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' ' Macdonald appeared in Trainspotting. Now a seasoned pro with an Emmy under her belt, the Scots actress talks to Miles Fielder about passing her biggest career challenge to date

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‘I think the easting direetor surprised them b} bringing me in for an auditionf \a} s the current!) heaVil} pregnant Maedonald. 'lk‘etttlxe the} \xanted [U east ax elose to the area the lihn i\ set in ;l\ possible. and I'm as 1111' a\\a_\ as )ou can get born a West 'le\a\ person. So they \\ ere a bit nonplussed. lithan \\a\ quite ehatt}. but .loel. I think. thought it “as a big \xaste ol time. Then I read the lirst scene. and it \\;t\ all lo\ el_\ alter that. The} \\ ere surprised b} the aeeeut. and that l “as able to keep it going. Auditions ean be nionil‘ying experiences but e\er_\ \o ol'ten thingyqu gel and it goes well.‘

In the film. uhieh is based on (‘orinae McCarthy’s superb hardboiled erilne no\ el. Maedonald plays ('arla Jean. the sneet trailer It'itsll \\ ile UliL‘Uill'NL‘ litll l()\ illg litixband l.le\\e|_\n \ltixs l.l(i\ll Brolin l. \\ ho gets into trouble \\ hen he \Iettl\ a bag l'ull oi inone} l'roni a 'l‘ex-Mex’ border drug deal gone urong. With Llewelyn on the run from a ps) ehotie killer ta terril') ing Jax'ier Bardeiu l. (’arla .lean is torn between protecting her man l'roni the lzm and handing him met‘ l'or sale keeping to the wear} but decent loeal \ltel’illilsleep} -e} ed 'lonun) Lee Jones).

It‘s a brutal. blaekl} eoinie. brilliantly made film. and there's great satislaelion to be derived from the tilling in oil blanks its


Liza Minnelli

She's braved being married to David Gest so the Glasgow Crowds should be no problem. A rare live show from Judy Garlands daughter. Clyde Audrtonum. Glasgow, 6 Jun.

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Rock Hess

The forums are buzzmg in antic‘ipation as this dance indie fest cruises into its third year. Just how Will they top 2007's trinity of Chemical Brothers. Charlatans and Daft Punk? Locn Ness. 7 8 8Jun.

Edinburgh International Film Festival

This Cultural giant bits early this year so sit back and enjoy the very best 2n new cinema from arounc the globe. Various venues. Edinburg.". 78—29 Jun.

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Glasgow international Jazz Fesfival Genebrat'ng its 2st zzsrtn’ia, in style with what is rurt‘oured to be a stellar line-up of a]! pea // Neigth pus an array of fringe e.e".ts. ‘z/arious xer‘ues. 20—29 Jun.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

We return to CS Le ms' fantasy norm «‘Ot the second 'r‘STP3lT"":'lY of the Narnea series in this family-fool'ng summer blockbuster. Genera/ release, 27 Jun.