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The day rs nearly over It“

We head to McSorleys (42 Jarnarca Street. Ilr1l(;tr)r)()tj rrrronub 3 Dub l.“)f'\

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wvwrrncsorleyscorhl and collapse onto a couch rim-mm Street, rat lite, (mm. mm a drrnk helore endrng the day. the way every purveyors of the tunes? -.»rr,l to the Saturday should end, dancrng trll dawn rn the Sub Palmer,» 5mm,» mm. [)(Mgiry ()lwrmm; CIUb JilllléilCél SHOUL ‘N‘NW.Sllt)(;|lll).(l().llk}, “(W3 30mm” you (“nu/HM “xx "(15y

What more could you want?


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.1'«’{?er#‘.L-“.i¢- .: .-.':.-.2:'-".-;.-».¢.»>imz "ma-«a. :z‘:.::'~/;‘-'f.'u_-r;.:£he‘d:*5 The Central Café r2 1' Saltrnarketl looks a hrt scary and run down hut. make no rnrstake you'll get the tastiest trsh tea rn town herr' Another cuppa and we head hack rrtto toga/n. towards

Trongate and Brigitte. l-ll Krng Street. Juli! (1mm: "w MM 15‘ Mr Ben 1 ,1 My; \

wvmxl)rlgrttt:tashrons coukl. Brrgltte rs ,,],t)(.,yl,,,t,l/_,lr(MW; ( . ,,. _ d “Hm-3,, , r

the place to or) for Immaculate vrntage (;g(.,:-)SWI./3) .whm, NH Ty I. my. I Ir a", .e'.‘

precestrornkgendslrkelanvnr. :;,(«,,,-.y,y".(jrl,rpg m.“ W, .,(,.',,rr1.;,. M...” . z NW“ up Niche optica' Tam" H M (jouregges. (,hrrstran l)ror. Oleg} Cassrnr “(NI my. f,‘ y I“ 1,, Han-U,“ ,3 4m,» . ,r )1: ' \ ' and Fred l’erlhert. lheowner ’L'llt als‘o u y r nu . .. ., ,. (,andlerrggs. wwwnrcher)r)tacalt; and J Ml” « l><lwllllv All l~ l W 1 WW l-"‘~ ~"r l' '

source parlrcular preces, for customers. harkfymuwlnkl Iry,z)1,,y\y..y W1, 13,13 4,, “,7,

sunglasses Wrth stunnrng hespoke frames for our the worlds largest '.l)l[‘5( tron of 7 ,ar arr { trr )nt‘.

weary eyes. It you are very lucky. you may he served by Laura. one of the most stylrsh retarl I I P

assrstants rn the whole crty.

(gm -rx thy-l a‘.t l The

. . ‘1'»2-‘0 ‘/ firth/r... :«1“' I'! I'I'lld ’Ji(1(l‘y;( 1.. 1M," lllvltx( I:

Dumharton Road to Partrck. lhrs rs charrty shop nrrvana. wnth excellent old preces at rnrnrnral prrces. Dedrcated thrrlters must take an hour to walk from one end to the other. Hallway up you'll trnd a great wee vrntage shop called Handbags and Gladrags (158 Dumharton Road) whrch rs as da/xlrng as stepprng rnsrde a glrtter hall.

awn rrrrlr'ret M'r'r. ’," lrrll‘w'flr‘flr‘fll’fl: 'nrstake. tr", MN ‘lw

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ycu rr- “lorr r}? my.“ firme' !ll’,r‘. '17, “W,- tirl'Vr', at (l ,U. ll'HINT“;‘ll/Tlr‘;’,‘l'r‘tl/‘:',?

f[‘:(‘l)ll"fll "" 11.1,: .J'lrl/l‘


{Nd/J," lax/Ill): ,l’:r’}‘,"; X1"

Starry Starry Night r ‘9

Dowansrde Lane» rs lull of vrntage

“Sr, I]; finds. Expect arna/rng Je\.*.‘eller\,a

.| L34. 1; [unlit/[1.3; gloves. dresses. bags and a fantastrc collectron or’ satrns. lace. rrhhons and

" hows to adorn your ta:ounte [JIGCGS Nearhy Circa <57 Ruthx en Lane. my;.crreavrrrtagecoukl rs another

'1frlil'trl‘:'.? ‘r/‘r' ".1‘, ‘fl’,ll.r’l"l’l a Mall/M": {I‘d/0'

We hightail it

treas‘ure troxe. Thrs shop rs hrrllrant back to

for all thlngs outage :ncladrng Glasgow and Interlors. gowns. great coats and jump on the rackets. shoes am hart-zleaos. There underground,

are pr‘ces to so: al: budgets. heading for the West End. Queen Michelle and Queen Marie have been dissecting Scottish fashion .' P .. A at Kingdom of Style since 2006. See V2

26 THE LIST 13—2." Ma! 3008