l‘tt\\llllc‘\ are ilitl'icatcl) w ea\ ed. and the tour-piece adiiiit lliat the \lc‘c'hlt‘ll tn dn llll\ was entirel} down In Butler. ‘lle lnld l|\ that it w e iiin\ ed the kc} nl e\ei'_\thiiig up Ll c‘tltli‘lc‘ Ul ltlllL‘\. .'\klk'lL‘ “Ulllkl llll ti register that would \llll the higher l‘ttl'l\ ill~ llc‘l' \nlc‘c lk‘llc‘t'.‘ Ml} \ (in\\. ‘and it has i'e.ill_\ hi‘nught her \nc.ll\ nut In tact I think it's the l‘c‘\l thing; that'\ e\ er happened tn ux.’

Bethe] adds. "It has en en me so much cniilidence. hut it was hard. 'l‘he lirxt tiiiie Bernard made me sing "House in .\l} Head" that hiin laliiinxt \niiiited,' "l‘hat'x wh} it‘s the set clnser when we pla) lixe.‘ l’illk‘l'ulii giggles. 'iust in case nl an} accldclitx.‘

.‘\nnther \ll‘llxlllgj dexelnpiiient tor the hand has come lrniii Bethel‘x tllllt‘l‘c‘lll approach to |_\ ric w tiling this time around. In the past. Sons and Daughterx' iiiaiii wordsniilh w i'nte l'i‘oiii a \ei‘_\ personal standpoint. whereas Hm (ii/I contains more relei‘ences to classic cineiiia arid literature llllllh such as (iii/ii (‘miii' Humr'. “II/ll litir. Darling and works h} S} l\ ia l’lath. Ted Hughes aiid liinil} l)lc‘l\lll.\oll all prnx ided inspiration). "l'he album is ahout a real dislike tor eniiteniporar} culture and iiiediaf Bethel e\plaiii\. "l'hal’x wh} there ix it lol til l'tillldllllL‘l\lll (ll. lllc l‘)()()\ in it and ol the cinema and poetry ol‘ lliat time. I hate culture at the iiioineiitf she spits. ‘I hate lire BI'UI/H'I' and all the reality TV \llt)\\’\ that are around. 'l'hey're like a guilt} pleasure. I watch them and end up l‘eeliiig Iotall} repulsed with in} sell? she \ll}’\.

Sonx and Daughters are. howex er. quick to point nut that the} are not part ol the millll\ll'L‘itlll-sll)'. 'indiei' than thou. \el. ‘\\'c"tl loVe it ilour music \litnc‘tl bothering the charts and we were competing with the Sugahahes.‘ chuckles Bethe]. ‘Why not‘.’ The Smiths had hits. l'lliinatel}; though. what we really want is to make loads of albums and make a career out ol‘ this.‘ ‘And to not get shit.‘ Paterson adds. ()n the strength ol‘ their current form.





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This Gift is out Mon 28 Jan on Domino.

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