Events are listed by city, day, type then alphabetically by name. Submit listings at least 14 days betore publication to clubsalist.co.uk. Edinburgh listings are compiled by Henry Horthmore.

6- lndicates Listpicks entry


I Bounce at l’o Na Na. IlUllpm 3am. £tbc. Weekly. 'l’htirsday night lltl\ of classic R&B. funky hotise and dance beats from 'l'ok'yoblu's John Htilchisoii. I Cheated Hearts at the Hiye.

l lpiti 3am. £3. Weekly. The team behind liyol launch this new night of all that's great about indie past and present.

I Chocolate Kiss at Massa.

Ilipm 3am. £3 lfreei. Weekly. New night kicking off with resident 1)] Tony 'l'N'l‘ (Mambo) playing otit the best in RARB. Motown and urban.

I Hark! at 'l‘ey'iot l'ndergrotind.

Xpin laiii. £tbc. 20 Mar. The loyely indie tiight is back for more grooy y goodness. (iucsts the.

I Kinky Indie at (‘itrus (‘ltih

l lpni 3am. £5 (£2). Weekly. Indie music with it touch of ska. (ills and Xlls,

I Kiss the Robot at the Bongo (‘Itih

l lptti 73am. £tbc. 27 Mar. A blend of house. breakbeat and grime front the last ten years.

I Limbo at the Voodoo Rooms.

8pm- lam. £5 (£4). Weekly. The Black Spring Dis man the decks and bring you two live acts each week. Including folktronica from Meursault plus Shellsuit Massacre and guest [)1 The Face 1 I3 Mar); electro-pop froin Miss l.e Boiiib and experimental sounds from Wounded Knee (30 Mar) followed by the art pop of lsosceles and Come on (lung? (27 Mari. I Mutiny at the Bongo ('lub.

I lpm~3am. £3 before midnight; £4 alter. 20 Mar. A blend of drutti & bass. hard techno. breakcore and hardcore.

I Robopop at (illQ. ll).3()pin 3am. Free before I lpm; £4 (£3) alter. Weekly. Trendy Wendy and friends mix classic pop tunes and electric beats for those who can't wait another day to start their weekend.

FREE Sick Note at (‘abaret Voltaire.

l lpm—3atn. Weekly. New indie/electro night froin the (‘ab. with residents from (‘lash and Spies iii the Wires.

I Souled Out at ()pal Lounge. l()piti-3;iiii. Free before midnight; £3 after. Weekly. From disco to Northern Soul. (iareth Sommeryille and Fra/er McGlinchey fulfil your needs. adding a dash of house as the night goes on.

I Stiletto at Lulu. Rpm—3am. Free before l()pm; £5 after. Weekly. lilectro- pop. classics and disco front in Hill.

Chart & Party

I Bump at the Liquid Room. lt)..’i()pm—r3am. £3 t£l ). Weekly. Night of chart. top and R&B.

FRE Plc'n’Mix at Espionage. 7pm—3am. Weekly. An assortment of music. from R&B to hip hop and dance anthems. to suit all tastes.

Edinburgh Fridays

I Audloaerobics at GHQ. 10.30pin—3attt. l lpm; Free before I Ipm; £5 (£4) after. Weekly. Jon Pleased and Lucky Luciano bring an intemational attitude to electro house. while Dejaybird front Fur Burger spins indie. hip hop and classic dance tunes.

I Big Toe's Hl-Fi at Wee Red Bar. l().3()piti—3am. £5. l4 Mar. Reggae. dancehall. hip hop and other dubby' grooves frotn Barba Poppa C hoppa. C- Diggles and Jockass. plus singing sensations Daddy Sway and Ras lsta Jamaica. Joined by special guest Heatwave.

40 THE LIST 13—27 Mar 2008

'l’reiit‘ir it

One of a rare breed of DJs to have secured an MBE, Trevor Nelson is still the public face of R&B in

the UK. Nelson started out playing warehouse parties and on Kiss PM

(when it was still a pirate radio station), and, over the years, has proved his longevity with his Radio 1 show, the M080 Awards and The Lick on MTV and still has exemplary taste when it comes to urban grooves, hip

hop and R&B. 5! 8880, Edinburgh, I'm (7’! him

FREE Bubblegum Boogaloo at tile Voodoo Rooms. ‘lpiii lain. 3| Mar. Night of ‘grooyy retro. shaggadelie lounge. psychedelic pop. hip instruiiteiitals and etisy"ii'sleti/y listening' from your hosts 'l'all Paul and .-\ngtis t'l‘he (io-(ioi. Sam Jose (Vegas) and Professor l’lastic. Plus a liye set from The New Without. I Club Touch at ligo. |t).3llpiti 3am. £tbc. 3| Mar. lilectro—hotise. tech and breaks with special guests Balance and Behay tour. I Disgraceland at Henry ‘s (‘ellai' Bar. llpiti 5am. £3. 3| Mar. Deadly lttt\ ol puxnk. rock. blues. lounge and indie. i 1 DJ Hell at ('abaret Voltaire.

