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Christopher Kane


Laura Lees


Everyone loves l aura Lees. Best known for grvrng ernbrorrlerv an urban edge wrth her stars and skulls treatment of lopshop's cl; ssrc floral frocks. she has recently moved into the realm of interrors, creating a stand out patchwork chair for celebrated furniture designer Matthew HlllOll. www. lt'tura/exes. co. uk

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Blue Marmalade

William Chambers ruamruna MILLINER - w ~ u -~~ .. r . ., I’r. vtrttlrtllltilirr.u;<r.‘.‘tut‘wl' :' Hit" 1‘1 (lesrgrler .‘.'l‘.1!‘.4'tliriil?i*r\t'l"ut tr -- w " r z" i . l’i . . . ,.. . . r ' l.' r l ' . l: I.’ rrl-orr' Olanic . 2 r . . CLOTHES ' f ' ' Olanic is the nom-de-anagram of Nikki . H. t w .; ' ' ' r (Nicola) Taylor. the well-respected :l r / Glasgow—based desrgner who creates r .r w ' r

lines for established names such as Schuh as well as her own. exclusive range. 'I wanted to create a label that was wearable but rndrvrdual. creative and fun an outlet for me to have tun with. Olanic rs a reaction agarnst the conformist high street.‘ she says. Her clothes have somethrng ol the angular retro-punk aesthetlc about them. at once New York and very Glasgow. www. nrnaand/o/a. com 8.

www. o/anrc. co. uk

Petit Pea BABY CLOTHES ;\-|l‘t:l.;'_:"7t:l' :r. 'l:'



Currently coating the legs of well- dressed West Coasters In printed peacock feather patterns and stylised. embroidered lace. Bebaroque (recent art school graduates Mharri MchcoI and Chloe Patience) take rnsprratron from Vivienne Westwood, legendary COuturier Lesage. antique lace they find in vintage shops and tattoos. The\ make 80 denier tights into two-legged works of art, and their imitation tattoos. striking colours and designs made a stir at recent London Fashion . .. . . Weeks. Stocked at Che Camr/le, Bebaroque 2"" ,' r.- ' r:‘-’: Glasgow. wwwbebaroquecouk ' ' '

Deryck Walker CLOTHES

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