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From satirical stocking fillers to trouble on Glebe Street, this year’s batch of hardback picture books brings Matt Meade out in a nostalgic sweat

nnualx \\ ere onee the sole preer e of the )oung. Bo_\\ had their Ht’tlllf' and girls got their .lliini/i'. Seotx hooted at the eharmingl} litil‘llllllillt' plotlinex Hi The limo/1.x. \xhile the I‘.ligli\li.

one imaginex. manelled at the axinine 'ad\enture\‘ ol

Rupert the Bear and hix ehumx. The range ol‘ adult titlex axailable this \eaxon is huge. lior man}. the reeehing ol' an annual has been a (‘hrixtmax eonxtant and not one the} eonxider relinquixhing into adulthood. Reading these hardbaek pieture bookx reeapturex a time \\ hen. \tlslztiltcd onl} b_\ a \eleetion bo\. )oti eould happil) de\our 'l'lri' [Mm/i" in a single \itting. \xhile bigger. more expensix e presents nailed their turn for our attention. Here \\ e reeommend the piek of the buneh to enjo} in peaee tor \\ hen the llt-l;t\\\ linall_\ depart and when the _\uletide tell} ix. as l’axx Broon might xa}. minee.

Viz: The Pearl Necklace ll)('lll1l\ l’u/i/rxliluei presents a ‘lu\uriou\ \tring ot' uneultured gemx' from I.\.\UC.\ l-l: 10 ISI UT Bi'lltllllK ITL‘xl-u‘lllllg‘ ITLHHI} eomie. Forget the lat Slagx and head straight l‘or I‘Ttl T Bunn. the Master Baker and lil\ (iingerbread Se\ l)oll\. and also the indomitable aleoholie Iiigltt .»\ee. The Top Tips seetion ix eonsixtentl} brilliant too. .\'ot an edit-\ing Christmas read. but “ith a title like that )ou don't expect otherxxise. The Private Eye Annual tl’rii'uli' lire) ma} not be as ele\ er as it think\ it ix. but works great as an it're\erent neux re\ie\\ of Bill)? Lampooning exer}thing from l'lxter to lxlam. and rebuking figures of tabloid populixm through well- placed speeeh-bubbles. it’s the obxioux ehoiee for an} fan of the satirical stoeking tiller.

|i\erei\e )our eerebral mass \xith the GI Annual Il-ii/ii'i'l. This book ol "general ignoranee' e\pand\ on Stephen H} \ popular te|e\ ixion \hou. u ith eontributionx l‘rom panellists Rob Br} don. .lo Brand and Bill Baile}. \Veit'd liaetx. dtteflioltx \xhieh \xill stump and a great |a_\out make thix a \land—out title in the annual\ market. l'r} e\aggerate\ on|_\ a bit \\ hen he elaims it \\ ill 'eauxe nothing but rapture and enehantment ol‘ the highest. giddiext kindf Red— l‘ltmtlL‘tl tnale l'L‘;ttlet‘\ \\lll (L‘l'lttllil) IVL'CI thew \enxationx upon opening the WWE Divas Wrestling Annual ll’i'i/ieri'i'i. \tliieh has to be \een to be belie\ed. The pietut'ex ol' ‘aetion' \eene\ from 'light\' belueen thexe bu\om goddexxex rand there\ plent} of them) |ea\e little to the imagination. Sueating female limbs enmine. \kirtx ride up. and aggrexxixel} orgaxmie l'aeex pout in delightful \xa} \.

Thirt}\omething l‘emalex \xill eet'tainl} enjo} the Best of Jackie Il)(' 'I‘liumwiii. though \\ hen it eoinex to eontent. The Broons Annual ll)(~ ‘l‘liumwni blim \ all the other titles aua}. Seotland'x happ} lamil} are up to their“ ll\tlttl tr‘iekx that in\at‘iabl_\ lead to Man Broon being blaek-al‘t'ronted either b} Pan Broon'x ineorrigible behaxiour ijingxf l. Daphne'x glutton} le‘l‘l\\Cll\IIl. or (irandpau\ and urrxeernl} “an thelp ma boabTTTi. Its all happening on (ilebe Street. :\l\o eheek out \\ hat eould be SeotlandK bextxelling title thix (‘hrixtmax Maw Broon’s Cookbook Il)(' TllillllVI/ll \thieh inelude\ heart} Seottixh reeipex for \toxiex. Seoteh pie~. and ~- )ou guessed it e minee. Bt‘au.

All annuals are out now.


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