llpm 3am. £l5. I-l Mai. \ltiiiiiial techno and electro front the ('ieriiiaii master. See prey iew. page 3o. I Dogtooth at Henry 's (‘ellar Bar. llpm —.‘~ani. £5. 14 Mar. ('ltib playing indie. rayc. electro and new w ay e featuring liye guests Kap Bambiiio. I EVOI til the Liquid Room. lt).3l)pm 3am. £5. Weekly. lidinbtirgh's longest running indie night. With the tisual mix of the best current and classic alternattye. crossoy er tunes. liyol's an institution. I Fabuloz Fridays at Base. ltipm 3am. £6 t£4i. Weekly. lidinbtirgh‘s new est and hottest urban party trom DJ Fabulo/ and .‘.l(‘ Flow. I Fast at the Bongo (‘ltib llpm 3am. £5. 31 Mar. More riotous punk. electro.

garage and rock'n‘roll with l)irty Sutnitier

proyiding the the chaos. w hile Ride 'l‘his Train goes all rebel country on your ass upstairs.

I Four Corners at the Bongo (‘Iuh

l lpm— 3am. £3 before midnight; £5 alter. l-l Mar. Your friendly. lUc‘dl one-stop htlp for funk/soul/ja/n’l-atin/.-\froi reggae dancet‘loor action and si/lling in e percmsion.

Ilnhaus..i lgo lllpiii lain let .‘l \lai lit hotise iiighl lioiii i so lt‘.lltttlllj_' soiiie ol deiiibtii‘glis liitest house Ills

I KandiFlip at Ft» \a .\.i

lll. lllpiii “.lttl. £1hetoieiiiiditight. to alter \\eekly Rth. house and dance elasslcs llttttt la} and \latk ll

I Lulu at lulu Mutt *aiii l'lc‘t' beloie llpiii. {'7' altei \\eekly \oiil. house. ltink. eleelio disco and l aliii liotii the llht" tll (i.tlL'lll Silll‘illtt'H lllt'. lsla lillt't‘. the Blond Nash and l).tlltt_‘. leitiieiit

I Misfits at the line llpiii laiii 2.3 \\eekly liidie. eleelio. ptiiik toek aiid ietro with baigaiii di‘iiiks aiid iegiilai pig ticket giyeaways (‘lieel

w w w.iiiislitsotiliiie_eo tik toi iiioie into I Noizteez at Beiliii Bieiliatis

lllptit ilttlt £3 betoie l lpiii. L1 .ittei \lai .\lasli tip ot hip hop. ttiiik. teehiio and dttiiti tk bass leattiriii: \[lt'cldl guests Nasty l’. I’syleitt \. B Biiig pliis \lt's llie \liiiiolith and SI laka \li \lat'kt‘ll/lel

I Nuklear Puppy at lago liipiii 1am £l3 «Lilli. l4 \lai Residents .l.tstilt (‘orte/. l’hil \ork and [lean \ewtoti keep the hard dance tlag tlyiiig iii the capital with special guest \iine \ayage

I Opal Lounge at ()pal I t'llllL't'

ltlpiii idttl lice heloie lllltllllJlll. ‘Ji .‘lllL'l \Veekly l‘tlllisc'd tip \oeal house and dance classics ltoiit .le/ Hill

I Planet Earth at ('iti'tis ('ltib lll..ill[\ltt .‘yaiii l'ic‘c' beloic llptii. £5 alter. \\eckly \ltisie tioitt l‘Vh thtoiich lt‘ lllh‘). ltt Hillel words. :t healthy dtise til punk. new waye. new t'iilttallltc .itid electiorpop iiiow with added (Ills.

I Skunk Funk at the .la// Bat.

ll .‘llpiti laiii £5. \\eekly \ighl ol top ttiiik lioiii lll \\lli\/l‘l\\>lll aiid liye guests with ltip hep ltoia l iidei‘liiig E ; \lati and ttiiiky gi‘ooyes tiotii lltite player Richard \Mii'th‘s si\-piece 'l he Resistance i3} .\lal'i.

I Tokyoblu a: t exec: \oitazze '."‘. 1h :1" \lat l'ttel-ye

“it ,s\ \e s\_i‘..\ ..t. .t t\\ .l“..l\ li‘

e l .t‘..' ll \.'i\i li‘lt'i‘lle'i‘i \.'.i|\ \ ' .‘ e " '.".e\ .y'i7 "e .~.;‘;\.'.iiii‘;' see '.\. .i. '. \z'Ley tun. :iiore lilli‘

I Trevor Nelson .1 lt..s.- Him: lair.

1 \l ‘7 I'Te eye: st' outl‘. l‘aa’. RAH s .1: wt .ttis 'wi .-.:'.i~'.f‘.e: sessittit l.i::: 'o ftea' soti‘e :ea. ls'.\ ll .titd

it 's played. I‘xe \‘..i\ it st‘a‘ttld '\e .tl

friis | .istez l’.:::\

I Worker‘s Playtime a: lllllsitle'

:Haiti 2‘ \\eek'iy \( \ll \\oikeis

titafls. .t tttitkeii

'.:t!1.‘ .zzid t lzeap "I‘Ll‘ \ot loiz'ettiiii' the

eyei et |\'\!lt switttds til ill 1 title Il.t\id

t‘:o\ :.liti:' the :‘eile.


