ‘J an r l .-.'tl «no l‘l‘;( I. ll‘ ~scripts into a lilmic realit}. ln .'\ugu\t the lllllh \xere shout] at the till :i'w-irwt; .‘l “amt it )lLiHax} in ville/1273i." mu: rim: 1.: illltl the jtlt'} ehtixe (iill \Vhite ax the tilllxltthtlthg m ei'all \\ ihhet‘. She mail». l,'t)‘)fnl,‘ll‘7it,‘f} ‘;Xl)l'.}"f tr. ;: 1,. ,it:eii.‘.r'fr:r; ct an ,i- .'.'ltl( t. i. t‘ceehcd a laptop loaded \\ ith all the latext lilm editing technology initialize l'Tl,‘ (lit, oi 7l‘n’: :; not 'L")llr:l Intuit iii littl‘.‘.‘:‘:'l “1 MM!) lli’l x\\ Ul. ltitla} the liVL‘ lllltt\ are a\ailah|e It) \ ieu tut \\ \\ \\.li\l.eti.tll\ txee l)l:|ll£illi, the tough»: itimii ain't 2? “'1':illlilii‘dnh‘n "i trauma hottom ol' page It) tor details). In .lanuar} \\e \\ ill he launching an all ne\\ was; cum! I.) me nor; tutti". it"a; pint new .',"il,«il.. tin/"weir: screeimriting competition. hut in the meantime. let\ hear lrom the ltltl‘ when: and extiertm: gantr- tr :v‘ 'l: :si,i.-«;‘u.-‘

winners about what ha\ ing their script turned into a lilm meant to them.


Charles Watson

Title tItil? ll lllt' ‘t'x'i‘ti

Director Harv, Razor

Synopsis ‘lt'i: tilt/rat a

’sltr. .'.tio aim-w; i:

t‘l‘ttrtt‘t- M.“ ii tir't ll‘.

the 't2iitiit‘ti:;:;iti'i:; of fliat‘

How did you find the OMW experience? ‘lt salt; tara‘iixitm; Ti :lt't' the time and t‘lit‘ll it taker: 1c "Lined one rniiitite ‘ilrp and also tit-tfi'a; 1 meet people iii the untied". ttt‘ltiailt \lt‘illt; stilt? rather It‘ll" mil talking .tt‘it‘tit ii.‘

Memorable moments from the shoot dust heron there tutti 'm-et people. lite ties: moment We, hummer. tam: st-eat‘t; Il‘e 7"":2"t“\} We on the l‘it} sweep. te' the first f-r' t. it this our}: l lll

': Would you enter again? New: : .3. .z \NOLlltllittu‘lt‘l‘t‘fl‘t"1t:lif«It‘d. '."1"'t":~ no point rusting the an. E; twe it l‘\\)\l l0 l‘o ll‘t“ \t‘l\ {‘08'. t3 tlc‘.

= What are you doing now? waiting a tei‘ mimic sport 3." s a.

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