The Glass Menagerie TH EAT RE

Tennessee Williams’ award-winning play about a disintegrating family in the American Deep South is brought to the Royal Lyceum stage by Jemima Levick. See page 75. Royal Lyceum Theatre. Edinburgh, Fri"

7 7 Jan—Sat 9 Feb.

Richard T Kelly BOOKS The erudite film books editor and critic gives us a barnstorming debut about the fight between left wing politics and religious faith. See page 27. Published by Faber on Thu 17 Jan.

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Wim Wenders Season FILM A well chosen group of films. including The Wrong Mowe, Paris. Texas. and Wings of Desire are a fitting tribute to the work of one of Europe's most influential directors. See page 39. Fi/mhouse. Edinburgh. from Fri 77 Jan.

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4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days FILM

Cristian Mungiu's drama tells the story of a woman ‘.‘."i() .lfi?§l8l$$ llt‘l

friend to arrange an illegal abortion Set .l‘. Romania (luiinii the 19809.

this one is not for the faiiitrrheartml See page 40 (El 7. Glasgow and Fi/niliouse. Edinburgh. from Fri 7 7 Jan.

Cat Power MUSIC The US Singer—songwriters eagerly antiCipated eighth album. Jukebox composed mainly of cover verSions doesn't disappomt. See page 63. Out Tue 22 Jan on Matador records.

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Spaugiizen (is Peter Kreiiiliei returns to the lllll‘ilC scene With this new proiram With a tom and two new albums planned. fans are in for a treat. See page .59. Stereo. Glasgow. Sat '3 Jan

Movrnq Wallpaper


A smart fiction about the making of a soap opera called Echo Beach. 7 And guess what? Echo Beach comes on straight afterwards. Funnier than ‘t al sounds actually. See page 79. lTVl. Thu 70 Jan, 9pm.