( ltll‘

istiiii‘tll'at k "fir" ‘;":y}?{fi£e"lf.‘

I“ ' ..

I Basics vs Hard as Nails .tl ile‘ii‘. st Cihll Ila: lipiii \l.:7 lwo \l‘lll .liltl lx’.\ ll \ liil‘s .'ii head

I Bastard .il the lit}.

l we hell-ie l gIlpiii tialte;

l.iiii l‘

Ilpiii laiii \\eekly liidie, piiiik. elet tin tel lllli‘ .llltl toe k llitlll the Ills l‘t‘llllltl l \lllll‘tll‘d‘es liesl iiidie iiiz'ltts

I Big‘n'Bashy .il lllk littllt'il t 'liih llptii l.iiii t1beloieiiiiiltiiz'lit 2h ilte' l‘ \lai loia dell llll\ ot tllll‘\lt'|‘. it':':'.ie. il.llltt'll.lll .iii.l iiii:-,'le

I Boutique .il (illl) lH ‘llpiii iaiii liee helnie llpiii_! 'iHii .tllei \M-ekly llettio .1ihl lioiise 'ioiii l llkl‘s\ 1 ill iaiio .iiid How/er w-tli Ileiayliiid iiistitttliiig a siiiti no t lteese l‘l‘lh \

I The .tl \\t‘\‘ l\'t‘il litl

llpiii {.tllt t-L lieloie lllltllllt'lll :5 .tilt‘l \\eekl\ \till the liest llll\ ol iiidie. lills ‘.‘.tl.t"t'. :ioitlieiii soul. ska. 'lls punk and new waye \oii'ie likely to sl.l‘.".'t'l .lkil‘\\

I Elektrik Ballroom at l

lll illl‘lll iaiii tllit ‘.‘ \lai lletliti .iiid tiieaks night

I Fish Fry at the l.i// lia'

iiiidiiiglit laiii t5 \\eekly \eoltish i.~.//. ttiiik. soiil aitd l aliii l‘.llltl\ ioiii Ills l til |)'\ikiii:' .iiid \stiolioy lot .i ll!"lll «it elet llttlllt liiliiie ttiiik llHltt lllt‘lldi li‘llt‘\ l‘ \l.tl lt‘lll‘V-k'tl l\\ \liol‘eat ll'lllt lliwaii t.‘.‘ \l.ttl

I Hard Energy .it the l ltllllil RHHlIl .‘_‘ \lai Ilaid daiite .tlttl lllit‘."t‘\sl‘st‘ lll'ti\k' at this l'wlisli t lti.h iii_:'lit with \peedy \\l|llll.

l\' let ll. l .il.oii .iiid \oya

I Headspin .tl tlie litllli’tl ( 'hih

Ilpzii *aiii L‘ lieloie lllttllllt'lll. alter .‘j \lai llie eye! reliable loiii detl. llll‘\ tip til ttiiik. hip hop. diseo. ltitltse .llltl lteal

3“ at the l ltltlltl Rtitittt. 8' l lpiii laiii HUM): l5 \lai ()iie ol the ll.ll\l iii deiiiaiid ditiiii .\ bass labels iii the whild. Hospital l<t'ttlltl\ laiiitth paity loi it'1.'l\ll\ s' Kiri/ii.

(m i l/iuiii/ l l’ lillllt‘il liy lellii‘J. Hospital \t'..'l‘iltl‘.'\ lllL'lt ('oiiliast. (‘yaiililie and \l(' \\ iet \ee [tlt‘\lt"~‘-. page if)

I Liquid Soul at In. \a \a

lllpiii ‘aiii Lg l‘t'lttlt' llpiii. Ur .iltei \\eekiy (let down eaily in! this consistently tapatity ietio disco and ttiiiky liiiiise iiizrlit. lt'.lltlllltj_' His own \lail. B oh the decks ltlslll'_' \ lassit and hang up to date ttiiiky house lot those iii

ltl {lipiii laii. tilu

the klliiw

I Lulu at l.ttltl \piii ‘aiii liee hetoie llpiii. L” .itlei \\eckly See I ii

I Music Box at lleiliii Bieiliaiis

llpiii laiii. Ll» Lb I: \lar 'lhiee roottis ot ll‘itl\lc iangiiig lioiii house and eleeltw ltl disco and Rtkli lltllll a ltH\l til local laleiil iiicliidiiig l)e.iii \ewtoii. Waiiiei Powers and \laieo Siiiilh ioiiicd by Harry and Ross lll‘Jlll

I Musika at tel» ‘Ipiii laiii. Libc l5 \lat \l‘Jlll til liiilise and t'lec'lt'li as \liisika heads to ixgo tor another big party with a double bill ol guests lit the turn; «I? \te‘s e \iigello and Sebastian