She's the ex-hoofer and choreographer who brought us Hot Gossip, but acid-tongued Strictly Come Dancing judge Arlene Phillips claims she's always longed to be a flapper, ideally living in the 19305, or a prima baHenna...

What’s the most rock’n’roll thing you’ve done today?

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Which time in history would you love to have lived? And why? “16‘ "Hi

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Your house is on fire; loved ones and pets are safe. You have a chance to go and retrieve one thing. What would it be?

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What would be your ideal birthday present?

Hilllllfl '.'/llll lll‘. tziriiii', What’s the longest time you’ve slept soundly in one go over the last five years?

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What was the last thing you stole? l Ill‘it‘

What’s your least favourite country? And why? Aritztriilia it's: such i'i long flight?

If you could wake up tomorrow and have obtained one ability what would it be?

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How many times a day do you look in the mirror? Unit)

You could quit your job and start afresh tomorrow and have the

As the dawn breaks on 2008 we look ahead to some of the year's most significant dates

I Bill Gates ends his daily duties at Microsoft in the Summer. The multi-billionaire. inSists he is not retiring. rather 're-ordering his priorities and working more closely With his foundation. which has already given away S7bn to good causes. Mr Gates clears Out his desk on 31 July.

I The tried and tested

formula of the Etirows|on Song contest Will be tinkered With this year when it heads for the Serbian capital. Belgrade. Two semi-finals will determine the participating nations in May’s Grand Final. Fear not. the UK's place is already cemented as

96 THE LIST ~'- '

one Of the wealth big four nations. so you“ not miss Out on a year of 'nul points'.


skills to do something What song would you hate to be completely new. What would you played at your funeral? choose to do? 5;:

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How big do you tip in Do you consider yourself restaurants? organised? How often do you 'v' “ii wr- have to look for your keys? Never. in: When did you last laugh out loud while reading a book?

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Tell us the punchline to your favourite joke?

‘Aiiil llt' said “ham?” Have you ever exploited your position to get something? Did What, if anything. is too serious you get the results you hoped to joke about? for?

Wars. Nun“. : ' ' '

Who would you like to play you in the film of your life? Who do

What’s your favourite biscuit?

ULtt biscuits.

the Red Planet.

I Sticking With the space theme. there Will be a total

I On 25 Ma; NASA‘s Phoenix spaceCrait '.‘.’lll land on the northern pole of Mars and begin to conduct remote experiments in this arctic region to determine whether

or not there opuld be life on

lunar eclipse on 21 Feb. which Will be Visible in Africa. SOuth America and even in Blighty.

I The political landscape is set to change in 2008 as t‘ rnaJOr WOrld powers change their leaders. Vladimir Putin

and George W Bush receive

you actually think would play you?

When did you last dance? What was the occasion?

Do gentlemen prefer blondes?

Can you cook? If so. what‘s your signature dish?

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When did you last cry? What was the reason?

What makes you good at what you do?

What’s your lucky number and why?

What’s your biggest regret? lvi'y}.,.,.v ‘zr'vv, ivI’A.“ Are you a cat or dog person?

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What’s your all-time favourite sitcom? Why? «it i- or... [ring .=

What’s the longest you’ve ever pursued a man/woman for? And was it successful or not?

What do you like least about your life?

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D 7' int ; I What do you like best about you life?

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their P465 in March and November respectively.

I Maybe the change in pOIitical personnel c0upled With the tact that it's International Year of Planet Earth Will encourage a proactive approach to climate change. This United Nations initiative aims to raise 820m. half of ‘Nthh Will go towards research into combatting climate change. (Chris Panksi