This page: the dining car is a focal point on the train; a view on the trip from Beijing to Ulaan Baatar; Sukhbataar Square in the Mongolian capital

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Jessica Gregson braved low-carbon travel, Mongolian plains and contraband smuggling when she hopped aboard the famous Trans- Siberian Railway from Beijing to Moscow

he 'I‘r‘anx-Siherian r'ai|\\a_\ ix the Mill Ul- tra\e| e\perienee lllttl dl\ idex people. The idea ol~ rntrltiple nights on a train. sharing a cahin \xith \tranger\. no aeeexx to \litm el'\. dependent on the \agat‘iex ol‘ the httllet car lot

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hell on earth. l5or others. incltrding mtsell'. it's a unique chance to

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the glohe. meeting the locals and \L‘elllg‘ ;l '01 till \pectaeular \cener} along the \\a} and in these climate eolheloth times. ll.\ al\o a chance to take on a \ct) hig trip \xithout l‘ecling too guilt} ahout polar hears floundering on melting ice l'loex as a direct result of _\our carbon l’ootprint.

'l'hat'x certainl) ho\\ l justified it to in) self ax I boarded the train in Beijing in the earl} hours of the morning. dodging the (‘hinexe and Mongolian traders \\ ho \\ ere sprinting along the platl‘orm Using their teetering trolle_\\ Ul~ gttoth ;l\ hattering rains. I “ax sharing in} scruff} hut coml‘ortahle tour-berth compartment \\ ith an .-\merican. on his \\;1} home l'rom teaching in Korea. and the _\oung

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Mongolian diplontah \\ ho \\ as eager to learn linglixh \uear \xordx.

'l'he lirxt le\\ hourx ol' the journe}. through the jagged mountains \xext ol' Beijing. snatching tantalising \ie\\\ ol~ the (ireat \Vall ol‘ China. \\ L‘I'L‘ \pectacttlar'. lltm e\ er. one \i\th ol‘ the \xa} through the 30- hotrr journe) l'rom Beijing to Mongolia's capital l'laan Baatar. \xe \\ ere in the heart ol'(‘hina\ coal region. characterised h} distant chimney halting hlack \moke and gt'ittt}-lookiltg ltt\\ll\lllp\ uhere \\e \\ ere allo\\ ed to jump ol‘l~ the train and plunder \uppliex lrom platl‘orm traders. B} Llll\l\. the landscape hecame [latter and drier th \\e headed into the (ittl‘l tlL‘\L‘l‘l. ttlitl the temperature dropped. \xith \parltx l‘rom the train\ coal heater lloating pa\t the \\ indou \.

:\l the border hem een (‘llllitt ttlitl Mongolia moxt or the passengers. old hands at the journe}. got on the train to spend a couple ot' hotn'\ in the station cal'e. hut m_\ .-\merican cahin mate ttlltl l elected to \ltt} on

the train l‘Ul' lllL‘ llU\ L‘l e\perience Ul'

seeing it lit‘ted into the air a\ the l‘ttgle \\ ere changed to ill ill] the marginall_\-\\ider Mongolian track.

.'\II the carriage\ are uncoupled and then lil‘ted Indraulicall). a proccxx \o gradual and gentle that \\ e didn‘t

r‘eall_\ leel it until \\L‘ looked out till

the \\ llltltm and l-tllllltl tttll'\t‘l\e\ \l\ l‘eet aho\e the ground.

We \xerc also entertained h} our clteerl'ul cahin attendantx \xho. as \ttttll ;t\ the Pil\\L‘ll:_'L'l\ \\ ere till the train. hegan l‘illing empt} pillo\\ caxex \\illt eonlt‘altand to


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l\trrred lrrrell_\ at da\\tl to we the \un rr\e met the (iol‘t. and then \koke properlt a tee. llt‘t|l\ later to ltla/ing \un\hrne. hrz'h on the \lttttz‘ttlta \eenred da//lrrrgl} ernptt. the

\longolran plateau

ltto\\tl grawlanth dotted \xrth nornadre tent\ and the occa\ronal lo\\tt conxhtrng o! no more than a \Inglc prrxtrne ltlock ol tlatx and a ten gaudrl} painted outlttnldrngx. arnrd the lug. eaglex \\heelrng .tl‘o\e. and hor\e\ prckrng then “at through the eath ()L'lttltt‘l \lltt\\.

B} lunchtime \xe reached l laan Baalar'. capital. \xhere l \\a\ spendrng the night. II that he lo\\ on xightx hut therc\ a \cr'_\ dramatic rnatn \tjuaie. Sukhhaatar Square. dormnated h_\ a gigantic \tatue ol (ienghrx Khan. a lteautrlul \xoikrng Buddhnt rnonaxter}. and local\ walking through the \treetx rn traditional Mongolian drew. l \xotrld lra\e liked to \ta_\ longer. hut alter l\.ire|_\ 2-1 hour\ I \\;t\ on the train again. read} lor another ill hour lttlllllt'}. hound lor‘ lrlxutxle Siher'ra.

'l’l1i\ time | \xax \harrrrg a caltrn with a tattooed Mongolian rrrarr. the patriarch ol a huge lannl_\ tr'a\el|rng together. \xho dre\\ an enorrrroux cr‘oud ol \teeping people to the platlor‘nr as the train departed, .\l_\ cahin rrratc cleatl} an c\perienced smuggler. and \pent nruch ol the journc} tearing open large plastic hagx. \taxhing the contents in a \arict} ol IlljJt'lllttlh location» .\ltcr crowing into l<ll\\|;t

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