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unet‘tuallx to (Julia's ll“.ttlllllt‘t‘ l‘trs sometimes has the at" of a truur‘atetl rnrh- senor; rlf; t”,t‘l\,t‘rll(’ title?“ .lltr’l ‘.'..tllr;. "lllltlf otttrnr'sttt‘alh or :lesttarnnttlx, tor tr'rtes tt‘ \‘ltanae l tlrhs likt‘ 1' am: and r\lea's '.7t>rr‘tt"<’:: of (yr’/.'}llt)'\}()'.t){HHH‘tV‘f ‘lfltif‘lt lt‘ll lt'rxt‘ 'exoluttunar‘. azorks. thrs. thouul‘. an rntportant and ‘.e.'\ welcome release. sorhetrntes sutters ‘ront a t‘rnerhatrt‘alh exhausted ntrdd’te aged spread l\lrnrn‘al extras. rlom l\lt‘l\.t‘l\lhr


SOMEONE ELSE (15) 72min

Soda U\’l‘ 'ertta: tetar‘u ..

‘Aatt‘hano dramas about unenten Montana for :x‘xrrends rs alum: as "terestrnu as hear at: v\\LA-' 'Vltl'l“ Iiilk ttl‘t‘tll 'lt" dreams aesp'te what


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‘.’.".’ Ewan“. 'tlr, !; rywlx. str lrit- \lllr‘Wl‘l‘tl ri§trsart l~,r'<‘t:. for someone ltr't’er ll ara Belmont. 'ttll‘. tor the younger 'norlel to (lo the same to hrnr llnt’orttmatel, despttt-elettant l t"‘.tl<:t‘ r'trto-rnatttttraplw {1"Tl"?3'. attratl sank t'rlt" the «fast and flu- J't 't‘ tt'rrlt‘l (ll ‘l‘fquttl 't‘to 't‘t'l‘r and then l‘t"l‘lf?XIlit] grass rs greenert‘volrlents flu- ehsurntt stop, o‘ hrs seart‘lt for a arntnend rs rust too trloutltntt Extras lllt‘ltltlé’ a short ftlrh startrng; Ktrrr41Krtrttlttlrt‘y and Manuan. plus commentary by the drretttov and read. and other ltehrnd the scenes ‘ootautn

Ashlm Dawes.

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(12A) 93min INM'LHrk UVl)

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\‘Jlter‘ Hlttollf't lr‘rartxe Sanrestet arm News that "atR'lUttt; rnotlte' rr‘ .a.‘. has left a ‘orfurnr- i". resels stashef a'.'.a, .r‘ one of her \foje" rn‘rmrtezt "rat's, w- :tete'n‘nes it» fret} tt‘e 'utssr'ut torture. l“s "Slt’U til't‘ ;t!'e:‘t£>(l tl. TOTVTJS {\Atlfrt’f‘l'Ef.’ Add). an: adar‘te r t», {we

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file #‘UNHOUSE


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As Carly SImOn sang. 'we’re (‘omrnd around attarn‘ As thrs column marks rts one-year annryersary, there are some great standalone DVDs hrttrno the shelves. 2008 Is dotng to be a great war to redrscmer the hnllrantte of the McCarthy-blacklrsted US frlmmaker \Joseph l osm who was tuned and then

chose to work rn the UK from t9t513 to hrs death rn ft)

There's a whole load

of hrs frlms comrng out (many for the frrst trme on DVD) rnvludrnt; opera oddity Don Grovannr, marrtal abuse saga The Rorrrantrr: fine/rslrv.ornan and

trenchantly farthful Ibsen adaptatron A Doll's House.

Frrst up. however, are two of hrs totally unrmpeartltable masterworks The Servant and Accident (both Optrmum, both gooey were Losey and Harold PInter's frrst two collaboratrons and as drssectrons of the f~ng|rsh cl; ss system go. they are sttll unequalled. Netther of these discs has much rn the way of extras but the transfers are clean and these two gems from the teens

deserve a place rn anyone's collectron.

Arguably the most enigmatic and rnfluentral of all Jean Luc Godard's frlms Pierrot Le Fou (Optimum .0...) also gets a release. Notlceahle by rts absence from three otherwrse superb Godard sets that came out last year. Pierrot Le Fou rs a trtan of the new wave movement. a .yrertkless frlrn rrorr punctuated by a weight of semrology and srgnrfrrtattons that would make

Roland Barthes blush.

A two-disc verSIon of Taranttno's reconstructed Gr/nd/rouse B Movre Death Proof (Momentum 00.. l frnally ltrnps out on DVD wrth some rmpresswe extras Includrng great behrnd the scenes stunt footage. an uncut yersron of 'Baby. It's You‘ performed by Mary Ell/abeth Wrnstead and a UK DVD exclusrve 0&A wrth Tarantrno. Curro of the fortnrght rs Don’t Knock Yourself

Out (Network 000

l. a feature length documentary about cult lV show fire

Prisoner wrth newly frlmed rntemrews Wrth the sun/ryrnd cast and crew. There are really only two box sets of note out: the Jean Simmons Box

Set (UCA .0.

l celebrates the career of thrs distrndutshed English actress

wrth some of her least Interestrng frlms but at least John f-arrow's great 1954 plane crash melodrama A Bullet rs Wart/n9 and Kubrrck's Spartacus are on here. The Michael Moore Collection lOptrmurn O... r. contarnrnt; thus puckish polemrclst's most recent frlms. SIC/(O. Fahrenhert 9/7 I and Bowl/no For Columbme. may help you belteve. If only for a second. that the meek could

rnhent the earth. (Paul Dale;

5) 96min

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' 4],; 1‘ (1‘)}, ' ‘f” (,4, A; '1 .1 v ’1 1‘ 9- ,A l (/0, ‘0‘ ' 10,}, .t‘é 1, ‘1‘ ‘7 I]{/y ' r x:

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