I Birmingham gets a taste of Scotland's Ice Factor this month following the construction of a 33-foot high, 50-ton ice wall in the city centre, promoting tourism activities north of the border. VisitScotland has been working with the Kinlochleven-based mountain adventure centre, home to the largest ice climbing wall in the world, to give potential visitors a taste of what it would be like to take an adventure break in Scotland. Steve Duncan, VisitScotland's product manager for adventure, said: ‘By working with Ice Factor we want to give experienced adventure sports fans and beginners alike, a taste of what’s on offer on a break north of the border and show them that Scotland is a close-to- home, must-visit adventure sports destination.’ For more information see: adventureblog

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financed by Scottish Screen and STV and written and directed by Robbie Fraser, will be shown at Cineworld cinemas in Scotland on Friday 22 February. This event is being organised in association with distributor Guerilla Films who will also be releasing it on DVD. Fraser said: ‘We‘ve been looking forward to this for a while. And let’s face it, where else are you going to be able to wear your rubber elf ears in February?‘

I In film news, a Scottish feature

film has secured a cinema release ' T' ~ deal in the UK and a DVD pain: '. ' distribution contract for America t":

following success at festivals and

fantasy conventions around the .

globe. The comedy, Gamerz, " ii i

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New Smw Annual funfest Big in Falkirk is, once again,

looking for unsigned acts who want to make it in the music industry. Making It 2008 is open to all styles of music, from rock to reggae and hip hop to house. The overall winner, who must be over 14, will perform to thousands on the Music Stage at Big in Falkirk 2008, which runs Saturday 3 8. Sunday 4 May at Falkirk's Callendar Park. The closing date for applications is Wednesday 20 February. There will be two heats at Rialto, Falkirk on 27 8. 28 March before April's Grand Final in Glasgow.

I David Tennant has shrugged off speculation that he is planning to give up the role of the Time Lord at the end of the next series of Doctor Who, later this year. Co- star Catherine Tate fuelled rumours when she said in a radio interview last month that she thought the next series would be Tennant’s last. The actor has confirmed he will do four Doctor Who specials in 2009 but insisted there is so far no decision about the subsequent series in 2010.