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The Hot 100

We reveal the winners of the Hot 100, The List“) ‘lllllllrll poll oi Scotland's top cultural movers and shakers. together ‘.‘.'liIl w til, the reader, our panel of judges have surve/ed till the art for inn and creative industries to discover the people, plat es and events who have made the biggest impact on St otlrintl's cultural life in 2007, from hands, dancers and actors to architects, fashion designers, sportspeotJIe and chefs to computer games designers, venues and promoters. Old. 1 /(llll copy now - it'll make your heart swell with patriotir pt id".

Hoqmanay Guide

Determined to see in 2008 in style but no idea where to stat t? Worry not, we've got it sorted with our comprehensiw: guidi- to this year’s celebrations.


We trawl through all the telly schedules to bring /ou the hr-st on the box this festive season.


Forget winter sun, the cool kids head to chillier climes at this time of year. We check out Reykjavik and Stockholm, the deeply cultured capitals of Iceland and Sweden.

TTEf YOU'VE GOT _____fl 15 DAYS TO LIVE iis‘é‘l‘li‘l'é”ci33t”"“°”