Diana Kiernander considers the mix of the traditional and cutting edge that inspires Edinburgh’s dedicated followers of fashion ldrnhuruh style should he easy to define. there's an an of near pertmt designer minimalism {llltUr yr; the sntar‘t West l3nd (:rty sorts. whrle art students get therr tashron lurks trorn fragile vintage finery and s(x:ondhan(l pearls the an of pared- down glamour and understated elegance extends to elderly (Kieentrrrts and genttel Mornrngsrde ladres rn Intel and rnoneyed. honey -h|onde students rn threadhare pastel pashminas. It's as though the castle and the (:ohhled streets have cast a rreh shadow of tradrtron over our style sense.

Yet. jarrrnuly. rn the rnrddle of all thrs dreamy sorrhrstr(:atron, you're tust as lrkely to see a punked-up emo kid wearrng; a purple tutu wrth a flash of ripped fishnet stockings.

Cast your eye across the titty and more tashron deyrants (‘an he found Ten vears ago, the first l/zxras’ showgrrl hatted a lalse eyelash rn the z‘anrtal. and thanks to the rntluenee ot rnternatronal acts lrke Mrssy Malone and Leyla Rose. burlesque not only thrryes hut has lllllLlC‘llCOd trends across town.

Young Edrnhuroh yyorrren are currently enjoyrng; a serrous style tlrrtatron math oondage ace Bettie Page. srrrpprrro therr fringes Into short. seyere shape and squeezrng therr figures rnto gothic corsets. It's not unusual to see someone snortrng a vintage velvet and net fascinator tthat's an old tashroned. granny -style funeral hat to you and met on a dull Tuesday rn Lerth.

\‘Vhrle thrs new. tetrshrsed and gethrc style trrbe exerts a certarn hold on the Crty these days. one of Edrnhurgh's more tradrtronal fashrons rs also enyoym a r'eSurgenCe, Yup. were talkrng about the tweed bunnet. whrch rnrght go rn and Out of fashron on the London

22 THE LIST ‘8—3" Mar

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flab page: all pictures taken on the streets of Edmbom

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It's the f,( M of laslrron that doesn't matter too rnu<;tr rt tt talters In t w hull Jam 1‘. big overblown messy hair .‘xrll al.‘.'a,s he rn. more out of nu out, than multe.atron ()ur :rntadw -,hv rrr, protter setter styles, wrrr nrurrrrr‘w are rnrteel ,irllllll‘,_{lllllll‘15)‘)ll‘flll" doth trurlt-rutue trrtlalrsrn, thz‘ a r it; thaf [M mtnely encor llit(}‘:‘. personal eccentricity dyer .rr lrtorrnrty.