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The Assassination of Jesse James


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Girls Aloud Quentin Blake Christmas Annuals

MUSIC VISUAL ART BOOKS New album fang/ed Up us a slice of untouchable pop perfection from [wast on :50 nah“, o‘ Bitter-V, f' the reigning queens of the manufactured band. Christmas party (lance Illustr‘atlorm. tor I’unrr", I'm floor madness at Its best. See page (3‘1. Un/L'e/‘sal. out now Snactator and Roam [)a't among others, 8m,- page 88 ‘lzm n w ' N" v ‘"

K(?/'.'/.’7§;/'()‘.(,‘ Art Gal/w. am: I a" ..: :, z p». I O/asoo'.'.. ln (’5‘ No: 71H: 7 Ja"

Scott pngrim Children's Classic . comes Concerts

Canadian COliilC Smart Lee KIDS O‘Mallet's 33-\€8r‘—O|d Cornedran Santee‘. Ker" x. ' ' cf ' creation. Scott Pulorrm. IS narrates 'Tne Nroht Be‘ore

between JODS and pennrless In thrs. Christmas" backed alternatet‘, The GOIden compass his fourth outing \‘.ii|Ch sees hum b5, the Royai Scottish NailOl‘G‘ FILM facmg the se\ en eul e\es of Ramona Orchestra. and the Orchestra of mag-3.2a tea aoaotat a" 9‘ P" :1 Pa " v‘:' 9 ’z-‘r " '7 H 7 Flowers. See page 31. Om Press. Our Scottish Opera. Rona» Comer“. Ha '. Dam Hareras tr Nicol: K Dew/7:: B a: ‘1 any. ::' r: :jfz' r.- non. G/asgo.'.. Sat 7 Dec; Queen's Ha . Crag star See sage ‘6 a sage ~13 Cir/W": »’:i:'/: bot

EC '9". So" 6 Dec. 4 THE LIST