What makes local style unique? Why, independent shops of course. The List asked Scotland's online fashion royalty, Queen Marie and Queen Michelle of the Kingdom of Style blog, to take us treasure-hunting on their ideal style crawl through Edinburgh and Glasgow's hidden gems

Today is a happy day as we set out into our Kingdom, thrifting and tracking down treasures. First stop, Queen Street Station, to catch the

train to Edinburgh

~ f,~ We head to' Armstrong’s Knox» . H M H S WAG '5‘" - ; . at;theoranddadd, otguitadenirtrrru. , v ' a” " k, " rn our \.’l(}W Armstrong's, 455‘. till - 3. .4 5,: Grassmarket. tun/nah;rr'mstrtintt3; Fabhagrix ' . Vintageciouki is the finest yrritaoe r 1.17! a' w r: shop rn the capital and we al‘.'.a,:; "' ' rii' - ' " ' make time for a prowl. Hit: xhrrr has "V'V'W‘ 7 3“ 3"” 3‘3" a veritable teast of yrntatre trnrls "1 3" ‘o "g" 1 “1. V including military rackets. hall tr: w. ‘H: ' 1 ' W " "V hats. shoes and harts. ltzt-rixtavr'1t., Urn tir-iitr-w’ trr Jane Davidson -' .' lir: .tl» 5‘)?” ‘2 f’. .‘J ptl tr 't MN 1“! l'l (i rl‘r' thiatllnilw'} .r'r ' "t" or! ‘1 Next up: a gander in Godiva Boutique "‘H 1" H“ 1‘“ J'“ "‘“H'H'” (S) Westport. \“.’\‘.’\V.{]()(ilVZtiXNlIthltr.(1()r'tlkl, 1"”“h' 9““ I“""‘.'T“‘ tr llilitlt' E-;wr;t-.~rrrr-r1H,-.rt

They say: ‘un(:<)nventronal, innovative. lrherated; Godiva strryes against the soul sucking; monotony of fast food fashion to proyrde a truly unique alternative Vintage (:hre. quirky. krtseh; from hand made (:ustomr/ed cashmere to retro urhan funk classics. Godiva rs the destrnatron of

concrete wardrobe (50a choice for the discernrng and . h” M My, A” ,)f Broughton Street, \wvaongmm determrnedly driterent. We say : 'lndeed. ' corniche “I, Wimp, wardrohecouk) rs also a must vrsrt. The space is run by textile designers James Donald and Fiona McIntosh, who front the shop. grvrng customers a real insight rnto all the goodies on otter. Expect to trnd an eeleetrt: mrx of high end lashron. interiors and accessories tor the home. including lovely glassware. Great for gifts. the shop sells a range of eclectic rterns from contemporary Scottrsh designers alongside more established rnterrmtronal desrgners.

Tlllvj‘» fr. rm taint. arr .‘r (r , Alli-viii: i‘rl l‘t‘r, UVt Nth-HIT“ ! t-tir H; taint/rill til“) (.‘llitorllt' (V. tit-lit: You'll furl ‘. l’lllfiillllt)

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.‘ulr: )lr: l.li .‘Jlllhli ‘Jr‘dtl‘, to haw: been around inlvnr.’ txl1‘3<,titllll‘ti legendary demurrer, Hi“: Vi ‘r rr I‘: \.'.“:‘.i .‘xor u 1. Your: rarnatrioto. Jear» i’éttl! ()rlllltl‘fr' J“. ‘l/Hlll'l‘f'. de‘, (1(17’,’,l1',. l1‘1',illlltl rzi’r'fll‘rllit.‘ trr rrr d (,otrrrrrr; le'.=’;'.»';",rll«r:

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Our Kingdom to help

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SGCLire COHNHGS {Hmong the [133: viif‘r’flf) ’1‘: '.'.'e ’/.‘: BarnardO’s Vintage '- 7‘) IV‘Z'I‘ Skln we saw and f8” ll] 571/093 an 1 flags) 3: g‘fi/ ( 83.2 . Scotland ‘r I“)

IOVG Wlth lli COlllICile. {he «fit-L Lag/Lag ‘rvij‘dr: i-fla'laltggi’jr; Pear}. f 71(5): agate“), Zita”)

The CW Caie '5 the Cnrrst'an Louhmitrn. Chloe. Elaine’s Vintage St Stephen Streetr. Orlglfldl style bar and Quoed Sapderggr]. Jm‘rr 'r Eiiill‘fl; SIS/IVS a {1981.75}! (,‘tl‘flfll’fl‘v Mi (“88898. there IS nowhere 8'86 Chog. Marc Jacggf) 3mg} 1 'lrtslltrif (Hull‘s and Git/:7 “NU/18?“, ’1‘;’.l’jll',. '7. Cat! quite Ilke It. Srgergor1 Momsgfly I}; €;/{/;.’l$l fl; LL17. NEE“: a'e E1 fen bargains,

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