Vacuum, Studio Warehouse. Glasgow, Fri 30 Nov

The man they call Q-Burns Abstract Message (aka Q- BAM aka Michael Donaldson) is no stranger to Glasgow‘s Studio Warehouse. This is the fourth time he's bringing his unique brand of infectiously funky deep house and quirky breakbeat to the venue. ‘I think the concept behind the Warehouse is brilliant and it’s something I‘d love to see more cities adopting,‘ he explains. Describing the Warehouse's unique vibe as ‘quite special' Q-Burns likens the atmosphere to that of the warehouse parties of San Francisco.

Beginning his DJing career on college radio in Orlando before releasing his first track, ‘141 Revenge


Street' back in 1995, he's now an endlessly touring DJ (‘pretty much non-stop since 1996‘) and among the US‘ top dance producers. He also has a slew of remixes due for release on esoteric labels Hector Works, Prismatic Tracks, Mettle Music and Dotbleep as well as for his own vinyl only label EIGHT-TRACKS.

Internationally renowned for his playful, dancefloor- flattening DJ performances, he describes his DJ style as ‘a bit like vodka, because it looks innocent like a glass of water, but it actually delivers a funky good time and maybe a bit of a headache the next day if you're not careful.‘ For deep house fans, followers of Mr Scruff, Mylo, Kerri Chandler or anyone who likes a bit of fun in their house, Q-Burns is a cult must-see. (Claire Stewart)

iiiv rinsr‘ BIRTHDAY WEEKENDER The Ivy, Glasgow. Fri 30 Nov-Sun 2 Dec

Name Laurent Garnier

Who? Techno DJ and producer Laurent Garnier is one of France's most successful musical exports Beginning as a Madchester house DJ he has gone onto rise to the gidrh heights of a hugely indenianif globe trotter. lugging his hefty record crates troni continent to continent. Besides club appearances the I renchman's hugely influential productions have won him a Wide set of admirers. his track ‘Crispy Bacon' and esoteric album Unreasonable Behavrour being classrcs in their genre.

What’s his story then? A one time employee of the French Embassy. Garnier began DJing in Manchester in the late 80:; where he discovered the (OyS of the then booming UK house scene and became an early pioneer of US house in Europe. His stint at the legendry Hacrenda club. where he mixed under the norm» de—deck of DJ Pedro. prowded inspiration for bands such as the ecstasy-fuelled Happy Monday's and Stone Roses to lace rock mUSlC With dance influences. After this he was forced to return to France to complete his military sen/ice but found time to stay in New York. befriending Iegendry producer Frankie Knuckles. returning in the early 90s to concentrate on DJing in France. In Paris he ran the influential Wake Up Club while continuing to play in the City's burgeoning rave party scene and began to make his first moves into recording. later establishing the label F Communications. His Output since then has gone on to make him a towering figure in dance mUSic.

So he must be rather good then Indeed. While the title 'best DJ in the world' is regularly bandied abOut Garnier is one of the select few who can truly lay claim to it. Havrng set up his own web radio station PBB to combat French radio's conservative play lists he is edually happy spinning techno as punk and it's this open- mindedness that charms his legions of fans. (Miles Johnson) I Laurent Garnrer guests at the Pressure ninth birthday party,

the Arches, Glasgow, Fri 30 Nov.

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