Scotland might not have a reputation as the most style- conscious of countries, but here at The List we sense a change taking place. In the following pages, we give you the lowdown on the real Scotland with style, at grassroots level. To kick off, Kirstin lnnes and Diana Kiernander present some of the hottest young designers in the country who are set to take the world by storm


Dieny Itoe


Not yet out of college. 23—year-old model and design student Dieny ltoe is hotly tipped for lashion fame. Her sophisticated interpretation of form and fabric earned her the coveted Glasgow 1999 Design Medal last year. and while not yet available to buy, her current collection has already attracted media attention.

Totty Rocks


It you want to delve into the charms of Edinburgh's bOutigue Culture. then a visit to Totty Rocks is a must. The tiny shop in the heart of the Old Town

18 THE LIST 13—27 Mar 3008

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i, Johanna Bastard

Johanna Basford INTERIORS

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(:liiiil,‘ it i/iri/ilni Misti viii ri r/l

Martin's postgraduate catwalk show

houses the homegrown talents of Edinburgh College of Art graduates Lynsey Miller and Holly Mitchell. An impressive array of hip l design classes await. With choices for men. women and tiny tots. Tottv Rocks.

Kirsteen Stewart CLOTHES 8- ACCESSORIES ()rl4.n(:,' artist Kiri,teeri fitmuart

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Hilary Lainq


laing Creates playful dresses ti, dame detailed. strong grapliir, patterriu lrx around in and a colourful 57%: of her contenipmrar‘, ’,l' )lll‘t‘. and

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bangles that will add designs. tielrm. MW" tire liii rivalin-

Edinburgh excitement to £1l‘.‘ Ulllllf. It al' ’)l the island f>l}‘: hat ' 0.0! lien-i lookssngl<1ii<;tit;.anilstieif; tempted tr, leave pernizirieiit‘; Stem" Jamle currently working hard to realise works .‘(lil‘ tlw: Autia l/l‘:l’l‘:' .ln'irrr, . o . BrUSkI TEtSI" her dream of breaking the [J'Uj‘tl,l.{t’;ll{1"l£tl,l‘:’l”}£tlll’,itll’)'.Ml CLOTHES Japanese market fl‘is; ,ea' designer: iron/iii g hare. ‘illl/li’i" aer

Yet another graduate Stocked a: fir‘i 1‘; Al. an: education fur .‘.")ll|‘:ll ll" lilili’liéi’l‘flfli from the Glasgow School of Art's Textiles BA. the 26-year-old designer is one of the many yOung Scots currently dominating the emergent London design scene. Bruski recently received the seal of approval from Scotland's Current Crown Prince of fashion: the. er. even younger Christopher Kane commended his use of

colour at his Central St

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Jamie Bruski Tetsill